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Evergreen Webinar Funnel


In this article, you’ll learn how to create an evergreen webinar funnel. It can be Automated, Pre-recorded, or even bonus-packed. Here’s how to maximize your webinar’s potential for success. Also, learn how to create an email newsletter to promote the evergreen webinar. If your webinar is valuable to your target market, consider promoting it via your email list. But before you get started, make sure you’ve considered how to automate your webinar.


If you’re looking for a proven method of generating sales with pre-recorded webinars, you’ve come to the right place. There are many proven webinar funnels that have already generated millions of dollars in sales. You can follow their lead and build your own webinar by using the information you learn. But first, you need to create a registration page for your webinar.

Recorded webinars are convenient because future students can join the session whenever they have time, instead of having to wait for the instructor’s next scheduled session. These webinars allow you to build a connection with your audience, and are also useful for obtaining feedback. You can even add polls to keep your audience active during your presentation. In the end, a recorded webinar funnel is the most effective choice for most people.

A free webinar for a long-term audience can be a great way to build a list. You can use Facebook ads to generate leads for your webinar and use it as a platform for marketing your free course. If you choose to give away free webinars, you can offer a bonus course at the end. Or you can send your prospects an email with the links to the bonus course.

A webinar must be enticing to attract people to register and buy the product. The offer should be so good that they feel compelled to sign up and purchase. The final call to action should be compelling enough to make the audience act now. Bonuses can also complement the original offer. These bonuses can be exclusive to your webinar and vary depending on the product. Once they’ve signed up, they can then receive the bonuses.

Another advantage of a pre-recorded webinar is the scalability of the content. Live webinars are difficult to host, and scheduling enough sessions is impossible for people in different time zones. Additionally, more live webinars can wear out your body and make you feel burnt out and overwhelmed. However, evergreen webinars are scalable and are available to your audience at any time of day or night.


Using the Automated Evergreen Webinar funnel is a proven way to grow your list and business. Kim is one of the top users of Easy Webinar and makes over $100,000 a month. Kim’s list is segmented, which allows her to use Facebook ads to target her most suitable clients. Even without segmentation, she generates over $100,000 a month. But how can you replicate the success of Kim? Here are three ways to get started.

The first step is creating an automated evergreen webinar. In this method, you create a webinar series that delivers valuable information to your audience. Then you place it in a subscription form where people can sign up. Then, when someone registers, they are directed to your sales page. This leads to repeat sales. Automated webinars are great for capturing leads because they are permanent. Leads are captured from the first webinar and then transferred to your sales page.

Automated webinars are scalable. Unlike live webinars, evergreen webinars never expire. They gain new leads on autopilot. They are also cheap and easy to use as scaling tools. Evergreen content is easily shared and people prefer to share information that adds value. Moreover, webinars on popular topics can drive traffic to your site on a continuous basis. Make sure to optimize the title of the webinar with popular keywords.

Automated webinars are a great way to generate sales for a product. Because they have an ongoing schedule, evergreen webinars can be scheduled 24 hours a day. You can schedule them around the clock and run them in different time zones. Automated webinars have several benefits and challenges. They include live chat, personalized welcome messages, polls, surveys, special offers, and downloads. Besides, they make your audience aware of your courses and help them get started right away.

The first step in creating an automated webinar funnel is to collect email addresses from your audience. Make sure to send invitations to your list. You can use a free tool to collect email addresses. Another option is to use a webinar platform such as ClickFunnels or Thrive Themes. Both of these options integrate with webinar programs like GoToWebinar. And if you want to create an evergreen webinar funnel that will continually increase your email list, you should look into ClickFunnels or Thrive Themes.

With the help of Gohighlevel you can create evergreen webinar funnels or any kind of funnels.


When it comes to generating leads and converting leads, the most important thing to remember is that an evergreen webinar funnel is not something that you should start with. You should only start using it once you have built a decent list. If you send people from your email list, they will probably not convert very well. You should conduct the webinar live so that you can make any necessary changes. Once you have done this, you can then make the webinar a perpetual revenue generator!

Your first email should include an overview of the webinar, a special bonus that is available for a limited time, and a countdown of how many people have registered. The second email should contain the name of the offer and its benefits. The third email should be sent a few hours after the first. It is important that you keep sending emails every few hours to ensure that you keep the momentum going. After all, a successful evergreen webinar funnel will generate more leads over time!

Using a webinar funnel to promote your premium course is essential for generating leads and sales. This is the most effective way to connect with potential customers and demonstrate how your course will benefit them. There are specific tweaks to the structure of an evergreen webinar compared to a live webinar, and a live recording won’t work. Instead, the slides need to be created with the goal in mind and should be tailored to your audience.

