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The Exclusive GoHighlevel Review 202227 min read

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Exclusive GoHighLevel Review 2022

What is Gohighlevel?

GoHighLevel is a new sales and marketing platform that lets you manage all of your clients in one place. This platform makes it easy to add clients and their accounts. In addition to using Google Maps to find potential customers, it also offers tools to manage and organize your business information. It also uses Twilio, a back-end service provider that enables you to use SMS text messaging and voice calls. This is a one-stop shop for your business’ marketing and sales.

GoHighlevel can be described as an innovative marketing tool that aims to combine the most efficient marketing tools under one umbrella. A high level is a marketing professional’s best friend.

It’s 100% worth giving the tool a try, and you’ll not regret it. GoHighlevel is the most powerful tool of the decade, replacing old titans such as Clickfunnels to create landing pages and Pipedrive and Hubspot for CRMs.

The primary benefit is that you can acquire an outstanding technology stack for less than you’d typically spend and make it simple enough that even a non-tech-savvy user can set up the system.

In the following GoHighlevel review, I’d like to give you an overview to help you decide if it’s the right tool.

What can GoHighLevel do? 

You might be wondering what you can Gohighleve do. It can do lots of things. Some of them are listed below –

  • Acquisition of clients.
  • Automating your business operations (this streamlines your agency).
  • Client fulfillment.
  • It’s the ultimate customer retention tool.
  • It is a CRM that can be scaled for you and your customers.
  • Reputation Management (automated review requests also help client SEO).
  • Creating funnels, websites, and membership sites.
  • Call tracking, revenue tracking as well as lead tracking.
  • Increased ROI on advertising spend for existing clients.
  • You can also use your own SaaS and sell it to your clients.

You can get started for free from this link.

Improve Your Customer Service With a GoHighLevel Review

High level utilizes Twilio, which provides text messaging and calling features. You can add your accounts or your company’s team members and then use the search feature to find your business name. The service pulls data from your client’s Google My Service listing. Despite the many features, High Level is not for everyone, and this is especially true for business owners who want to increase productivity and improve customer service.

How to Use GoHighLevel

If you’ve ever wondered how to use GoHighlevel, this article will help you out. This simple marketing tool streamlines your entire marketing stack, from SEO to social network advertising to digital products. GoHighlevel is perfect for online marketing professionals who want to streamline innovation, reduce expenses and gain power. Here are the steps you should take. Read on to discover more. And, don’t forget to share this article with your team!

Gohighlevel Saas mode

To use GoHighLevel, you must sign in with a Twilio account. Since the platform uses Twilio as its backend service provider, you’ll need to add the accounts of your agency’s team members and customers. If you’re unsure about a specific company, you can search its listing in Google My Business or manually enter the information. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to use the tool!

To use HighLevel, you must have a Twilio account. Then, copy the credentials from your Twilio admin dashboard and paste them into your HighLevel account. Once your account is verified, you’ll be able to start sending and receiving emails. GoHighLevel will automatically send you notifications and a detailed report showing how many people clicked your links. It’s as simple as that. To get started, follow these steps:

GoHighlevel is a powerful marketing automation tool. It helps you bridge the gap between marketing initiatives and client outcomes. With GoHighlevel, your agency will become indispensable as you provide primary advertising and social media site marketing. And the results are incredible! You will be able to achieve a high conversion rate with this marketing tool! But be careful! There is a catch. You’ll have to surrender a lot in order to leave.

Go High Level features

Below I am providing the details about high level features –

Reputation management

If you’re a business owner looking to improve your reputation management, you should consider using reputation-management software like GoHighLevel. This program enables you to make the most of the major review sites, such as Google, Facebook, and others. The GoHighLevel software has an API to allow it to integrate with hundreds of platforms. It also makes it easy to respond quickly to any feedback you receive on your business’s Google My Business page or Facebook business page.

There are tons of reviews online about GoHighLevel, and it’s easy to see why. The platform provides numerous integrated features, including SMS and email marketing, powerful CRM, and WordPress integration. While it may be intimidating initially, it’s easy to learn and will save you countless hours each week. But as with any product, there are some drawbacks. If you’re new to reputation management software, you might want to check out other products before spending money.

