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Cheapest Online Store Builder


While the cheapest online store builder might be difficult to find, there are many great options on the market. Among the most popular are Shopify, WooCommerce, and Ecwid. However, other platforms like Mozello, Shift4Shop, and Wix also offer excellent all-in-one solutions at a low cost. Wix and Square Online are easy to pair if you already use Square. Other platforms, like Squarespace, appeal to influencers.


With its ecommerce features and free 14-day trial, Squarespace is the cheapest online store build er you can use to start selling online. Squarespace also allows you to book appointments and integrate POS into your site. You can create a dynamic ecommerce store with Squarespace’s templates. The free trial is good enough to decide if this is the right option for you. After that, you can upgrade to the advanced commerce plan for a monthly fee.

Squarespace’s business tier is best for those with a basic or intermediate ecommerce business. The business tier includes everything from the Personal tier and has fully integrated ecommerce tools. You can even set up a free trial before you purchase the business tier, which is $27 a month. However, if you’re a small business, you may need a little more features than the free trial offers.

The Basic Commerce plan costs $20 per month and includes tools to list your products on social media and create customer accounts. For $40 per month, you can upgrade to the Advanced Commerce tier, which has a built-in payment gateway and no transaction fees. Alternatively, you can choose to pay for Squarespace’s Advanced Commerce plan and enjoy 100% control over the look and feel of your site. But keep in mind that Squarespace does charge transaction fees, so you may want to consider other options.


Weebly is an excellent option for those who are unsure about how to build an online store or need a simple website. Their drag and drop website builder makes it easy to create the layout and content you want, and the basic eCommerce functionality is free of charge. However, this doesn’t mean that you should skip the paid plans. The free plan has its limitations, but provides everything you need to get started, including a custom domain name.

Weebly has several free ecommerce features, and they’re all pretty useful. They offer a fully integrated shopping cart, secure checkout, inventory tracking, and filtered product search. You can also connect a domain for only $8 a month. If you plan to sell physical products, you should upgrade to Weebly’s paid plans. These plans also include PayPal, customer reviews, and abandoned cart emails.

Weebly is also great for small businesses, especially those starting out. While the personal plan is not as advanced as other web builders, it is great for the price. It allows you to set up your website with minimal hassle, and comes with many pre-built features. However, the drawback is that it doesn’t have as many features as other web builders, and it can get outdated quickly.

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If you are looking for an inexpensive way to create an online store, Mozello might be the right choice for you. The basic plan allows you to create a five-product store and includes a built-in blogging platform. You can add products, manage orders and set up discount codes and shipping methods. The free plan also includes a free domain and supports multiple languages. If you want to expand your store’s functionality, you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.

If you need help setting up your site, Mozello offers email support and social media accounts. It also has a live support team that responds to your emails. However, it lacks advanced features like video and in-depth guides. Despite these advantages, Mozello might not be the best choice for every business. If you have little or no experience with building an online store, Mozello is an excellent choice.

If you’re planning to sell products online, you should consider using a tool that offers multi-language functionality. Mozello’s site builder groups pages based on language. There are no auto-translate features, but you can toggle between languages as needed. The Mozello online store builder is highly customizable, and is capable of handling hundreds of products. And the support team is friendly.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive online store builder that’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg, consider using one of the free store builders. Mozello, Ecwid, and Wix Ecommerce offer free plans with limits of 10 products, but you can purchase plans that include unlimited products for a low price. Another free option is WooCommerce, which allows you to sell unlimited products and take orders for free.

This website builder allows you to create a fully customizable website and digital store. You can register a domain name, create product pages, create SEO-friendly content, accept online payments through PayPal, iDEAL, and Apple Pay, and even print shipping labels. It can even notify clients when an order has shipped and when a payment has been made. Webador is so easy to use that even a complete beginner can create a functional website in a matter of minutes.

While most online store builders require a monthly fee, some free solutions are available. Free plans often include a few extra features, and many only offer basic functionality. Wix Ecommerce, Mozello, and Webador are the cheapest options. Free plans also include 0.5GB of storage space and unlimited listings. WooCommerce, for example, requires you to purchase a domain name and hosting separately. Luckily, the free versions of these store builders also come with built-in payment processors and shopping carts.

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Wix Ecommerce

Wix eCommerce is a web platform for building an online store for a flat fee. The plans vary by country and range from $16 per month to $45 per month. Most plans focus on general websites, but you can also get some ecommerce functionality and storage space for a relatively low price. You can even get a free trial of Wix before committing. There are no contracts or setup fees, so you can try the program for 14 days.

