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Top 5 FunnelBuilders15 min read

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Top 5 FunnelBuilders

There are a number of different funnel builder tools.

Kartra FunnelBuilder

If you want to increase your revenue through affiliate marketing, you should consider utilizing the Kartra FunnelBuilder. With it, you can create and track the sales of your funnels, including your affiliate links and your lead generation pages. With the help of this all-in-one marketing and sales funnel software, you can convert more visitors into buyers and make more money. With Kartra, you can make money even if you aren’t selling physical products.

You can also set up features such as subscriptions, payment entrances, and checkout pages. The sales funnel will also include up-sell and down-sell options, coupons, and even SMS messaging, using Twillio, a third-party service. You can also integrate Kartra with your existing business and website to maximize profits. And because you can set up affiliate links in Kartra, your marketing efforts will become more effective.

With the help of Kartra’s email sequence builder, you can create and implement powerful online marketing funnels. Just drag objects onto the email canvas, and you’re ready to create automated marketing campaigns. If you want to follow up with your prospects and convert your visitors into buyers, Kartra’s email marketing software lets you do that too. You can also set up IF-AND-THEN statements to make the automation work.

The Kartra funnel builder lets you create multiple pages of a funnel to generate sales. You can even track your marketing campaign’s success with this funnel builder. You can also customize your funnel and choose from several different templates. You can also make any necessary changes to improve the flow of your sales and get a higher conversion rate. It’s worth a try! If you’ve been struggling to implement the various marketing tools needed, Kartra is a great choice.


If you’re looking for a stand-alone funnel builder to connect your webpages to your sales funnel, Convertkit is the way to go. The drag-and-drop editor allows you to place page elements wherever you like, and it also has dynamic text replacement. Convertkit is comparable to other funnel builders, including ClickFunnels and Kartra. Nonetheless, it may not be for everyone.

While some people may be put off by the price tag, this tool is worth the investment. It offers a free 14-day trial and is available in a variety of plans. The Pro plan is $70 per month while the Advanced Plan costs $321 a month. The Convertkit funnel builder is cloud-based, so it requires no software to install. However, you will have to purchase the first upsell in order to unlock the first 10 funnels. The first upgrade allows access to additional funnels every month.

Convertkit has an impressive array of features that make it an excellent sales funnel builder. Its A/B testing capability allows you to track conversions. It also has landing page editors, email marketing services, and webinar hosting capabilities. It may not be the cheapest sales funnel builder, but it is certainly worth the price tag. There’s really no better way to convert website visitors to paying customers! You can even add affiliate programs and a few more affiliates!

However, one thing to keep in mind is that it is important to remember that funnels are not a substitute for a website. In fact, they should be used as an essential part of your overall digital strategy. You can’t expect to get a conversion rate from one page without the other, so make sure you’re creating a funnel that works with your website. It will help your business thrive! If you’re interested in using a Convertkit funnel builder to create a marketing campaign, you’ll be glad you did!

The best funnel builder in the market is Gohighlevel funnel builder.


If you’re looking for a marketing automation tool to help you manage your email campaigns, Wishpond’s funnel builder is the tool you need. Wishpond offers a range of features including drip email campaigns, page builder, referral suite, contests, and more. Its API allows you to track website activity and attribute events. It also has an email autoresponder, so you can send out emails automatically and easily track customer responses.

Both Wishpond and ClickFunnels are built to make lead generation as easy as possible. Unlike ClickFunnels, Wishpond uses multiple methods to filter its audience, ranging from Facebook ads to captioning contests. This way, your business can generate more leads and convert those leads into customers. If you want to learn more about Wishpond’s features and pricing, read on. While Wishpond offers a free trial, ClickFunnels’ pricing structure makes it clear that its service is far more powerful.

The Wishpond funnel builder has dozens of forms to choose from. All of the forms are mobile-friendly and you can create variations of each one to see what works best for your business. Additionally, Wishpond provides a code for your online forms, so you can embed them anywhere on your website. And once your funnel is live, Wishpond will distribute your traffic based on how people responded to different forms. You can also use Wishpond to track your leads, segment them, and track their engagement with your website.

In addition to funnel builder, Wishpond also features referral suite and social media integration. This feature lets you collect email addresses from visitors to your site and send them to your referral page. This option is also mobile responsive, and it lets you publish your giveaways on social media, such as Facebook. In addition, you can even add a notification bar to your website to keep track of the number of people who have entered your giveaways.


The OptimizePress FunnelBuilder is an effective tool for any Internet marketer. This software allows you to create all types of pages, including landing pages, sales pages, and opt-in pages. It supports Stripe payments, allows you to set taxes and discounts, and offers 250+ pre-built landing pages. It is also very easy to customize the funnel builder to fit your business’ needs. However, there is no free trial period. To see how it works for you, read this review.