Gohighlevel Smart Lists

Sales funnels


gohighlevel sales funnel
The GoHighLevel sales funnels platform has numerous features you can use to increase your conversion rates. They include a live chat widget that you can attach to your funnel. To add a live chat widget to your funnel, copy the code from the support documentation and paste it into the funnel’s body. With this tool, you can track the number of callbacks and leads generated from each email campaign. It also lets you set up your forms to collect valuable information from visitors.

Go high level vs Clickfunnels.

Both GoHighLevel and Clickfunnels are excellent sales funnel tools. You can import your Clickfunnels funnels to use in Go High Level CRM. Both products are simple to use, allowing you to integrate your marketing platform. While Clickfunnels may have the edge for various tasks, GoHighLevel is perfect for building marketing funnels and creating membership sites. Both platforms offer white-label mobile apps. In this GoHighLevel sales funnels review, we’ll compare the features of each and discuss how they compare.

GoHighLevel offers a free trial period. You can also purchase individual features as you go. For example, the GoHighLevel sales funnel can include a CRM integration that lets you track leads and sales. This will help you improve your customer’s lifetime value and increase revenue from your customers. If you’re unsure whether GoHighLevel is the right tool for you, the Go High Level CRM Snapshot feature lets you import your existing funnels. The platform also features a free onboarding call and 1-on-one training session.

GoHighLevel also offers a live conversation widget that lets you track calls and metrics. To add a live chat widget to your funnel, simply copy the code from the assistance documentation and paste it into the funnel’s body tag. The widget lets you sell products and services and allows you to export to a custom domain and export your funnels to a custom domain. So, if you’re ready to start building your funnel, the Go High Level CRM sales funnel platform might be perfect for you.

Automated workflows

gohighlevel automated workflows
gohighlevel automated workflows

You can create automated workflows with Gohighlevel. Your workflow may contain things such as email campaigns, text campaigns, calls, voicemail drops, and so on. You can fully automate the workflows using the triggers.

And If you’re ready to automate your GoHighLevel review requests, read on! Automated workflows for GoHighLevel review requests can help you manage reviews, send out reviews on social networks, and more. The software allows you to create custom review requests, manage your Google reviews, and integrate with invoicing systems. Plus, you can integrate with your Google ads to track analytics and conversion rates. And with its built-in funnel builder, you can create entire marketing funnels.

Using GoHighLevel to automate your review process is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Automated workflows for GoHighLevel review include snapshots of various industries. Snapshots allow you to get started quickly and easily by providing everything you need to get a marketing campaign up and running. You can then tweak the campaigns as needed. This way, you’ll know exactly which metrics are performing best and what needs tweaking.

High level boasts many native integrations and a well-developed Zapier integration, which allows it to connect with nearly any app. It also has a partnership with Yext Listings, allowing you to update your contact information across various channels. Additionally, Go High Level works with many directories and improves search rankings of local businesses by building citations, which act as backlinks for your website.

High level autodial feature lets you automate phone calls, emails, and drip campaigns. It even tracks missed calls, so you don’t need to use a third-party tool like CallRail to track your phone calls. You can even automate Facebook messenger ads using the two-way messaging feature of GoHighLevel. This will help you maximize your return on investment and increase the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns.

Another great feature of high level is the ability to import your existing forms from Instapage, Click Funnels, and Unbounce. This makes it easy to build a landing page, thank-you page, and booking calendar without leaving the platform. It can import your existing Native Stripe combination, so you don’t have to learn a new integration. This feature also makes it simple to sell your services and products. I hope you are enjoying this gohighlevel review.

Text To Payment-

Easy to use

If you’re looking for a comprehensive marketing platform, then a GoHighLevel review may be the thing you’re looking for. With GoHighlevel, you get an all-in-one solution for your sales and marketing needs. The software has various features that help you track your marketing efforts, including analytics. In addition, you can sort leads into groups so that you can focus on specific steps. You can set up automation to send emails to the relevant groups if you want to track your customers’ reactions to a campaign.

Another feature of GoHighLevel is its marketing automation tool. You can connect various actions into a sequence to send emails to customers or send texts to leads. GoHighLevel also has an XML editor so that you can create emails or text messages for any target audience. You can even add multiple contacts to your campaigns. And it even allows you to manage multiple email accounts. In short, this is an excellent marketing automation tool!

The customer support team of High Level is helpful and responsive. The product’s official Facebook group has a vibrant community that helps customers answer their questions. High level’s founder is an active participant in the group. High Level users can even post ideas for new features and functionality. If a particular feature is widespread, the High Level founders will respond and implement it. The website also has a robust documentation section that explains the product’s functions.