Once you have created your evergreen webinar, you can upload it to YouTube and Vimeo, or store it on Vimeo or another social media site. Evergreen webinar funnels are also great for SEO, as they require only one time production. More traffic means more customers! An evergreen webinar funnel ensures a constant flow of traffic, which in turn increases conversions. The best part? It’s 100% conversion-based.

When designing your evergreen webinar funnel, you should consider using an expiring offer. This way, users are not trapped in a free trial period and have to purchase the course again. This will keep them interested and motivated to purchase. And bonus content will make your funnel a long-term money maker. For the most part, your bonuses will continue to be effective as long as you do it right. Just make sure to update them regularly if they expire.

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An evergreen webinar funnel is a great way to automate your marketing and generate more sales. It helps you save time while bringing in a steady stream of sales each week. The key to success with automation is evergreen content. With this method, you can create a webinar that keeps generating sales week after week. It also enables you to grow your list and improve your conversion rates. This article will teach you how to scale an evergreen webinar funnel.

The webinar funnel is a series of steps that lead people to the end goal of the webinar. It invites people to sign up for your webinar and helps them progress from a registration page to a product sale. Once you have a lead, you must nurture it into a customer. To do that, you must first gather leads. Make sure that these leads are real people. Only then can you begin to market to them.

In the webinar itself, you must demonstrate your expertise and knowledge and establish your credibility. You must demonstrate your ability to transform people’s lives. Make sure that your webinar provides stand-alone value. In addition to being highly shareable, webinars must demonstrate the benefits of your product. If attendees are not able to use what they learn, they won’t feel inclined to join your list. The goal is to give them a taste of your service and show them how you can improve their lives.

While you can scale an evergreen webinar funnel to sell your course, you must know that the number of people who sign up from it will remain low for a while. A webinar funnel that generates many leads can be automated. If you want to get your course sold on autopilot, your funnel should be designed with the long-term in mind. It will keep converting leads into customers. You’ll soon discover that it is possible to create a successful sales funnel.

Another aspect to a high-converting evergreen webinar is an automated email sequence. Unlike a live webinar, an evergreen webinar will never become irrelevant to the audience. Instead, it will continually deliver valuable content to the audience over again. It is the highest revenue-generating channel that requires low maintenance and minimal effort. So, what is the best way to create an evergreen webinar? We have put together a guide for scaling an evergreen webinar funnel.

Evergreen Webinar Funnel – How to Optimize Your Evergreen Webinar Funnel

Evergreen Webinar Funnel

You can record a webinar and send it as a follow up email to those who did not show up or leave early. You can use this webinar replay to pitch your product to those who did not attend the webinar in person. You can even record it and send it to people who registered for the webinar to get their contact information and/or sign up for your free newsletter. There are a few ways to use the webinar replay, but I recommend setting up your funnel in a way that is effective and gives you the most ROI.


Having an evergreen webinar is a great way to generate leads without spending a lot of money on ads. Instead of having to send out emails every week, you can make it once, and it will continue to generate leads forever. This is the best kind of webinar funnel for many reasons, including automating the sales process. With an evergreen webinar, you don’t have to worry about having to post it on a weekly basis to keep it fresh in your audience’s minds.

The setup process can take a while, so it’s important to ask for help. Having a high-quality, relevant content is essential. The webinar is a good way to introduce your audience to your niche. You can establish yourself as an expert in your niche by introducing them to new information and resources about the subject. When done correctly, a webinar can help you become the go-to source for your niche.

Another benefit of an evergreen webinar funnel is that you don’t have to pay for the webinar platform. It also offers you the flexibility to customize the look and feel of your page. You can even use a sales page for your webinar. Another great feature of Evergreen webinar funnel is the Deadline Funnel, which can display a countdown timer on your sales page and emails. This way, when the countdown timer ends, it will prompt your audience to join your course.

When creating your webinar funnel, you must have a slide deck. Create a slide deck in Canva, KeyNote, or PowerPoint. Once you have the slides, you can create the funnel by using a template on Creative Market. You can also use a free slide deck builder like Canva. If you don’t have the time, you can purchase slide deck templates on a website. You can also create your own slide deck with Evergreen Webinar.

One other pro of an evergreen webinar funnel is that it is scalable. You can’t schedule enough webinars, especially if your audience is spread across several time zones. Moreover, hosting live webinars can quickly become exhausting. You’ll likely feel burnt out after a few live webinars, and you can’t possibly keep doing it over again. Evergreen webinars are a much better choice if you’re looking to generate more revenue.