While you might be tempted to choose the cheapest online store builder, you should consider a plan that includes advanced tools. Wix features a pixel-perfect layout and unmatched accessibility. There are over 500 templates to choose from, and some of them may only need minor edits. Wix also offers comprehensive support and robust analytics. However, the cheapest plan will not allow you to create a fully-customized online store.

Wix does not include multi-currency functionality. You can store prices in different currencies, but your visitors cannot check out in their native currency. Shopify does allow for different currencies, but you need to use the Basic plan to do that. Wix allows for 180 languages, while Shopify doesn’t offer this feature. If you don’t want to spend much money on hosting, you can use Shopify or Wix.


In terms of price, Ecwid is the cheapest online store builders available, but you should consider the pros and cons of each before making your decision. For one, this platform offers several features that can improve your conversion rates, such as multichannel integration selling. This feature will enable you to sell across several channels, including Facebook, Amazon, eBay and more. In addition, this platform can support dropshipping, meaning that you can sell products on different channels at the same time, such as social media.

Compared to Shopify, Ecwid’s free plan offers only a few customization features. You cannot change the color scheme of the store, for instance, and you’ll need to know a little bit of coding to customize it. On the other hand, the premium plans offer plenty of integrations and a vast market of apps. Premium plans allow you to customize your store’s features and add extra products.

Customer support is also good. It is possible to buy priority support, which bumps you to the front of the line when you call. You can also get your site branded and integrate it with your existing site. You can even integrate your store with a brick-and-mortar store. In addition, Ecwid has impressive customer support, offering personal onboarding for each new customer. Customers can easily contact support by phone, email or live chat.

Cheapest Online Store Builder

Cheapest Online Store Builder

If you are looking for the cheapest online store builder, you have a few choices. There is Shopify, Square Online, Mozello, and Webador. Each of these platforms has its own strengths and weaknesses, so we recommend you try them out before you make a decision. These four platforms are highly recommended because they offer excellent features and are relatively inexpensive. Listed below are the pros and cons of each. Keep reading to learn more about them.


While Shopify offers a free ecommerce plan, it is still expensive compared to other online store builders. It charges up to 2% of each transaction, and its custom template markup language is not the easiest to learn. It also offers a limited set of features compared to its competitors, such as gift cards, but locks many advanced features behind a paywall. That said, it’s a good choice for those who don’t need advanced features or want to create a store fast.

The platform is designed for beginners without coding knowledge. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on web hosting or software installation. You can manage your store from any computer. The interface is also user-friendly. The most important feature of this online store builder is the ability to customize the design and layout of your store. Moreover, you can also customize the look of your website with more than 100 templates that can showcase your products.

A reliable alternative to Shopify is Volusion, a British company with more than 200,000 satisfied customers. Its cloud-based shopping cart serves solopreneurs and small businesses. Volusion plans vary depending on the number of add-ons you need. You can also choose a free or a paid plan based on the number of products you want to sell. Volusion also doesn’t charge additional fees for transaction processing. And if you’re not ready to make that leap, try Volusion. If you’re not sure whether this is the right online store builder for you, check out the free trial and compare its features.

Although Shopify is the cheapest online store builders, they don’t have all the features you’ll need for your business. You need to set up a payment gateway provider if you want to accept credit cards. Wix does have a separate app store where you can install marketing extensions, but these apps are limited. Wix offers fewer bundled templates and is limited to certain countries. Shopify is also more expensive than Wix, which offers many more features but at a higher price.

Square Online

Square Online is the cheapest way to create an online store. Its plans come with unlimited products and allow you to sell as many as you want. You can use item badges to categorize your products, which can help you stay organized. The cheapest online store builder will also provide you with a free domain name. But be aware of the limitations of Square Online. Some features may not be appropriate for your business, so you need to do some research to determine if Square Online is the right fit for your needs.

You can choose the layout of your online store, choose colors, fonts, and upload a logo. You can also add multiple sections and pages, and add a product listing. The editor will show you a preview of your store on a desktop and mobile device. Once you’re satisfied with the layout and the look of your store, you can push it live and start adding items to it.

The free plan of Square Online is very generous, but there are transaction fees. It’s a good option for small businesses because of its low price and easy setup, but it’s not perfect. It doesn’t include all the features you’d need to create an online store, including product reviews, abandoned cart emails, and integration with Facebook adverts. However, if you’re a Square hardware user, you’ll love Square Online.

