Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors

Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors8 min read

The Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors


If you’re looking for the best lead generation companies for contractors, you’ve come to the right place. These lead generation platforms can be a gold mine for contractors. Read on to learn more about which sites are worth your time and attention. Consumers love online reviews, and 93% of people read them before making a purchasing decision.

In fact, 72% of consumers don’t buy until they’ve read at least one review about a local business. The reason for the power of online reviews and testimonials is simple: they build trust with buyers. In particular, reviews and testimonials are a must-have for contractors who provide big-ticket services. After all, customers want to read the experiences of past clients, and reviews are a credible way to get that assurance.

Angie’s List

While Angie’s List may be a useful source of leads, some contractors have expressed frustration about its self-promotional nature. Before getting involved, contractors should weigh the amount of time and money they’ll spend vs. their actual profits.

There are 15 lead generation companies for contractors to choose from. Angie’s List is one of them. Here are some advantages of Angie’s List for contractors.

As part of its marketing strategy, Angie’s List rewards businesses with positive reviews and exposes businesses with negative reviews. Additionally, the service offers a scientific way to handle negative reviews.

The downside of Angie’s List is its limited membership and tiny traffic compared to Google and other lead generation services. Therefore, it’s unlikely to become your primary lead source. However, if you’re a contractor looking to expand your reach, you can join Angie’s List as a Gold member for $99.

Angie is the Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors.

Another popular lead generation platform for contractors is Yelp. Contractors can claim a profile on Yelp for free and can target residential and commercial clients. Customers can search for contractors on Yelp and leave reviews.

Yelp allows advertisers to pay between $0.30 and $30 per click for their ads. Contractors can purchase advertisements on Yelp for as little as $90 a month, or choose CPC advertising to enhance their visibility.

In addition to its large network of local business listings, Angi allows users to search for contractors in their area using a specific category. They can also receive prescreened quotes from multiple contractors. Angi also accepts Angie’s List coupons for further discounts.

Aside from the website, users can pay contractors through their mobile phones using the Angi app. However, Angi is a subscription service and contractors are obligated to pay the fee on a monthly basis.

You can close all those leads if you use GOhighlevel CRM.


Contractors who have trouble generating leads can benefit from a service like HomeAdvisor. They can use the service to compare bids from competing contractors. This service costs contractors a fee, but it allows them to manage their web presence. They can pay as little as $30 per lead or as much as $100 per lead. For this service, contractors must be prepared to pay a monthly or annual fee.

One of the advantages of HomeAdvisor is that it allows contractors to pick the type of leads that they want. For example, they can select only leads that pertain to the type of project they offer, such as TV wall mounts. Leads from HomeAdvisor can also be customized for specific types of jobs. This allows contractors to use HomeAdvisor to fill gaps in their schedules or during slow times.

The popularity of HomeAdvisor has led to the company acquiring Angie’s List in 2017. Both platforms are committed to applying technology in their advertising efforts, but the former is a bit ahead of the curve. The Instant Booking feature of HomeAdvisor lets consumers book an appointment directly from the contractor’s calendar. Consumers are likely to trust a contractor who has been reviewed by a trusted user.

The home advisor is the Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors.

HomeAdvisor has been around for more than 20 years, originally named ServiceMagic, but rebranded in 2012 and is now a subsidiary of IAC, the parent company of HomeAdvisor. The company has 240,000 businesses and accepts 32 million projects on the site. This is a good sign for contractors, but there are a few drawbacks. For starters, it can be difficult to get reviews for a service provider.

Also, read financial advisor lead generation service.


As a contractor, Thumbtack has a number of benefits. With its easy-to-use interface, Thumbtack allows clients to find contractors in their area. The client can then filter the list of potential pros based on price, date, and reviews. The client can then contact the pros they are most interested in, and the relationship moves from Thumbtack to the contractor’s CRM.

In addition to the numerous benefits of Thumbtack, clients are free to use the platform. The service provider, however, is paid only once the work is completed.

Contractors have two main advantages with Thumbtack: they can get a free listing on the search engine, and they only pay for leads when a client actually contacts them. Moreover, Thumbtack lets contractors set their target preferences, and only pay for leads that are related to the services they provide. Unlike other lead generation companies, Thumbtack also has advertising options for contractors, including local, national, and regional advertising.

Thumbtack is the Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors.

Thumbtack’s classifieds database and lead generation service help contractors connect with potential customers. Users can view the profiles and ratings of contractors and book their services on the site from any device. In addition to this, Thumbtack also features a customer rating system.

This gives clients peace of mind. In addition, many contractors on Thumbtack have already had their background checked and have a proven track record.

The BBB has accredited Thumbtack as an A+. Using Thumbtack is a great way to jump-start your business or to fill your schedule. But it isn’t for everyone. You must take some time to try Thumbtack in your area before relying solely on the service. You need to do your own research and experiment if Thumbtack works for your business before committing to it.


As a contractor, you should know that Houzz can generate good leads for you, but there are certain things you need to do to get the most from the service. For one, Houzz allows you to display a portfolio of your work. It also offers its users a way to buy products. You can also sell your own products. The idea board system can be very useful.

You can also develop a free profile on Houzz, including pictures and reviews. If you’re looking to boost your leads, you can opt to pay for advertisements. You should also keep in mind that the advertising contracts may be a bit costly, and you cannot stop them once you start using it.

While you can do this on your own, you can use marketing agencies to supplement your efforts. For instance, you can use a listing service such as HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack, as well as Houzz. Even a basic Houzz profile can contain proven SEO elements.

Houzz is the Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors.

Your marketing agency or users can optimize it with tags, meta descriptions, and keywords. This will help you get more leads and build your authority among your target audience.

If you have the budget, you can sign up for Houzz Pro. It offers a free professional profile, but you must pay to access its premium features. But remember, unless you’re already a builder, this service may not yield a great ROI. Your success depends on your local competition and the quality of your portfolio. So, if you want to make a good profit from Houzz, sign up today!


To thrive in the contractor industry, you need solid leads. A successful lead is more than a potential one-time job. A good contractor leads will turn into lifelong customers. CraftJack specializes in providing contractors with high-quality, real-time leads.

These leads are crucial for your business because they increase your chances of winning repeat business. With CraftJack, you will never worry about being short of leads again.

Lead generation websites for contractors make this process easy. Homeowners or business owners submit details about their projects through their websites. Phone numbers are verified, so leads that are real are also real. Craftjack is the Best Lead Generation Companies For Contractors.

With a home improvement lead generation website, contractors can increase their conversion rate by allowing visitors to communicate with them live, without having to spend hours on the phone. CraftJack’s website is free to use and contains a premium WordPress theme.

Before choosing a lead generation company, check the terms of service. Do they charge a monthly or yearly fee? Do they offer a refund policy? Do they provide enough information about the leads? Several lead generation websites also offer guides, live operators, and FAQ sections.

Before choosing a lead generation service, consider all of these factors. If a lead isn’t promising, it is better to find a company that provides free training and support.

CraftJack is another good lead generation company for contractors. It offers a number of features for contractors, including free subscriptions. The premium version of the website offers access to premium features, including targeted local advertising and insights & analytics tools. Bing Places is Microsoft’s answer to GMB.

By creating a free account, you can add your business information, upload images, and optimize your target keywords. You can also input your business category information, such as an address, telephone number, and email address.


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