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ConnectWise CRM – What You Should Know8 min read

ConnectWise CRM – What You Should Know


If you are interested in implementing ConnectWise CRM, here are the most important things you should know. ConnectWise CRM can give you complete visibility into your operations with powerful reports. It can help you manage your financial control by funneling all transactions and tracking time and activity.

It can also handle billing and invoicing activities. It eliminates manual errors and collects payments on time. It can also help you streamline your workflow and provide professional services.

ConnectWise CRM

A business owner should be aware of the advantages of using ConnectWise CRM. The software automates administrative processes, removing redundant technical tasks and improving work efficiency. With ConnectWise CRM, you no longer have to spend time manually updating spreadsheets or juggling various applications.

It helps you avoid human error and ensures that your company is scaling smoothly. Read on to learn more about the many benefits this software offers. And don’t forget to check out our free trial to learn more about its features and benefits.

Apart from its ability to automate processes, ConnectWise CRM  also offers regular functionality. Its Email Connector enables you to create tickets right from an email. Automating your service processes with the help of Workflow Rules is another key feature of the software.

You can set up recurring pre-scheduled tickets based on template settings. You can set up recurring pre-scheduled tickets to be automatically created at pre-set intervals. The tool can even send out reminders and emails that will remind your agents when a task is due.

When configuring the integration, Site24x7 users should be assigned a ConnectWise CRM account with Admin or Super Admin privileges. Once this is done, they must generate an Instance URL and login credentials. You should remember to retain these credentials, as well as the Instance URL.

After that, navigate to the system and choose the Service Roles that you would like to activate. Once done, select the desired integration level and begin configuring your incident management.

In addition to automating operations, ConnectWise Manage helps you streamline your customer relationships. With its automated workflows, you can automate processes such as client contract management and notification of sales events. And because it integrates with your CRM, it ensures consistent customer information and service.

With ConnectWise Manage, your sales process is easier and more consistent than ever. You can even customize your marketing materials to suit the needs of your specific user groups.

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TopLeft Kanban board

If you use Microsoft Planner or Autotask, you’ve probably used the TopLeft Kanban board to track your tasks. With ConnectWise CRM, however, the TopLeft Kanban board is a powerful tool for MSPs. Not only can you see every ticket, but you can also view the Work In Progress and priorities on each of the board’s horizontal lanes.

This streamlined process allows you to see your entire organization’s progress and manage the time it takes to finish each task.

When using the TopLeft Kanban board with ConnectWise CRM, project managers will benefit from its tight integration with the CRM. They can easily see the current status of multiple projects, whether they’re in a backlog or a front-end workflow. Project engineers can see their workloads and estimated start dates in real-time.

Project managers won’t have to waste time searching through lists of tickets – they can simply jump to the relevant project to see its progress.

In addition to scheduling, a Kanban board allows you to display ConnectWise activities. Instead of relying on a traditional calendar, activities can be displayed on a ConnectWise CRM TopLeft Kanban board. The functionality of an activity board is similar to that of a ticket board, allowing you to filter your tasks according to status. An activity board also lets you map different statuses.

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Ticketing system

The Connectwise CRM ticketing system offers an easy-to-use interface and a robust feature set. The system allows you to configure a service catalog and pre-formatted issue-raising forms. With the ability to set up custom rules and set desired deadlines, you can automate the ticketing process.

The software also offers auditing capabilities. There are many different plans available for this software. These plans range from simple support to enterprise solutions that offer everything from social ticketing to team collaboration.

With the Connectwise Manage module, you can track and prioritize customer requests. With customizable service boards and recurring billing parameters, you can track and manage client contracts and agreements. Using ConnectWise Manage, you can also implement a Knowledge Base to store documents attached to Configuration items.

It’s easy to create, manage, and maintain knowledge base content in a standardized format, ensuring that your customers and clients receive the best service possible.

The Connectwise Manage module also provides a customer portal for your company, so you can easily access your tickets and communicate with your team from the portal. You can also set up custom forms for specific types of requests, and you can customize these forms to only allow certain roles to access them.

You can also assign a ticket to a specific customer. This makes it easier for your team to resolve problems and provide support. You can even create recurring tickets based on different customer groups, which saves you the hassle of creating and maintaining a manual system.

The Connectwise Manage reporting engine provides metrics and data-driven decisions to improve your business’s productivity. With its automated reporting and task management features, you can track work, product, and service information, as well as keep a record of all customer interactions.

With the ConnectWise CRM ticketing system, you can even integrate financial reporting into your business process. Once your team adopts the software, you will have a much easier time-solving customer concerns.


If you want to connect your Connectwise CRM account with another platform, you can do so with the ConnectWise CRM integrations. You can pull and push contact data between Connectwise and other programs. These two options are called fetch leads and

However, in order to do this, you must create a role ID in ConnectWise first. You should also be sure to follow HubSpot’s terms of service and AUP to avoid any legal problems.

After creating an account, you must enter your ConnectWise ID, user name, and password. These details are specified in the Create Integrator Account Credentials section. You should then save the generated keys to your ConnectWise account.

Once the API key is generated, you must match the extension email address of the ConnectWise member. This way, you can map calls and chats. When you are finished, you can begin configuring your ConnectWise CRM integrations.

The ConnectWise CRM integrations are ideal for companies that want to integrate their systems with other programs. You can automate processes with Workload, which integrates ConnectWise Manage with SuperOffice CRM. The ConnectWise Manage integration allows you to use your ConnectWise CRM to collaborate internally and improve sales processes.

This combination makes the CRM integrations between ConnectWise and other CRM software an easy task. There are a number of benefits to using ConnectWise Manage and SuperOffice.

In terms of functionality, ConnectWise has five different products. Each of these products requires at least three users to use. Subscription prices escalate as you add more tools and users. ConnectWise is missing some essential tools, such as social media integration and blogging features.

It lacks basic functionality in terms of sales and marketing. It also lacks some features that other CRM solutions offer. These are a few of the reasons why some companies prefer the ConnectWise Manage product.


The Connectwise CRM price varies greatly but is generally around $30 per user/month. It is worth considering whether this software is the right fit for your business. If you’re an RMM or MSP, it could be the perfect solution for you.

If you’re running a small project-based business, ConnectWise is a great choice for managing and coordinating the efforts of multiple teams. But for companies that only need the basics, other options may be more affordable.

The ConnectWise Manage CRM price is comparable to other popular CRM software. It has a reputation for customer support, and you can always get in touch with ConnectWise Manage’s technical team for help. In addition to phone support, they also have an email customer support team available to answer your questions.

This is important, as ConnectWise Manage is a proven industry leader. If you’re unsure about the ConnectWise Manage CRM price, try comparing it with other CRM software options.

If you’re trying to determine the price of ConnectWise CRM, consider the features you’ll need. You’ll want to look at how many users you’ll need, as more tools mean higher subscription costs.

While you can use ConnectWise CRM to keep track of customer information, you might want to consider a free trial version first. This way, you can see if this software is right for your business before you commit to a subscription plan.

Moreover, ConnectWise Manage provides total visibility of operations. It stores all customer interactions and streamlines the sales process. Its invoicing and billing features also help you keep track of time. Unlike other systems, ConnectWise Manage saves time and money by automating various tasks.

A centralized view of your business is a valuable tool for financial control. This software is built on communication technology, which makes it a perfect fit for larger teams.





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