The GoHighLevel program also allows you to build custom surveys. Once your surveys are created, you can send them to a custom email or text message. Once you’ve received the feedback, you can respond accordingly. Moreover, the GoHighLevel program features a filtering feature that lets you choose from a list of responses from different sources. This makes it possible to choose the type of responses you want to receive and customize them to your needs.

To access the service, you must register for a 14-day free trial and check out the Gohighlevel demo. After registering, you will need to create a GoHighLevel account, choose a tier, and enter your credit card information. After 14 days, the GoHighLevel system will charge your credit card but not immediately. You’ll be charged for the plan price after the trial period. The trial is precious to check the functionality of the tool.

When you sign up, you’ll be invited to an onboarding call with the GoHighlevel team, and they will help you set up your account in no time. Gohighlevel team will answer all your queries in that call. So feel free to ask any questions you have.

Save tons of money on a software subscription.

If you use Gohighlevel software, you can save tons of money on other software subscriptions. You can cancel all other software subscriptions because you will get all the features in Gohighlevevl, such as email marketing, SMS marketing, sales funnel builder, website builder, membership site builder, call tracking, etc.

See the picture below, which will show you how much you can save on the softwares.

gohighlevel price comparison
gohighlevel price comparison


This is the list of tools that go high level replaces, and you will be able to save thousands of dollars on software.

If you want to learn more about CRM, you can read this article.

Gohighlevel does lots of things such as –

  1. You can white-label the whole software and use it as your own.
  2. You can automate many mundane tasks with Gohighlevelsaving you time and energy.
  3. It’s infinitely scalable; you can create unlimited accounts with an agency account, ie.$297/m. 
  4. It’s clonable; if you have an email campaign that is working for you and you are getting tons of leads and sales, you can quickly clone it to your clients so they can get the same results.

Read the gohighlevel review below to check if gohighlevel is really for you.

This might not be a good fit if you are running an e-commerce business.

But if you are following, gohighlevel will help your business.

a) Freelancer

b) Agency owner

c) Coach or who sells digital courses

d) Digital marketer who uses lots of tools

If the following things resonate with you, then keep on reading.

Before proceeding, let’s talk about the negatives of the Gohighlevel software because very few of them exist. One of the negatives of Gohighlevel is that it is very complicated, and you will find it very hard to use if you have never used it before.

It requires a learning curve initially, and it will take around 3-5 days to learn the gohighlevel software properly. It’s worth your time and effort because once you learn the software well, you can save tons of money on other software such as click funnels, kartra, kajabi, Mailchimp, active campaign, etc.

Some of the essential things you have to learn –

  1. What are triggers, and how to use them?
  2. How to use triggers with campaigns to automate most of your business tasks.

Once you learn these things, everything else becomes easy. Because triggers and automation are the essential part of the Gohighlevel app. Other tasks like creating websites, sales funnel pages, membership sites, form building, and survey building are pretty straightforward.

How a GoHighLevel Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Business

If you’re a small business owner, you might be looking for a gohighlevel consultant to help you with your marketing needs. GoHighlevel is a powerful platform that helps you connect with niche people and cultivate sales opportunities. Whether you’re selling a membership program or creating an email marketing campaign, this platform will help you grow your business and manage your reputation. GoHighlevel consultants have experience using all the latest marketing tools to help you grow your business.

To start using GoHighlevel, you’ll need to sign up for a free 14-day trial. To do so, create an account, choose your tier, and enter your credit card information. The system will charge your card after 14 days, but not immediately. Once your trial period is up, you’ll be charged the full price of your plan. It’s a great way to test-drive the program and decide if it’s right for you.

Besides being an effective marketing tool, GoHighLevel’s powerful solutions also let you customize and show results. Its robust CRM allows you to manage your client relationships and projects, while its website and SMS marketing tools can help you sell membership programs and online courses. Moreover, you can create a membership community and sell your own platform through the platform. With a free GoHighLevel trial, you can evaluate its features and decide whether or not it’s right for your business.

Apart from automating your marketing, GoHighlevel’s email marketing capabilities are also worth checking. The platform comes with five pre-designed templates, and a simple email builder. Highlevel’s SMS dashboard makes managing your SMS customers easy. Once you’re done setting up your email marketing campaign, you can send text messages to your customers. If you’re looking to grow your business, you can consider a GoHighlevel consultant.