Another feature of Square Online is that it supports third-party add-ons. There are accounting add-ons, point-of-sale features, and marketing tools. For example, you can integrate Uber Eats through Deliverect with Square Online. However, if you plan on opening a brick-and-mortar shop, you may also need to purchase hardware to manage sales.


Mozello is an inexpensive ecommerce website builder. They offer a free plan with limited features and then upgrade to a paid plan for a small fee. The free plan allows for 5 products. If you are looking for a simple solution for small retail shops, Mozello is the way to go. It also offers multiple languages and inventory tracking. If you need a more advanced ecommerce solution, you might want to check out Shopify or Volusion.

The free plan allows you to create a website and sell products. Mozello does not charge commissions, so you save a lot of money. You can place your products in different categories, choose from dozens of currencies, add delivery methods, set up tax settings for US and EU customers, and accept payment in a variety of ways. However, it is impossible to change your store’s visual appearance without paying for a premium subscription.

The free plan comes with 0.5 GB of storage, PayPal support, and basic hosting services. Mozello sites can be accessed through a subdomain owned by the company. A small link to their homepage will appear on your website. The free plan has a 30 day inactivity policy. If you want to keep your website online for a longer period of time, you can upgrade to a paid plan and remove ads.

There are few user reviews for Mozello on popular review sites. However, other critics have weighed in on the ecommerce platform and website builder. Website Planet, for example, gave Mozello a 4.4-star rating. The review noted that the cheap plan is not as advanced as other website builders, but the templates are pleasant. Users should also be aware that Mozello lacks advanced ecommerce functionality.


Webador is an online store builder for beginners. It is easy to use and provides an overview of how your website will look. Webador features three different price plans, all of which include unlimited storage and data traffic. There is also an option to add co-owners. The co-owners are allowed to edit and manage different pages, as well as change the website’s layout and templates. As long as you are an account owner, you can easily add new admins, allowing others to manage your site’s content.

Webador offers an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that allows you to customize your site easily. Its interface is very intuitive, so there’s no learning curve. You can also choose to use a unique domain. You can also choose to subscribe to the service, with the free plan providing all the essential features. If you’re looking for a more complete platform, you can check out Wix or Etsy.

With the help of Webador, you can create a website in a matter of minutes. The interface is easy to use and offers a preview on both desktop and mobile devices. You can easily make a site with this tool and it’s free for beginners. The website builder has some limitations, including a limited amount of drag and drop and a set of fixed guidelines. Overall, Webador is a good option for beginners.

Despite its lack of technical expertise, Webador is a great platform to set up an online store. With its eCommerce tools, it allows you to sell both physical and digital products. In addition to traditional products, Webador is mobile-friendly, and accepts PayPal, Apple Pay, and iDEAL payments. Webador also offers a free plan for beginners, which includes a custom domain. However, it’s still not worth the money.


While most people don’t realize it, Ecwid is the cheapest online store build. Ecwid allows you to create a store in just a few minutes, export it to popular marketplaces, and offer decent ecommerce management features. For example, you can add a variety of products, establish shipping rates, accept various credit cards, and fulfill orders as necessary. All these functions are available through a web browser, and you can sync Ecwid between different devices, including your smartphone. You can even sell while on the go with your smartphone.

Ecwid has an easy-to-use interface, with a vertical menu on the left and a sales area on the right. It has a helpful onboarding checklist, and the storefront is fully responsive. It looks great on all devices. Its support options are also varied, with phone support and live chat support available. You can also purchase priority support for a specific issue. Ecwid is also compatible with many content management systems and social media platforms.

If you’re on a budget, you should consider Ecwid’s free plan. The free version offers generous features, but it doesn’t include phone support and tax enablement. Other perks include multi-currency sales, point-of-sale functionality, and multi-language stores. There are some limitations, though, compared to the other free store builders. You should also know that the free plan doesn’t offer phone support and doesn’t include local currency.

After a free trial, Ecwid has three paid plans available, starting at $15 a month. The free plan includes everything you need to start a basic store: a shopping cart, inventory tracking, marketing tools, and a mobile app. The Business plan costs $35 per month and includes more features like mobile POS and an abandoned cart saver. The unlimited plan costs $99 per month, but is only suitable for those who want a fully functional online store built on the Ecwid platform. The prices are for monthly billing, but yearly billing will provide you with an additional discount. The free trial is worth considering before you commit to any of the paid plans.


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