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The Best CRM For Ecommerce7 min read

Best CRM For Ecommerce

The Best CRM For Ecommerce


You’ve probably heard about the best CRM for eCommerce, but how do you choose one? The following article explores four options: Metrilo, Freshsales, Pipedrive, and Copper. We’ll also touch on pricing and features.

Listed below are the top five reasons each of these three solutions is the best. In addition, we discuss which features to look for in your e-commerce CRM.


The Metrilo eCommerce CRM helps you track every aspect of your customers’ behavior. It allows you to categorize individual profiles based on their behaviors, preferences, and contact information. You can also use filters to personalize messages for specific customers.

You can send personalized emails to each of your customers and use action filters to target them with relevant content. Metrilo has a number of eCommerce-specific features that make it an ideal choice for many online merchants.

You can also set up detailed customer profiles with Metrilo. It will record any future actions your customers may take, from browsing to buying. Metrilo CRM collects information on contact details and purchase history.

You can also track a customer’s device and whether or not they watched a product demo. It also offers a range of analytical reports and helps you understand how well your products and services are performing.

The Metrilo which is the Best CRM For Ecommerce has a dashboard that is easy to use and has a comprehensive set of KPIs at a glance. You can see revenue, conversion rate, and best products, as well as a detailed breakdown by cohorts. Its reports provide actionable insights for your marketing efforts. And you can easily manage your email list, too. Metrilo also provides a number of advanced features, including email marketing.

One CRM which will rule all the other CRM is Gohighlevel.


If you are running a business that relies on the customer relationship management process to increase sales, you should check out Freshsales. This CRM software can help you with everything from customer management to email marketing and even social media. With Freshsales, you can keep track of the entire customer lifecycle and even automate certain processes.

The user-friendly interface helps you keep track of every step of the customer journey, including their conversations, agreements, tasks, and scheduled appointments. Freshsales also lets you track everything about a prospect’s interactions with your website, product, and business.

Freshsales offers an AI-powered lead scoring system for tracking leads and their activity. Other top-notch features include customer data activation, multi-channel automation, and real-time customer notifications.

Another free CRM software is Copper, which works on Google’s G Suite platform and lets you manage contacts, emails, deals, and files in one place. It is also free to try, with a free trial and no commitment required.

Freshsales is part of the Freshworks ecosystem and offers a range of software products. These include CRM, call center software, and conversion optimization. These products combine powerful AI features to help eCommerce businesses track leads, contacts, customers, and more.

Freshsales also has a free version with limited features. If you’re unsure about Freshsales, you can start with the free trial. There are also different plans available, and you can check out their FAQs to get started.


Managing leads from various sources is essential for eCommerce companies. Pipedrive’s sales pipeline provides valuable insights into the performance of your sales team.

The tool helps you create reminders to follow up on opportunities and reminds you when you need to complete these tasks. You can also opt to receive push notifications to help you stay on top of your pipeline. Pipedrive is free to try out, so why not sign up for a free trial?

Apart from eCommerce-related features, Pipedrive offers tools for managing deals, leads, contacts, organizations, and meetings. You can also import data from other CRMs or spreadsheets. The CRM also allows you to merge duplicate data and customize fields according to your needs.

In addition, Pipedrive allows you to automatically link emails associated with your contacts and deals, as well as attach files and documents to your deals.

Another important feature of Pipedrive is its visual sales pipeline. You can add contacts and move deals between pipeline stages with ease. It can also track leads that come in through chatbots or web forms. If you need to manage leads, you can set up multiple pipelines for different sales processes.

Using the pipeline feature will help you stay on top of your deals, and identify any tasks that need your attention. In this way, you can focus on growing your business and getting more customers.


If you’re looking for a CRM that can manage your entire customer relationship, consider Copper. This software allows your team to work together on individual leads and customers, recording each interaction and laying out the stages of the sales process so that agents can speak to customers in a smooth manner.

Ultimately, this will make your business run more efficiently, so it’s vital that your team can handle all of the customer-facing tasks with ease.

The Professional plan comes with a variety of useful features, such as integrations with other third-party applications, calendar management, and email marketing. Copper also features the ability to track individual sales leaderboards and team goals.

Copper which is the Best CRM For Ecommerce provides a wealth of features for eCommerce businesses to organize and manage their contact information and sales opportunities. It also has the ability to automate repetitive tasks. You can send automated emails to your customers, manage your team’s calendar, and track customer feedback.

The downsides of Copper CRM include the fact that the basic version is expensive and lacks a variety of essential CRM tools. Copper is best suited for smaller organizations that don’t require a large number of users, as the Basic tier only allows three.

On the other hand, the Business tier has no limit on the number of users and has excellent lead management features. Larger groups with a dedicated marketing department won’t face this issue, however.

Also, check out Bloomrang CRM here.

Copper CRM

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software, Copper CRM shines. Founded on the principles of simplicity, Copper CRM streamlines processes and systems to improve the user experience. It includes an intuitive sidebar for searching customer data and contact profiles. This allows users to manage their entire sales funnel with ease.

Moreover, Copper is also integrated with Google applications. It also integrates with QuickBooks for invoicing and Dropbox for document storage. Additionally, Copper is highly customizable and can be used to create a custom layout for any business.

The Copper CRM which is the Best CRM For Ecommerce has a Professional plan that includes everything in the Basic plan, plus integrations with third-party applications. Other features of this plan include comprehensive Google products integrations, team management, leaderboards, and profile enrichment.

This plan is best for businesses looking to automate sales processes. However, it has a few limitations. For example, it only allows email communication with customer support representatives during business hours. And it has a contact limit of 15,000 users.

Apart from its robust analytics features, Copper is easy to use. Its intuitive design and integration with Gmail and Google Applications make it perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition to integrating with Gmail, Copper also integrates with Drive, Calendar, and Gmail. Moreover, it supports synchronization with Google Calendar. This feature helps companies collaborate effectively. Copper is ideal for businesses with remote employees and small teams.


Act! is one of the most popular Customer Relationship Management applications, but it comes with its share of issues. These problems should be resolved quickly, but they are often delayed or remain in the program for a long time.

Here is the biggest Act! complaints: Deleted calendar items, difficulty in using the program, and unreliable technical support. You’ll also have to deal with a confusing menu system and poor customer service.

While Act! has a lot to offer, its main strengths lie in its feature set. Besides company and contact management, this solution also lets you manage your customers. Customers can be linked to different companies, categorized by similar attributes, and updated in bulk.

You can keep track of all interactions with your customers with its feature-rich to-do list and simple calendar. Act! also integrates with eCommerce software solutions, including BigCommerce.

Among the main Act! CRM cons, its poor customer support is an issue that many Act! users have mentioned. Not only is Act! outdated, but it also requires many clicks. Other CRM apps do the same things with as few as two or three clicks.

However, customers of Act! can attest to this drawback. If you’re considering an Act! CRM for your eCommerce website, be sure to read our Act! CRM review before making the purchase.

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