Optinmonster is another popular option for WordPress users. This plugin comes with a list of features but costs $89 per year or $249 for lifetime access. However, you should remember that this plugin is not a funnel builder, but a conversion optimization plugin. It doesn’t build sales or landing pages, it only builds pop-ups. However, it does offer drag-and-drop builders for your visitors. You can also select a pricing plan based on the features you need. Basic plans start at $9 per month.

The Experiments module in OptimizePress lets you test two designs side by side. However, the process is less intuitive than in ClickFunnels, since you have to switch between screens and pages to test different designs. You can’t define traffic distribution in OptimizePress, but it’s a functional tool for testing different designs. If you want to test two designs side by side, it can be an excellent tool.

As the most popular landing page builder for WordPress, OptimizePress has added essential funnel building blocks. You can now build funnels using the Thrive Architect funnel builder. It’s also compatible with Thrive Automator, Comments, and Quiz Builder. It’s available in free, monthly, and yearly plans, and it’s relatively cheap compared to other funnel builders. It also supports order bumps and upsells.

Learn about sales funnel in this article.


If you’re thinking about purchasing ClickFunnels, you’re probably wondering about its price. However, you shouldn’t worry. ClickFunnels is a powerful tool that is built from the ground up to help you sell your products or services. You can even sell ClickFunnels as a service and get a 40% commission on every sale. But, the price can be prohibitive for some marketers, so we’ll take a closer look at this popular funnel builder.

Once you’ve created your account and chosen a domain name, you’re ready to build your first funnel. Choose the pages you want to build, and configure the URLs. If you have third-party tools that track conversions, you can copy and paste their tracking code into the ClickFunnels interface. Then, connect your ClickFunnels account with PayPal or Stripe to process payments.

If you’d prefer to automate follow-up emails, clickFunnels has an actionetics module for you. This tool allows you to segment your lists by age, demographics, and last purchase. It’s also easy to create customized messages based on these segments. With this tool, you can send emails and SMS to your list of customers. When you’re ready to begin building your funnel, you can create a personalized message with the help of Actionetics.

If you’re on a budget, you can opt for the Basic Plan. It comes with all the features that you’ll need to build a sales funnel. However, this plan limits you to a hundred pages and doesn’t have highly targeted follow-up emails. But if you’re looking for unlimited sales funnels and landing pages, you’ll need the Platinum Plan. Then, you can upgrade to the Platinum Plan. In addition, the Platinum Plan gives you access to unlimited landing pages and highly targeted follow-up emails. You also get access to the Funnel Builder Secrets bonuses.

Top 5 Funnel Builders

Funnel Builders

There are many different tools to build your funnel, but one of the most important is the lead conversion rate. This metric indicates how efficiently you’re turning your marketing leads into actual sales. According to research, 79% of all marketing leads never convert into sales. Less than a quarter actually ends up being a sale. By increasing your lead to sale conversion rate, you can immediately increase your profits while spending the same amount of money.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a funnel building software with a number of useful features. It comes with fully customizable templates and supports the creation of sales pages, opt-in forms, and webinars. It also lets you add affiliate programs and commissions on sales, and it has a sales funnel builder built right in. Moreover, you can add quiz creators and countdowns to your funnel.

Thrive Architect is a free funnel builder that comes with a comprehensive sales funnel. The software includes several pre-built sales funnels and landing pages, as well as widget sidebars based on the activity of your site visitors. Moreover, the Thrive Suite also includes Thrive Automator and Thrive Comment and Quiz Builder. Thrive Architect was recently updated to meet the needs of funnel builders. Thrive Architect comes with a monthly and annual plan to keep you satisfied.

Thrive Architect is an excellent page building tool. It offers a range of marketing-related features that give you more flexibility when it comes to creating a sales funnel. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on page templates, you can also consider CartFlows. You can download their templates for Thrive Architect in the members area. CartFlows also offers video tutorials on using these templates. Custom designs can be created, too.

Thrive Architect is also available for WordPress sites. It is a drag and drop page builder and comes with a variety of customization options. Thrive Themes also has a Facebook group and an extensive community. However, Thrive Architect does not provide weekend support. Despite its extensive features, it’s important to understand that Thrive Architect is designed for WordPress websites.


The GetResponse funnel builders give you the ability to create a full sales funnel or a short one. The full funnel is designed to nurture your contacts through the entire process of buying your product. To create a full funnel, you will need to create your store. First, you will need to create a name for your store and select your currency. After that, you’ll connect your store to GetResponse and add products. Don’t forget to add a product title, description, price, and an image.

The main difference between GetResponse and ClickFunnels lies in the customization capabilities. While both funnel builders have a wide variety of inbuilt templates, ClickFunnels offers better customization. Furthermore, both funnel builders offer a live chat support service. They both aim to answer your queries within twenty four hours during the working week. However, you may find that GetResponse’s customer support is better than ClickFunnels.