How to set it up

How to set up Evergreen Webinar automation is not as difficult as most people think. Once you’ve set up your webinar automation, you need to create the sequence of messages that will send visitors to your sales page. You can do this by creating short videos and email sequences that are designed to convert prospects to buyers. You can also use a combination of emails, ads, and social media marketing to increase your webinar automation’s conversion rate.

Create urgency. Most people buy under pressure. Make your evergreen webinars as effective as possible by creating a sense of urgency. Adding a deadline plugin will enforce your call-to-action. Then, you can repeat the process with your next group of prospects. The goal of Evergreen Webinar automation is to get as many prospects as possible to sign up and buy your course. In the example below, Sally Sue signs up for your webinar because she saw the Facebook ad for it.

When setting up Evergreen Webinar automation, remember that it’s not enough to simply send an email every week. You also need to include a freebie that’s relevant to your webinar’s topic. This could be an evergreen webinar or any kind of freebie. You can still pitch your course through email as long as you are able to deliver great value. If you follow up with these sequences, your funnel will continue to generate high-converting traffic.

Before you start driving traffic to your webinar, run a test. Make sure everything is setup correctly. Test the recording, sound, and video. You can send out follow-up emails to your webinar attendees that remind them of your next webinar. Ensure that all links work and that your customers are able to book a discovery call with you. Once you’ve setup your webinar, test it before paying for advertising.

After the webinar, send a series of follow-up emails that remind them of what they learned. Don’t forget to tag those who missed it or dropped out. You can also provide a link to a webinar replay or another way to register. This strategy works for both live and evergreen webinars. And don’t forget to include the URL of your webinar replay to make sure everyone is notified of your webinar’s replay.

Retargeting ads

If you’re looking to increase sales from your evergreen webinar funnel, the first step is to optimize your marketing campaigns to reach your target audience. You can run two separate ad campaigns, the first one aimed at generating registrations for your webinar, and the second one pointing people to a sales page featuring the recorded webinar. In both cases, the objective is to increase email open rates and sales page views while focusing on reaching warm audiences.

Depending on the niche you’re in, you can also use retargeting ads in social media. But make sure to follow up with your leads as soon as possible after they’ve registered. It’s essential to remember that leads often slip through the cracks after a few days, so be sure to send out reminder emails. Some webinar hosts integrate with third-party email service providers. In either case, you can leverage email service providers to reach your webinar leads after they’ve registered. Or, you can make use of Facebook and Twitter ads to nurture leads to the next stage.

Facebook has an ad targeting feature that allows you to target people who have watched your live video in your audience. You can set a threshold for this, and then retarget those viewers who watched the video and entered their email address. If they complete the registration process, your ads will stay in their users’ newsfeeds for as long as they’re online. That way, they’ll see you again when they’re on your page and will be more likely to join your webinar.

Another feature of Facebook retargeting ads is the ability to target lost customers. Web retargeting businesses use cookies to track visitors and place display ads in front of them. So, if you sell a $2k course through an evergreen webinar funnel, you can retarget the same people who didn’t register. This will encourage them to convert and increase sales. Moreover, the video is still relevant to those who missed the live webinar.


You’ve probably heard that an Evergreen Webinar Funnel can help you make a lot of money. While it is true that this funnel works on autopilot, it still requires some motivation to drive it to its full potential. That’s why many Evergreen funnels fail to meet their potential. The key is to continually test and optimize it to increase your ROI. Here are a few tips to help you turn your website visitors into customers.

The first step is to find out what your audience wants and needs. What makes a webinar valuable is how long it will be relevant. A webinar must be long enough to provide value to your audience for a few years. If it’s too long, it won’t help you convert your audience into customers. A good webinar is one that is structured so the audience gets something out of it. After all, the goal is to move them down a funnel.

To make sure your Evergreen Webinar is a success, follow-up is essential. Send a follow-up email to your audience after the webinar. If possible, offer free tools to the attendees. Make sure you’ve identified the pain points of your ideal customers and have tools that solve their problems. Remember that the Evergreen Webinar will only be effective if you earn the audience’s trust. Besides, you should promote the webinar well. Using webinar promoters is a great way to boost the likelihood of your Evergreen Webinar’s success.

If you’re looking to drive traffic and sales through your webinar, it’s important to keep a high ROI in mind. Once a webinar has been successful, your leads will continue to come to the next step in the process. They’ll be waiting to learn more about your products and services. After all, you want to maximize your investment in a webinar! When your customers feel valued, they’ll be more likely to buy them from you.

As long as you’re offering valuable content that’s relevant to their problems and wants, you’ll have a happy audience and increase your revenue. The Evergreen Webinar Funnel will do exactly that. With a high ROI, you’ll see that you’re getting your money’s worth. You’ll be surprised at just how profitable the Evergreen Webinar Funnel can be.



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