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Constant Contact Pricing For Nonprofits7 min read

constant contact pricing for nonprofits

Constant Contact Pricing For Nonprofits


To start an email marketing campaign for nonprofits, you may be wondering how to find the best Constant Contact pricing. Here we look at the various Plans and Discounts offered by Constant Contact, as well as the number of contacts per user and add-on services. If you’re new to email marketing, you might be surprised to learn that Constant Contact has a free trial period of sixty days. During this time, you can send unlimited emails to your audience and take advantage of signup tools and real-time reporting.

Discounts offered by Constant Contact to nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit, you may be interested in the discounts offered by Constant Contact for email marketing services. Nonprofits can get a 30% discount on monthly or yearly payments when they pay in advance. Nonprofit organizations may also receive a 20% discount if they prepay six months in advance. However, the discounts vary. Not all nonprofits qualify for the discount. Nonprofits must submit documentation proving their 501(c)(3) status.

The free basic plan allows you to use Constant Contact to manage your email marketing campaigns. A Pro plan will give you access to advanced features such as artificial intelligence, a dedicated success manager, and more. If you need a large list of subscribers, you can choose the Constant Contact Pro plan, which costs $99 per month. There are also different plans for larger lists, which you can choose from. The discounts offered by Constant Contact to nonprofits are based on the number of subscribers, so larger lists can get a higher discount.

Nonprofits can customize the email templates to suit their needs. They can choose the fonts, background images, and more. The company also offers tips on how to design a great email. Discounts offered by Constant Contact to nonprofits are generally between 20 percent and 30% off the regular prices. However, nonprofits must choose a prepay account. Nonprofits can save even more money by paying for the first six months in advance.

Nonprofits can also use their discount to sign up for its super premium plan. This plan includes artificial intelligence for email marketing automation and integrates seamlessly with eCommerce stores. Nonprofits may also use the super premium plan for larger organizations. Constant Contact’s pricing structure makes it easy for nonprofits and libraries to get the service they need. The discount rates apply only to nonprofits, so be sure to ask about the benefits of the plan before signing up.

Alternatively you can use GOhighlevel for Email campaigns for non profitsย  because it is affordable and you can send unlimited emails.

Plans available

Nonprofits can save money by using Constant Contact. Nonprofits have a lower cost per email recipient, and it is integrated with thousands of other tools. Nonprofits can choose from free or paid plans, depending on their needs. Mailchimp is free for up to 500 subscribers, while Constant Contact has a more affordable, freemium option. Nonprofits also get comprehensive customer support and free plans, though the latter have higher prices.

The Constant Contact platform has a free version for nonprofits, which lets you create your own custom emails with drag-and-drop templates. Nonprofits can use this feature to better understand the preferences of their subscribers, build stronger relationships with clients, and get more opportunities for growth. Nonprofits can also use the tool for fundraising purposes. It offers a 20% discount for nonprofits that prepay for six or 12 months in advance.

Nonprofits can sign up for the free trial, which allows them to test the product without a credit card. The free trial will last 60 days, and nonprofits can also take advantage of a 30% discount for 12-month plans. Don’t worry if your nonprofit list is small–Constant Contact has plans for larger organizations. While they offer a discount for nonprofits, there are still better email marketing tools, such as MailerLite and GetResponse, which are much more affordable.

Nonprofits can also use a free trial of Constant Contact’s email marketing service. Nonprofits are eligible to receive a 30-day trial, which is longer than most email marketing services. However, the free trial is only valid for 100 contacts, which is significantly less than the 60-day limit offered by other email marketing services. For nonprofits, this option is the best option. You can test the features of Constant Contact and decide whether it’s right for you.

Number of contacts per user

Nonprofits are eligible for special discounts on Constant Contact’s pricing. Nonprofits can save up to 30% off their annual plan when paying a full year in advance. Additionally, nonprofits can get a 15% discount when they purchase a 12-month plan. If you’re in the market for a new email marketing service, Constant Contact has a free trial option. For just $9.99 a month, you can get up to 1,000 contacts.

To get a free trial, you can select from the two plans and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The first month is always free, and the second month is automatically billed after the trial ends. If you’re outside the United States, you can cancel before the second month, and still receive the first two months free. You can send as many emails as you like. To get a free trial, sign up for Constant Contact’s 30-day free trial.

If you’re a nonprofit, you’ll likely need a basic plan, which provides basic functionality. If you’re a small organization or solopreneur, consider the Constant Contact Core plan. It’s designed for individuals and organizations who send emails here and there. However, this plan does not include advanced features, like automation. You can upgrade to the Plus plan to enjoy these options.

Nonprofits can save money on Constant Contact by opting for a free trial. Nonprofits can get a free trial for 60 days, but there are restrictions on the number of contacts they can send. Nonprofits can also use the free trial to test the features of Constant Contact and decide whether it’s right for them. The free trial comes with some limitations, but it’s a worthwhile deal for nonprofits.

Add-on services

You can find the correct Constant Contact pricing for your organization based on the number of contacts on your mailing list. For nonprofits, you can save up to 30% on annual plans by opting for a 12-month plan. You can try out Constant Contact for 60 days without a credit card. You can also buy additional services to boost your nonprofit’s email marketing strategy. Below are some examples of add-on services that can enhance your nonprofit’s email marketing efforts.

Enhanced email marketing. The Constant Contact email marketing service is one of the most effective ways to promote a nonprofit’s mission online. It has numerous features to make your emails stand out, including customizable templates, sign-up forms, and user-friendly automated reports. Constant Contact also gives you access to email analytics and allows you to tailor your messages based on your customers’ preferences. It’s ideal for nonprofit organizations with a limited budget.

Basic Email Marketing: If your nonprofit’s needs are basic, Constant Contact offers an Email plan without advanced features. You can use this plan to send email campaigns occasionally. However, it’s not designed for large organizations and nonprofits. For larger nonprofits and charities, you can opt for the Pro plan. It comes with everything from the Email plan to Email Plus, including artificial intelligence and a dedicated success manager. Nonprofits and charities get a generous discount.

Nonprofits should consider adding these services to their current plan. You’ll get a 20-30% discount if you pay in advance. Make sure to select the pre-pay option when you sign up for the nonprofit plan. You can also enjoy additional features by logging into your account and modifying its settings. Constant Contact also offers a Black Friday discount on their regular prices. To get the discount, you should opt for a 12-month prepay account.

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Limitations to free plan

If you run a nonprofit organization, you can use the free Constant Contact plan. However, if you want to send out many emails at once, it would be better to purchase a paid plan. Constant Contact’s free plan does not include advanced features and automation. So, if you have a large list, you should consider purchasing the Pro plan. The Plus plan comes with all of the features that the Core plan has, plus a dedicated success manager.

If you have a large email list and are interested in sending emails to those contacts, you should consider upgrading to a paid plan. The free plan allows you to send as many emails as you like, but there are limitations. The free plan allows you to send an unlimited number of emails. For nonprofits, the price of the paid plan is determined by how many emails you send each month. You can also upgrade if you want to receive more than one million emails from Constant Contact.

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