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Best Real Estate Buyer Leads8 min read

Which Are the Best Real Estate Buyer Leads?


To find out which are the best real estate buyer leads, you must know which sites deliver quality and relevant information to your potential clients. Here, we discuss Mashboard, Qazzoo, Market Leader, and FSBOs. Read on to learn how they can help you find the best buyer leads for your property! This is an excellent way to avoid wasting your time on unqualified leads. In addition, Mashboard’s patented technology allows you to qualify a buyer lead even without asking it questions.


If you’re looking to attract more home buyers, Qazzoo is an excellent choice. Its unique feature lets you search for and hand-select home buyer leads based on your specific needs. Qazzoo also gives you the option to add a zip code to narrow your search to specific neighborhoods. And it guarantees 100% lead accuracy. That means you’ll never miss a lead again. What’s more, you can even tailor your ads to specific neighborhoods and zip codes.

You can also generate real estate buyer leads through Instagram, Facebook, and Google. The company’s marketing methods include Facebook ads, Recall Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. The service is also effective at retrieving lost contacts and improving web presence. Qazzoo also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be getting the most qualified leads for your real estate business. Qazzoo helps you get Best Real Estate Buyer Leads.

Customer support is another concern with the Qazzoo service. I asked the company about the lead’s validity and found out that it charged me a substantial amount for only 75 leads. I was told that there wasn’t a time limit, but they left out an important detail – whether or not they were actually interested in buying or selling a home. So, while Qazzoo advertises vetted leads, they don’t really have them. Most leads have bad contact information or are useless. Only ten percent of the leads even know why they were called, and even fewer of them are interested.

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Market leader

If you’re interested in improving your business, you should try Market Leader for real estate buyer leads. The company boasts of guaranteed lead generation for real estate professionals, and it keeps its promises month after month. If you’re in the early stage of selling, you can input your contact information and property details to get targeted leads. Moreover, they have a platform that allows you to make changes to your website or add or remove content.

A successful follow-up campaign is crucial for generating more leads. In a case study, Graham Seeby Group used a four-part follow-up campaign in 2017. After that, their business shot up to $90 million within 4 years. While it’s true that most prospective clients trust recommendations from friends and family, referrals are still the best form of advertisement. So, use referral marketing to generate more leads and increase your sales.

Market leader will help you get Best Real Estate Buyer Leads.

While BoldLeads and Market Leader both offer concierge-style lead generation, BoldLeads is unique in that it produces its leads through data capture and advertising efforts. Both of these services provide CRM capabilities and allow agents to set up lead nurturing programs. However, Market Leader’s CRM and automation features are more robust and offer more lead generation opportunities. With all of these benefits, Market Leader is the clear winner.

BoldLeads is the Best Real Estate Buyer Leads

If you are looking for an automated, cost-effective way to generate leads for your real estate business, BoldLeads is the solution for you. BoldLeads’ lead generation module links social media profiles to email addresses, keeping track of all communication so that you never repeat yourself. The software also has an integrated CRM to make follow-up easy and seamless. You can integrate BoldLeads with your existing website and add the widget to as many pages as you want.

BoldLeads generates leads through pay-per-click Google AdWords and Facebook ads. While these ads may not necessarily attract people who are near your sales funnel, they are often successful in drumming up interest. Users can then be directed to personal landing pages with contact information. Because BoldLeads is integrated with Propertybase CRM, you can easily manage all your leads with one easy-to-use tool.

As a real estate agent, you can also take advantage of BoldLeads’ exclusive seller and buyer leads. The service is exclusive to one agent per ZIP code. Moreover, BoldLeads provides excellent training for its members and offers great customer support. BoldLeads also generates targeted leads through Google AdWords and Facebook ads, and deposits these into your CRM. With this, you can track the progress of each lead.


Despite being one of the most difficult types of buyer leads to get, FSBOs can provide you with some of the most lucrative real estate prospects. Most of these homeowners believe they can sell their home without the help of an agent, but this isn’t always the case. Follow-ups and being persistent are essential to make your name stick in the minds of FSBOs. Don’t just start calling, however, as only a small percentage of FSBOs will allow you to list their home.

FSBOs are excellent leads because the owner is the one whose property is for sale. You can get to know them by making an initial connection. A good real estate agent goes on three or four appointments a week and makes at least 60 calls to 15 FSBOs. After a month, you can make follow-ups with these buyers and build up a backlog of FSBO leads. FSBOs provides Best Real Estate Buyer Leads.

FSBOs are the best real estate seller leads because they’re largely unrepresented. Most of them fail to sell their home for the asking price. However, it’s worth mentioning that nine out of ten FSBOs end up hiring a real estate agent. But, it’s not as easy as it looks. You’ll need to coordinate all the activities, manage time, and avoid common blunders in communication. You also need to build rapport with FSBOs to ensure that your efforts are rewarded.

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Guest blogging

When you are marketing your real estate business, guest blogging is a great way to increase exposure and brand awareness. In addition to helping your website gain more web traffic, guest blogging can generate more buyer leads for you. Be sure, to be honest when you are guest blogging, as your readers’ opinions could make or break your success. Remember, the more people who see and trust your content, the more potential clients you will have. Best Real Estate Buyer Leads are also generated by guest blogging.

When contacting guest blogging sites, be sure to research their website and domains to make your post more relevant to the site. When you are approved to post content on another blog, make sure to include a “write for us” page that contains a call to action. When using an SEO agency, you must look at your target site’s domain options carefully and offer a value exchange in exchange for a link. Guest posting will help you get Best Real Estate Buyer Leads.

When writing your guest post, make sure to include a link back to your website, as this will increase your online presence and increase traffic. Usually, blog publishers do not allow links in posts, but they do allow them in the author bio. If you’re worried about possible linking issues, you can avoid them by submitting content to sites that only allow you to use links in your bio.

Moreover, when writing a guest post, make sure to include relevant internal links that link to your company’s website. This way, you’ll be able to show that you’ve done your research and are an expert in your field. Not only will this increase your traffic, but it will also establish your authority in the real estate industry.


In the world of real estate, Zillow is the most popular website. With over 900 million unique visitors per month, it is likely you will attract plenty of potential clients. But how can you turn those leads into profits? What are the costs involved? Zillow’s website says that the average cost per lead is between $100 and $300. That’s quite a steep price tag if you’re trying to generate leads for your own real estate business.

To increase the quality of your Zillow real estate buyer leads, spend some time on social media. Engaging in local forums and participating in question-and-answer events are excellent ways to gain more exposure and more lead contacts. Also, if you have the time to read reviews and comments on Zillow, you may influence some of these potential buyers. You can also monitor your cost per lead with Zillow’s quantitative data. Zillow is the provider of Best Real Estate Buyer Leads.

Another way to get more Zillow real estate buyer leads is to post recent sales of properties in your area. This will increase your exposure and help you stand out from the crowd. You can also ask your past clients to write reviews about you on Zillow to see if they are satisfied with your service. It can get a little bit too much, but you should respond to every single review. By showing off reviews on your profile, you’ll not only generate more Zillow real estate buyer leads, but you’ll also gain an edge over other agents.


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