The Best App For Booking Appointments8 min read

The Best App For Booking Appointments

If you’re looking for an app that can make booking appointments easier, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of great choices to choose from, but which one is the best? We’ve compiled reviews of Calendly, Appointlet, Genbook, and BookThatApp by Zetya. Read on to find out which app is right for your needs! And don’t forget to give them a try for yourself!


If you’re in need of a scheduling app to help you manage appointments, Calendly is the one for you. The app’s robust features include integration with major electronic calendars, auto-addition of new events and compatibility checks. It also allows you to block last-minute meetings, increase privacy and display available time slots on a single screen. As a bonus, you can set reminders via email, text or video meeting link.

Calendly integrates with many calendars, including Google, iCal, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, and others. It supports multiple meeting types and can even send links to schedule meetings with clients. There are free plans for each type, but the premium plan offers unlimited meetings. Once you’ve signed up for a Calendly plan, you’ll find that this app makes managing your appointments a breeze.

The app has many features and options, including a calendar integration, text notifications, and more. Once your client clicks on the link, they’ll choose the best time for the meeting. The app automatically adds the appointment to your calendar. Calendly is easy to use and fast compared to the traditional way of scheduling. You can also use Calendly for free, which is a nice perk for the price.

The free version of Calendly doesn’t have many features. It only allows for one calendar per user, and it is limited to one type of event (e.g. one-on-one or group). The paid subscription gives you access to customizable calendars, metrics and reporting, and integrations with other services. Live chat support is also available. If you’re looking for a more robust app to manage your business appointments, consider upgrading to the paid version.

Gohighlevel is the best appointment booking software in the market right now.


If you manage multiple sales teams, Appointlet is an excellent choice. However, the free version only allows you to manage one staff member. You need to upgrade to a paid plan to support more staff members. Additionally, you can customize the app a limited amount for free, while Square Appointments has more advanced customization options. Fresha is another app that has improved its booking features over the years. This app allows you to easily schedule appointments for different services and has a dashboard where you can see a detailed view of all bookings.

Another great feature of Appointlet is its ability to integrate with other tools. You can use the software to automatically update your calendar, send reminders to your clients, set daily limits, and charge customers online. With Appointlet, you can optimize the booking process and grow your business. This app makes booking easier and more profitable for your business. You can try it for free to see how well it works for your business.

Another feature of Appointlet is that it is completely free for unlimited meetings. Moreover, you can customize your intake form and integrate it with video conference software. Moreover, you can create a booking page for your company and share it with your clients. The customer support team at Appointlet is very courteous and willing to answer all of your questions. You can use Appointlet for your business needs if you have a team and want to make your work life easier.

Bookafy is another app that has been developed for small businesses. Its streamlined booking experience works on mobile devices. It even has a great customer support model. You can even set up a 1-on-1 web call with them to answer their queries. 10to8 has been in the business since 2012 and offers features such as automatic time zone conversion, reminders, and calendar management. It also supports payment through Square, Google, and more.


If you’re in need of a way to schedule appointments for your clients, you’ve probably come across the Genbook app. This app will help you connect with your clients through social, mobile, and search channels. Genbook will also give you the flexibility to collect payments from your customers via their phones and even sync your booking history. This makes the entire process easier and more convenient. To learn more about Genbook and its features, read on.

Genbook is a mobile and online appointment scheduling solution for thousands of service professionals. It connects you with clients in your area and allows you to schedule appointments at any time. With a simple click, you can pay for appointments, choose a time, and manage them from a single platform. You can even rebook or cancel appointments, view your booking history, and read verified reviews of service providers. And because it’s so easy to use, Genbook has even fewer requirements for the type of service you offer.

For service providers, Genbook can help them collect more reviews and integrate them with the search engines. This helps to keep their reputation as a high-quality business and to boost conversions. The app also enables customers to make payments for their services, share offers, and promote their business on the Genbook Business Directory. Its simple and user-friendly interface allows users to collaborate on accounts with ease. It also helps you to manage multiple locations and accounts and allows you to set up your workflows.

Managing your business’s appointments can be a time-consuming task. Managing appointments can require more than managing a staff calendar. With this type of software, you can automate the booking process and free up your energy to handle other tasks. It’s the best solution for busy businesses. It will save you time and effort by automating a lot of manual, repetitive tasks. This way, you can focus on making money rather than worrying about your business’s schedule.

BookThatApp by Zetya

Among the many apps for scheduling appointments, BookThatApp by Zetya stands out from the competition. Its full range of features allows store owners to run a separate booking service from their shopify-based stores. Another app that you should consider is BookedUp, an app from Canadian developer Promeate. It allows users to make appointments with the doctors and other professionals they want to visit.

This app integrates seamlessly with Shopify stores and supports both paid and free appointments. It also features a convenient “Book Now” button that is easy to add anywhere on your Shopify store. You can even create multiple widgets and send them to your customers using SMS or email. BookThatApp also supports advanced resource management. It is compatible with iCal and Google Calendar and offers customizable reminders.

This Shopify app also integrates with MailChimp, Zapier, and Google Calendar. Customers can book appointments right from their store. The app is very easy to install and offers multiple languages. Another great option is Sesami Appointment Booking. It provides an intuitive calendar and is easy to customize. The app is also fully-functional for scheduling multiple types of appointments, enables blackout dates, and has a customizable notification system.

The booking app offers a comprehensive dashboard where customers can choose what appointment they would like to attend. You can also customize the booking form with your own information, including payment processing options and integrations. Picktime is also free for up to three locations. It also includes multiple features for different businesses, including integrations. If you have a small business, it is essential to use an app that allows you to manage multiple bookings simultaneously.

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Square Appointments

In addition to the powerful appointment scheduling capabilities, Square also provides point of sale functionality. You can accept all major credit cards, store credit card information, and even pre-pay for appointments. Square Appointments syncs with your master calendar, so you can see when a customer is due for a new appointment. It also keeps track of past customer history so you can rebook them easily. If you need to send an invoice, you can also use the app’s automated chat feature to get the help you need.

The Square Appointments app is free for single users. There is a charge of $50 per month for teams of two to five users, and $90 per user. It offers many excellent features, but it is not cheap. You must consider your monthly sales volume and the value you get for your money before deciding whether or not to sign up for Square Appointments. Also, you need to know how many people will be using the app.

If you own a small business and need a simple scheduling tool, Square Appointments is the perfect solution for you. This app integrates payment processing solutions, online scheduling, and inventory management tools. It also allows you to manage multiple locations. It is simple to use, and comes with numerous features, including auto-reminders, split-tipping, and multiple staff scheduling. You can even set up your own custom booking site. And when you’re finished, customers can book appointments from their own smartphones and tablets.

The pricing of Square Appointments varies. The cheapest plan is for individuals. You’ll need to pay 2.6% processing fee on all in-person payments and $10 for teams of six to 10 employees. If you have more than 10 employees, you can opt for custom pricing. You can also integrate Square POS software with Square Appointments to increase its functionality. That way, your business can benefit from all of Square’s other services without paying any additional fees.


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