Gohighlevel Workflows-

How to Integrate GoHighLevel With Reddit

When you’re looking to get more leads through social media, you might be wondering how to integrate GoHighLevel with Reddit. You can use Glances, a web app that works within your browser. The service integrates with Reddit to allow you to manage all of your marketing automation from one place. Using this app, you can create marketing automations to send text messages, emails, or SMS messages to potential customers and leads.

HighLevel offers a single login for all your social media accounts, allowing you to schedule posts in advance. In addition to a single dashboard for managing social media, HighLevel offers analytics and ROI insights for posts. And for free, you can access a library of 150-plus posts spanning 50 verticals. By making social media management a part of your plan, you’ll be able to leverage its powerful marketing platform for your clients and scale your business.

Is GoHighLevel the Right Alternative For Your Business?

If you’re looking for a GoHighlevel alternative, you’ve come to the right place. The best alternative has everything you need for an online business, including a CRM that helps you manage and track your clients. You can also sell membership programs and set up effective email marketing campaigns. You can even automate your website, sales funnel pages, and surveys. But what if you want to save money? If you’re still wondering whether GoHighlevel is the right solution for your business, read on to discover the benefits and downsides of this product.

Another advantage of High Level is its automatic dial feature. You can set it to call your contacts without having to remember to check your phone. Just copy the code from the help documentation and paste it into the channel’s body tag. You can also track your leads, metrics, and calls within projects. You can also automate Facebook messenger promotions using two-way messages. If you have a Facebook account, you can link it with your carrier ad and integrate it with High Level.

Another great thing about GoHighLevel is its customer support. The company has a forum where you can ask questions and give your opinions. It also allows you to use social media, which is a great feature for generating more traffic and sales. You can even manage your Facebook ads from one place! There are a number of other advantages to using GoHighLevel as an alternative to a competitor’s product. You’ll find it easier to manage your business by having everything in one place, including marketing and sales. GoHighlevel also has training available for its users.

Gohighlevel CHat Widget-

GoHighLevel Vs HubSpot

The key difference between gohighlevel and HubSpot is how they handle customer service. HubSpot’s service module is more expensive, but the integrations it has with third-party applications are more extensive than those of HighLevel. Unlike HighLevel, which allows users to integrate all of their tools, HubSpot lets you set up custom bundles and create your own price based on your needs. If you already use one of the other services, you may want to upgrade to their platform.

The Freelancer plan from HighLevel comes with unlimited subaccounts and costs $297 a month. For this price, you can have unlimited clients. However, the free trial with HubSpot is only available to agencies and large teams. Alternatively, you can purchase a full license for $297 per month. Similarly, the Agency Starter Account costs $97 per month and the Agency Unlimited plan costs $297 a month. HighLevel is more scalable than HubSpot, but a free trial isn’t enough to determine whether or not it’s right for you.

HighLevel offers a simpler interface than HubSpot, but the latter is more powerful. Both offer built-in tools and call tracking to manage leads and manage your sales pipeline. Depending on your needs, either one is a good choice. A quick overview of the benefits of both systems can help you decide which one is best for you. The pros and cons of each tool is presented below. You can also compare the cost between HighLevel and HubSpot.

Gohighlevel websites-


GoHighLevel Review: How Does GoHighLevel Compare to Its Competitor?

Various things set Gohighlevel apart from its competitors; some of them are given below-

Feature set

The features set of GoHighLevel is pervasive. It helps enterprises and marketing agencies retain more current consumers while finding new ones. The platform also helps nurture sales leads and maintain current customers for long-term growth. Those features alone are worth a subscription. But how does it compare to its competitor? What makes it such a strong contender? Below, we’ll examine the main features of GoHighLevel and some additional advantages of using it.

Support is also one of the best aspects of high level. The company actively solicits user feedback and has an active Facebook support group. You can post your ideas for new features there, and the founders will often respond to the highest-voting ideas and implement them. There’s also excellent documentation available for users. The high level of customer support, coupled with the product’s solid documentation, makes it a top choice for marketers.

You can create unlimited accounts for your clients in the GoHighLevel trial and customize your platform to suit your needs. You’ll also get a free 14-day trial to fully explore the software’s full potential before investing in a full-fledged version. Additionally, you’ll get exceptional customer service that will make you a fan. GoHighLevel’s features set is just one example of the unique value it offers.