If you want to create a high-converting email campaign, GetResponse’s funnel builder lets you design a professional landing page. You can use the templates to build a sales funnel and grow your list. You can also integrate Facebook pixel, signup forms, pop-ups, and a countdown timer. Additionally, you can use GetResponse to host webinars and record them.

Apart from allowing you to build a sales funnel, the software also lets you create email campaigns and automations. You can also create Facebook ads and Google Ads through GetResponse’s Social Ads Creator app. To use GetResponse’s Social Ads Creator, you can create a custom audience and set a budget. Also, getResponse includes a Facebook ad creator. Designed for maximum conversion, these ads help you reach out to the right audience and convert them to sales.


One of the best tools for building a funnel is Wishpond. This tool allows you to set up step-by-step journeys that convert visitors into paying customers. With Wishpond, you can also include upsells and skip steps to make a sale. You can schedule appointments and use calendar booking and scheduling tools to engage with your leads. In addition, Wishpond has a library of educational content that can help you make the most of your funnel.

The price of Wishpond is reasonable, with pricing starting at $49 for 1,000 leads and rising to $199 for ten thousand contacts. With a free trial and money-back guarantee, you can try it out before you commit to a subscription. While Wishpond has a lot of great features, there are some things that you may want to look for before making a purchase. In particular, Wishpond’s email marketing tools are excellent and make it easy to track leads and revenue.

As a lead generation tool, Wishpond is an excellent choice for creating funnels for online businesses. Its visual builder allows you to build beautiful pop-ups for your visitors. Wishpond’s pop-ups convert better than any other form or email marketing technique. Not only can you create emails and forms without HTML knowledge, but you can also send drip campaigns to keep your list updated. Wishpond is a great funnel builder, but it’s also a powerful tool for creating marketing strategies.

Another great feature of Wishpond is its referral suite. With this feature, you can create referral campaigns and reward your visitors for referring your website to their friends. You can also award points or extra entries for certain actions, such as sharing your referral link. Lastly, Wishpond has an integration with Shopify, allowing you to create your funnels and track your leads in real time. It is important to choose the right funnel builder for your business.


The Convertri funnel builders have many benefits. You can transfer your funnel from one application to another with ease. They also feature an integrated cart feature. With an integrated cart, you can sell your products within the app and manage orders right from the app itself. This way, all of your sales, payments, and pages are handled by one convenient application. You can import your own pages and modify them easily with Convertri. If you have no prior knowledge of building and maintaining funnels, you can get started today with Convertri.

Fast loading pages are crucial for conversions. Slow loading pages annoy visitors and drastically impact conversion rates. Luckily, Convertri supports drag and drop, which makes it a breeze to edit your funnels and pages. This means that you can drag and drop your content, buttons, and media anywhere on the page. The Convertri funnel builders can handle a huge amount of traffic with ease, so they’re a good option for businesses with a lot of products to sell.

Another big benefit of Convertri funnel builders is the ability to sell unlimited products. You can use this software to build faster websites, which leads to higher conversion rates and higher sales. This means more ROI. It also allows you to sell services to other clients, and even run multiple companies with multiple customers. If you’re a small business owner, this software can help you scale your business. With these features, you can make sales without ever leaving your home.

In addition to funnels, Convertri supports squeeze pages and landing pages. The Convertri funnel builders are reputed to be the fastest in the business, and they require no coding or technical expertise to use. They include landing pages, and their drag and drop page builder provides you with complete and utmost control over every aspect of your funnels. This helps you increase conversions and reduce your advertising costs. In addition, the Convertri funnel builders also feature an extensive library of templates and plugins.


If you’re looking for a plugin that will help you build a landing page that converts visitors into paying customers, OptimizePress is the way to go. The plugin allows you to create multiple pages, each with its own unique features and functions. You can also choose to offer free content to visitors or invite them to upgrade. OptimizePress also comes with a free membership plugin. It also integrates with dozens of email marketing services.

Unlike other premium funnel builders, OptimizePress does not provide a web hosting service, but you can use an external domain if you prefer. The plugin includes a rich library of pre-built templates that you can use to increase your mailing list or increase conversions. You can also choose to design your own membership site and set up payment plugins with ease. The platform is easy to use and doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

If you’re a newbie to building a landing page or creating a sales funnel, OptimizePress is a good option. It includes a sales page builder and a shopping cart feature. Both plugins offer unbeatable value for money. However, OptimizePress is best for people who aren’t using WordPress and have limited budgets. OptimizePress also works well with non-WordPress websites. Although they’re different, both options offer great functionality and are a great way to get started building a successful landing page.

In case you’re looking to create a marketing campaign or a sales funnel for your client, you’ll need to upgrade to OptimizePress’ top-tier agency plan. This plan offers all of the same features as OptimizePress, but it also includes premium templates. Unlike ClickFunnels, OptimizePress doesn’t have a free trial or a free plan. However, it does offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the results.

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