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Bloomerang CRM4 min read

bloomerang crm

Bloomerang CRM for Nonprofits


Bloomerang CRM is a comprehensive CRM solution for nonprofit organizations. Its robust email marketing capabilities are a key feature for nonprofits, and it doesn’t require a third-party integration. The platform features a mobile-responsive format, segmenting filters, analytics, receipts, delivery validation, IT assistance, and website packages.

Another useful feature is the engagement meter, which helps track how frequently people donate, visit websites, attend events, and engage on social media.

Bloomerang can be used by nonprofit organizations of all sizes, and it’s cloud-based, so it’s accessible any time of day. It supports nearly any fundraising strategy, from memberships to major gifts and stewardship.

You can also use the platform to manage your events and run a social media marketing campaign. It allows you to create a customized online form, which automatically updates your Bloomerang database.

You can try GOhighlevel CRM instead of Bloomerang if you want.

Bloomerang CRM is for nonprofits

Bloomerang CRM also helps nonprofits automate their fundraising campaigns. Whether it’s an auction or a pledge campaign, Bloomerang can help you keep track of donors and track their giving behaviors. Its customizable database allows you to track and manage donors, and your team can view every transaction in real-time.

All of this is available through the INFO tab and the APPEAL module. You can start using Bloomerang right away and see the results of your work.

Flexible Platform

Bloomerang’s flexible platform makes it easy to use for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. With its cloud-based architecture and easy-to-implement features, Bloomerang is accessible 24/7. It can deploy nearly any fundraising strategy, including major gifts, stewardship, and online fundraising strategies.

Even recurring gifts and pledge making can be handled through a Bloomerang webform. And if your team is already using a different CRM system, you can quickly enable the built-in Bloomerang function.

Bloomerang CRM can help nonprofits manage their entire ecosystem with a fully-featured CRM. Not only does it support major gifts and events, but it also offers tools for generating gift acknowledgments, letters, and digital newsletters.

With the help of its customizable online forms, nonprofits can collect and store information from donors, which is automatically updated in the Bloomerang database. It’s CRM software allows you to manage your entire fundraising strategy with one application.

In addition to its contact database, Bloomerang CRM supports numerous integrations with other popular software solutions. Among these are Eventbrite and Quickbooks. They can connect with each other via Zapier. Through Zapier, you can set up actions and triggers.

For example, when a new order is created on Eventbrite, Bloomerang will automatically make donations on Eventbrite. This way, you can seamlessly manage the entire lifecycle of your nonprofits in one place.

You can also learn about Pipedrive plans if you want to learn about another CRM.

Cloud-based CRM

Bloomerang CRM is a cloud-based CRM for nonprofit organizations. The software’s intuitive design is an asset for nonprofits of all sizes. Users can access it at any time. Moreover, it is accessible around the clock. Besides, nonprofits can deploy virtually any fundraising strategy they want.

For instance, it supports direct mail, memberships, and major gifts. Additionally, it supports recurring giving and pledge making. It also integrates with several popular email programs.

One of the main features of Bloomerang is its ability to manage the entire ecosystem of nonprofit organizations. The software can be used to send personalized letters and events to customers, generate emails, and manage contacts and leads.

Its features are extensive. It also has the ability to integrate with other software and apps. Similarly, Bloomerang CRM can be integrated with Eventbrite. Aside from this, it is compatible with Quickbooks.

Bloomerang’s powerful CRM is a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations. The program allows users to manage their entire ecosystem. For example, they can manage events, generate emails, and print out letters.

They can even connect their Twitter account to Bloomerang CRM. They can also use online forms to collect and manage data. The CRM can be embedded in websites, allowing for an automatic update of the database after form submission.

Excellent CRM

Bloomerang CRM is an excellent CRM for nonprofit organizations. Its high User Satisfaction Rating is 92%, based on 999 user reviews. Its robust constituent relationship management functionality can be used for major gift fundraising, including identifying major gift donors and managing moves.

It also allows nonprofits to use the same database for all fundraising data. It is also integrated with DonorSearch, a prospecting research company that pulls data from dozens of databases and connects them with organizations that want to reach potential donors.

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