The Benefits of Cloze CRM

cloze crm

The Benefits of Cloze CRM


Cloze CRM is a relationship management tool that tracks every phone call, email, fax, and text message. It can be integrated with most social media sites and can be used to create drip campaigns. It also integrates with Evernote.

Among its features are unlimited email account support and a daily briefing email. Listed below are some of the benefits of Cloze CRM. Read on to learn more about this CRM solution.

Relationship management platform

The Cloze CRM Relationship management platform has a number of features to help you manage your business’s relationships. It includes phone-call logging, contextual meeting information, document tracking, Evernote integration, and business card scanning. The Cloze AI can recognize various communication phrases and create events for you.

Notifications let you know when your emails have been opened and follow-up reminders keep you on track. Other useful features include an email scheduler and personalized fields for emails. A daily briefing email lets you see all of your contact’s activity.

Its intuitive interface makes collaboration easier. With the Cloze CRM, you can easily see who has contacted you most recently and who hasn’t. You can also see what’s been done recently with each of your contacts, even if you’re on a different continent. Whether you’re working with an existing client or looking for a new prospect, Cloze keeps track of all your contacts and communication.

While many of the features of Cloze CRM are similar to those of Microsoft Outlook, they are not identical. One major feature that sets Cloze apart from its competitors is that it’s free to use. There is also a free version that limits you to three email accounts. You can use the free version to track your contacts, organize them by company, and prioritize them by relationship. Cloze CRM is easy to use, so it’s well worth a try.

Cloze has many useful features for individuals. Its built-in AI assistant will remind you of important tasks, such as preparing for meetings. The reminders in Cloze CRM come from emails, calls, social media, and past meetings. This tool will make your work easier and help you stay on top of your relationships. In short, you’ll have more time to spend with your clients. This is a fantastic CRM for your business.

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Tracks every call, voicemail, fax, and text message

Cloze is a smart mobile app that tracks all your customer, client, prospect, and lead interactions. It integrates with over 800 apps including Gmail, Outlook, WhatsApp, Facebook, Asana, LinkedIn, and more to create one centralized view of your business. Its centralized dashboard allows you to view the latest information in one place and has built-in security to protect your data.

Connect your RingCentral account to Cloze CRM, and incoming callers will match up to existing contacts. If the caller already has a Cloze account, the contact will be shown on the Dialpad screen. During the call, you can switch to the caller’s profile to access context about their previous interaction. In addition, all incoming calls will trigger a new Cloze interaction.

To keep track of every conversation, users can add notes and files to the top of their feed. To do so, tap on “Add Note.” This feature automatically translates text to the language you’ve selected, and you can customize the translation. For example, if you’re using the Cloze CRM app on your iPad, you can import up to 500 contacts at once. By integrating with other applications, you can automate follow-ups on clients.

Cloze CRM works with any phone carrier, VoIP service, and app. You can track every call, voicemail, and text message with the app, regardless of your location. You can even sync your calls to Cloze from your iPhone using the built-in Phone app. Moreover, Cloze works with your existing phone number, so you don’t have to buy a new phone number. And, the best part is that Cloze does not charge you for incoming calls!

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Integrates with most social media platforms

As a personal CRM system, Cloze works with the most popular social media platforms to integrate with your contacts. You can use your Google or Exchange account to connect with Cloze CRM, which will pull your daily rundown of contacts, events, and last contacts.

The Cloze CRM starts with your daily agenda, reminding you of meetings, documents, and messages. In addition, Cloze is compatible with Evernote, allowing you to sync with the software from your social media account.

The free version of Cloze CRM allows you to use the software for up to two users free. The paid version has more advanced features, while the free plan lacks some of them. Cloze CRM is a good choice for small businesses, as it streamlines processes and helps you get the most from staff and contacts.

There are also four plans, starting at $29.95 a month. The free version of Cloze has limited features, so be prepared to sacrifice a few options. It is a good choice for small businesses, but larger businesses might do better with more comprehensive CRM systems.

Cloze CRM integrates with many popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The platform also allows you to manage all of your contacts in one place and keeps tabs on all of your emails, phone calls, documents, and meetings.

It also integrates with over 800 apps, including Facebook, Slack, Gmail, and Outlook. Using Cloze means that your team can work together more effectively, and you can easily share your information with other members of your team.

Whether you want to manage your contacts or manage your sales process, Cloze CRM is an excellent choice. It not only integrates with most social media platforms, but it also lets you integrate with most email signatures. The UI of Cloze is not intuitive, but it does offer a free trial period of 15 days.

Cloze’s AI-powered app pulls contacts from your emails, phone calls, documents, and even Evernote. Once installed, you can track the progress of each contact by creating reminders, schedules, and reusable email templates.

Allows users to create drip campaigns

With Cloze CRM, you can automate follow-up processes with your clients. Often referred to as “programs,” these automation steps mimic the actual conversations and interactions you have with your clients. In fact, the software will even pause the campaign for new conversations and meetings.

And because they can be sent through a real email address or phone number, you don’t have to worry about generating spam emails.

When you’re sending a drip campaign to a prospect, you can automate it. To do this, simply drag and drop the campaign into a spreadsheet and add the recipients. Then, just click the “Send” button and you’re done! With Cloze, you can also create text templates tied to your Cloze Next Step.

For extra authenticity, you can attach a phone number to each contact, and you’ll be notified of their responses.

To send a mailing to your clients, you can use the Mail Merge feature. This tool provides instant analytics about how many recipients opened and clicked on a link in an email. You can also view the original message sent to your contacts, as well as any additional messages they read.

Using the email composer, you can choose a marketing or personal template. If you’re sending to a large list of prospects, you can set up a series of messages to send to each person.

There are many types of drip campaigns. These campaigns may consist of a combination of inbound and outbound activities. Traditionally, drip campaigns are email messages that are sent to prospects over a period of time. In either case, the emails can be automatically sent or manually sent.

The key to success is to keep the content short and concise and provide value. Another useful feature of Cloze CRM is a feature called Next Steps. You can also schedule your own emails in advance.

Tracks email open rates

In order to see your open rates, you need to enable open tracking for your campaign. Open tracking must be enabled before you send your email campaign, and campaigns that aren’t tracked will be indicated with a notification at the top of the report.

Because low open rates are common immediately after a campaign is sent, wait at least a few hours to view your open rates. In addition, plain-text campaigns are likely to have low open rates.

Cloze can send you to push notifications when your email recipient opens it or clicks on a link. It also offers an email history, so you can view how many emails you’ve sent in the past and which have been opened. Then, if you want to see the specific open rate for an email, you can view its history by visiting the notifications page.

Once you’ve set up your notification preferences, Cloze can send you to push notifications anytime someone opens your email or clicks on a link in your email.

If you have high open rates for an email, you may want to consider using a different metric, like Clickthrough Rate. In order to see how well your emails are performing, you’ll need to track both emails open rates and clickthrough rates. With a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, you can improve your emails. If you don’t track your email open rates, you’ll be left behind.

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