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Cold Email Platforms That Will Help You With Your Cold Email Campaigns


When it comes to sending cold emails, a good platform should have some advanced features, such as Mail Merge for scaling up your cold outreach efforts, Sequences to send follow-ups based on whether your previous emails were opened or not, Signatures to flip over your email signature easily, Recurring Emails so that you can schedule your emails at specific intervals, and Reminders to remember important email details. This article will provide you with a list of cold email platforms that will help you with your cold email campaigns.


If you’re a small business owner, you’ll appreciate the features of SendinBlue’s email marketing platform. In addition to an easy drag-and-drop editor, it also offers features like CRM and email marketing tools. Whether you’re looking for an email template for a sales letter or an email marketing campaign, SendinBlue is the platform for you. With more than 80,000 users and 100 million emails sent each day, Sendinblue is an excellent choice for small businesses looking for email automation and social media tools.

Sendinblue’s features are many and varied, and they include custom triggers based on purchase data, a chat function, and an eCommerce CRM. This CRM helps you keep track of your contacts, manage your campaigns, and set up follow-up actions. You can also integrate your account with multiple eCommerce platforms and send transactional emails like order confirmations, delivery information, and payment receipts. Sendinblue is available on all three plans, but its Enterprise plan offers a more detailed set of features.

Cold emails are an effective strategy if used properly. Sendinblue’s dedicated email platform is easy to use, and allows you to send bulk emails without getting flagged as spam. The platform also lets you send promotional codes, which can be especially helpful for online stores. A cold email strategy isn’t worth the effort of ignoring if it’s not working for your business. You’re not going to get a high response if you’re not using a dedicated email marketing platform.

Another benefit of Sendinblue is its ability to connect with most email providers. The software connects seamlessly with any email provider and requires no technical knowledge to use. Once connected to your Sendinblue account, Warmbox automatically generates realistic emails in your inbox to improve cold emails’ deliverability. It even removes your emails from the spam folder. Additionally, it opens emails and replies to a portion of them, generating positive interactions with your inbox and raising your email sending reputation.

Also you can use Gohighlevel software for cold email marketing. It is the best software in the market.


If you are looking for an automated cold email platform, you may want to check out Yesware. Not only does it include a CRM, but it can also integrate with LinkedIn and Salesforce. Its email tracking features are robust, including built-in meeting schedulers. You can also send a link to a meeting and let your contacts choose the time. Yesware can also share results with you. Founded by three sales professionals, Yesware is a fantastic choice for any business. Alternatively, you can also consider Mailmeteor, which has more than 3 million users and thousands of 5-Star reviews. Its powerful email tracking feature is easy to use, and its Gmail integration makes mass personalized emails a breeze.

Yesware is an emailing platform that can integrate with Gmail and Outlook inboxes. Its features include email tracking, real-time analytics, and campaign dashboards. Users can also run multi-touch campaigns using Yesware. The software can track metrics like reply rates and booked meetings. You can even embed videos in your emails. Whether you are sending emails to a specific company or a single person, Yesware can help you achieve your sales goals.

Yesware offers email automation features, including the ability to schedule follow-up campaigns and schedule emails. You can also upload your prospect list with Yesware and schedule your follow-ups with the tool. You can also integrate Yesware with CRMs such as Salesforce or LinkedIn. With Yesware, you can track how many emails have been opened, read, and clicked. It also allows you to create a meeting scheduler. Apart from email tracking, it also provides a meeting scheduler and cold email templates.


If you are in the process of building your sales team, you may be looking for a reliable cold email platform. While Gmelius is a top contender, it may not be the best option for you if you’re looking for a suite with numerous features. Despite its shortcomings, this tool has many advantages, and it’s well worth a look. Take a look at these alternatives to see which one suits your needs best.

First of all, Gmelius supports gmail, so it’s compatible with almost any device. You can use the free version to send unlimited emails from multiple accounts, as well as track attachments and collaborate in real time. If you want to get more out of this cold email platform, you can upgrade to the pro version for advanced features such as email scheduling and inbox prioritization. You can get a free trial of the platform to see if it’s right for you before spending money.

Another advantage of Gmelius is that it integrates with your favorite tools, including email and calendar applications. It also allows you to connect teams, manage projects and clients, and syncs data between various platforms. The app also supports a Google Workplace solution, which means that you can easily integrate it into your current CRM. If you’re looking for an email collaboration platform that will streamline your daily tasks, Gmelius is the one for you.

Another great feature of Gmelius is that it can easily automate workflows. You can add private notes and organize emails in projects with shared labels. Moreover, you can even use Gmelius to manage your client pipelines. Its automation features let you automate processes and increase your productivity. And, it also allows you to add gif and markdown syntax to your emails. In short, Gmelius has many advantages for the cold emailing process.

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If you’re looking for a great cold email platform, consider the Streak CRM. It offers a number of premium features, including unlimited boxes, 1,500 mail merges per day, team email sharing, and advanced reporting tools. Streak is also available as a webhook API, which allows you to connect it with many other services such as Zapier. If you’re not sure whether Streak is right for you, read on to learn more about this powerful tool.

First, Streak offers a free plan with a limited number of features, as well as three paid plans starting at $15 per user per month. Depending on your needs, you can choose a plan that fits your budget and provides the features you need. Free plans offer zero personal support, but have helpful tutorials and a YouTube channel to help you with your questions. Paid plans include email support, but some customers complain about long wait times for replying to emails. The Enterprise plan, on the other hand, includes priority support, but has few reviews.

A great cold email platform should offer several features that are important to your business. A great cold email platform should have an email warmup tool, a shared dashboard, and analytics that show your performance. Aside from being free, a Cold Email Tool should allow collaboration between team members and managers, and should have inbox rotation. Shared dashboards, analytics, and collaboration features are also important. If you’re going to use Cold Email tools regularly, make sure they offer these features.

The Streak CRM features email scheduling and email reminders. You can even snooze an email for later. The Streak CRM has a snooze button, which archives it temporarily and brings it back to your inbox after a few days. If you’re using Streak on a team, the CRM features are a great option. If you want to send bulk emails, you can use the paid Streak CRM.


Mailshake is a powerful platform for cold email marketing. You can easily create and send emails to cold email prospects. You can choose from pre-written messages or customize them according to your style. MailShake also allows you to set up drip email campaigns, triggered by the response of the recipient. This helps you to send multiple emails without having to constantly resend them. You can also customize templates to fit your style and sales pipeline.

Mailshake has a powerful CRM which lets you manage your list and respond to contact requests without leaving the platform. It also has tools to help you do cold calling. You can access client data, make notes, and choose your area code. The platform will even allow you to schedule phone calls so you don’t miss out on an important lead. Mailshake also provides reporting tools to track your campaign’s success. For example, you can see the open rate, click-through rate, and response rate from a campaign, and you can easily monitor the conversion rate.

A great feature of Mailshake is that it integrates with more than 30 third-party platforms. You can also use their email template builder to create personalized text-based emails. Mailshake includes over 50 pre-written email templates. The platform also offers auto-responder options to send follow-up emails to recipients. If you need a faster way to follow up on your leads, Mailshake offers a sales engagement plan with a VoIP phone number and transcription.

If you’re looking for an email automation platform that will streamline your lead management and cold outreach campaigns, Mailshake is the solution for you. This platform connects to your email provider to create and send automated emails to your prospects. However, it is not an all-in-one solution. This platform is not a CRM or a full-featured marketing tool. Furthermore, it doesn’t support drip campaigns. If you’re looking for an effective drip email solution, you shouldn’t look elsewhere.


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