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How to Get Started With Avature CRM7 min read

How to Get Started With Avature CRM


Avature CRM is an easy-to-use tool that tracks the progress of candidates. The system also lets you export data for external use such as analytics. The interface is straightforward and easy to use.

If you’re new to the world of CRM software, here are some basics that you need to know. To get started with Avature, read the following articles: Semantic search, Email marketing, Scheduling, and Reporting

Semantic search

Avature, a cloud application provider for Human Capital Management (HCM) and CRM, recently announced the beta release of its semantic search module. The new functionality is now available for a select group of Avature customers, and it will be available to all users during the first quarter of 2019.

To test the new feature, Avature organized a tourism marketing activity in a picturesque city in central China. The marketing event featured food Panda’s newest face, and it was an opportunity to talk about Avature’s semantic search capabilities.

Avature’s capabilities are a boon for recruiters and hiring managers. The product’s aggregation features collect data from across the web and filter it to provide relevant results for recruiting needs. Avature CRM and HiringSolved have recently announced an integration, the first of its kind.

Powered by Avature’s talent management and recruiting platform, the new integration will enable recruiters to quickly and easily locate the best talent for their company.

You can alternatively use GOhighlevel CRM for your business.

The new platform allows companies to tap into a vast range of data, including employee behavior and customer profiles, and can automatically match them to employees and roles. Avature CRM semantic search also integrates with an ATS, allowing recruiters to search their database and find prospects.

Using Avature’s solution to find candidates with specific skills is highly effective. The ATS integration also allows recruiters to view job advertisements based on keywords.

Using Avature is easy, and it helps recruiters monitor candidate progress and export the data to be used in recruiting. The software is versatile and can be customized to meet the business model and process requirements of a company.

But it can be complicated for smaller businesses, and users who want to reduce the amount of data entering their recruitment systems will likely be disappointed. Avature is best suited for medium to large enterprise companies, which need complex recruiting processes and a full-featured HR suite.

Email marketing

Avature CRM email marketing is a popular solution for companies that want to increase conversions through email marketing. The program offers reporting capabilities that give companies insight into the performance of campaigns. They can tailor their messages to specific audiences based on this data, so they can boost conversion rates.

In addition, the software also supports both mobile and desktop devices. Users can create customized landing pages using the Avature CRM system. Users can also embed landing pages within their company’s Facebook page.

Avature CRM allows recruiters to create highly customizable landing pages for their campaigns. The content is mobile-optimized and can promote employer brands. Avature allows users to create fully branded email templates and reuse them for future campaigns. Avature also allows users to test messages and segment audiences to see which ones are most effective.

Avature CRM helps recruiters to improve their marketing results with personalized email campaigns. If you’re looking for an effective email marketing solution, contact us today. We’ll show you how to create a successful recruitment marketing drip campaign.

Avature’s multipronged approach has helped multinational manufacturer ABB increase its employer brand and pipeline. With Avature, recruiters can leverage customizable templates, video links, and scheduled actions to attract diverse candidates.

In addition to email marketing, ABB also leverages the Avature Talent Brand Index to enhance its recruiting efforts. The results have been impressive: ABB’s LinkedIn Talent Brand Index increased by nearly 50%.

Avature has created a cloud-based platform for building a talent network, Avature CRM. It allows recruiters to import passive candidate profiles from multiple sources and automates communications for a consistent recruitment process.

Users can even customize their landing pages to brand them. This is a unique tool for ensuring that your recruiting pipeline is filled with qualified candidates. So, don’t delay and sign up for a free trial today!

You can also learn about Jobber CRM.


Avature’s scheduling and communication features allow recruiters to spend more time with candidates, making sure they are always available. Using scheduling in Avature makes it easy to find times that work for everyone. Whether the interview is face-to-face or virtual, Avature will keep everyone up to date.

It will even notify stakeholders when it is time to schedule a meeting or interview. Here are some tips to help you maximize the benefits of scheduling in Avature CRM

To increase the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts, Avature CRM’s scheduling features can help you keep track of your contacts and schedule future contact. Using this functionality, you can automatically schedule follow-ups and reminders for passive candidates. It also allows you to run recruitment marketing drip campaigns.

You can use scheduling to send email campaigns to passive candidates at predetermined intervals. This lets recruiters focus on face-to-face interactions and creative CRM strategies, which are crucial to a successful hiring process.

Moreover, Avature’s performance management tools let you schedule check-ins. With scheduling options, you can easily get real-time feedback from colleagues, clients, and vendors. In addition, Avature also provides you with insights on other talent lifecycle stages.

As a result, you can effectively manage talent landscapes, close talent gaps, and retain top performers. But in order to maximize the benefits of scheduling in Avature CRM, you need the right team of tech-savvy professionals.

Avature CRM automates recruiting processes and helps recruiters focus on nurturing relationships and generating high-quality talent. The scheduling feature also allows recruiters to view upcoming interviews from any requisition.

By enabling candidates to schedule and manage their own interviews, recruiters can maximize their time and focus on other tasks. With Avature, they can even save time by scheduling multiple screenings with different interviewers.

Avature CRM also streamlines the interview process, with its job template library allowing recruiters to create and manage job templates. Moreover, it supports mobile-optimized campus recruitment websites. The scheduling capability empowers recruiters to coordinate schedules and focus on the strategic tasks of the TA team.

In addition, Avature offers two ways for integration with other systems. One way is to customize the interview schedule for your needs, while the other is to customize the interview template for your company.


Avature CRM is a cloud-based talent management solution that automates data collection and reporting. It includes features for talent management, employee engagement, and performance management. Additionally, the solution allows users to manage contingent workforces.

For organizations that are struggling with talent management, Avature can help them navigate this challenging landscape. Listed below are some examples of how Avature can help you. Read on for more information. Avature’s CRM software helps recruiters manage their talent pipelines.

Avature is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Its user portals are accessible through any web browser. The platform’s responsive design allows its elements to adjust dynamically, regardless of device. Its report exports can be shared with anyone and can help recruiters track candidate progress.

The data can also be exported from Avature so that you can make it available to other stakeholders. Avature CRM reports are also highly customizable.

Avature is a privately-held human capital management software-as-a-service company. Its solutions include recruiting, applicant tracking, employee referral management, and succession planning. Their solutions help companies improve the hiring process, create brand-centric online experiences, and maximize conversion.

They also help companies improve their online performance while reducing costs. Avature is a leading global provider of CRM for talent acquisition. If you are looking for a talent acquisition solution that can automate data collection, contact Avature.





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