Social media posting-

Learning Gohighlevel takes time.

As with any CRM, GoHighLevel requires some time to learn and master. You’ll need to learn how to use it, but once you do, you’ll be able to maximize its value. There are many buttons, knobs, and settings to configure. Getting your feet wet may take a little time, but once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be on your way to a successful CRM solution.

How much does GoHighLevel cost?

If you’re on a budget, you might be wondering how to sign up for the GoHighLevel trial. This program is designed with agency owners in mind. It’s affordable until your list reaches a specific size. Then, you can upgrade for more features. And if you’re looking for a sales funnel builder, this program offers an extensive selection for an affordable price. Besides, it offers unlimited users! The pricing of the GoHighLevel trial is affordable even for a small agency.

Two Pricing Option

gohighlevel pricing

Two pricing options are available: Agency Starter Account or Agency Unlimited Account. You can sign up for the first plan for free and test drive the features of the premium plan for 14 days. You can upgrade to the Agency Unlimited Account if you are satisfied with its performance. However, be aware that the Agency Unlimited Account is more advanced than the Agency Starter Account. You can cancel your membership anytime, but the free trial period ends when you sign up.

Another great feature of GoHighlevel is that it tracks every inbound call or text and automatically organizes those leads into pipelines. This way, you can have irrefutable proof of your success. You can use GoHighlevel to manage your entire sales funnel. In the end, you can rest assured that the price of GoHighlevel is well worth it. This software will help you skyrocket your business.

Review Request in Gohighlevel-

Is GoHighLevel a CRM?

Of course, Gohighlevel is CRM software, with all the features that a CRM has, such as pipeline management and creating opportunities.

Further in this Gohighlevel review, you will learn that in Gohighlevel CRM, you can upload an unlimited number of contacts by using a CSV file, or you can get contacts inside Gohighlevel using Facebook Leads Ads and Google Lead Ads. Once you have got leads inside GOhighlevel CRM, you can follow up with those leads. You can create email campaigns and text campaigns. And this way, you can nurture your leads and send them special offers with these campaigns.

You can assign a pipeline value to a lead. You can assign how much value leads has and set it as any dollar value, like $1000 or $5000. After that, you can see their customer journey.

If you close those leads, you can move them to the won tab. Or, if they don’t convert, you can move them to the lost tab.

Or, if those leads do not want to work with you, you can move them to the abandon tab. All these are the feature of Gohighlevel CRM.

GoHighlevel is a comprehensive marketing tool for businesses, and its functionality is unparalleled. It combines email marketing automation, a funnel builder, a booking system, and SMS automation. It even includes a membership site for course creators. GoHighlevel is high-tech and straightforward enough to use for people who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge. It’s a great alternative to Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, and Kajabi.

Customer support

gohighlevel support
gohighlevel support

Whether you need a custom website or a product for your business, you’ll probably want to take advantage of Gohighlevel’s customer support. They strive to provide the best customer service possible. You can contact them for support at any time of day. Unlike other websites, you can even send them an email. Once you’ve received your order, you can also request revisions. This way, you won’t have to worry about the delivery date.

Apart from the website builder and CRM, GoHighLevel offers a funnel builder, email marketing, and marketing automation. Their integration with CRM helps streamline marketing processes. GoHighLevel is especially helpful for agencies because it offers a range of tools to nurture leads and close deals. Customers can also customize their settings and manage their accounts. With its powerful features, you can grow your agency to new heights and attract more customers. A live chat option is also available to resolve any queries.

Gohighlevel Email Builder-

Reputation management

Online business owners can improve their reputation using the powerful tools of HighLevel Reputation Management. This reputation management software generates personalized review requests, tracks reviews, and displays genuine reviews on a business’ website. With all of these benefits, HighLevel Review Reputation Management is the all-in-one solution that enables businesses to expand their brand awareness and solve customer complaints. To learn more, read our review of the product.

It allows you to request and manage reviews through its Reputation Dashboard. The app also integrates with other tools to make your life easier and is GDPR compliant. It also protects your privacy and ensures GDPR compliance. You can also take advantage of a free trial period to determine if Gohighlevel is right for your business. Once you’ve decided, you can try the service for 14 days.

GoHighLevel is the best platform for b2b companies and marketing agencies that operate high-touch sales processes. Its sales funnels and marketing tools allow you to connect with other niche people. This allows you to find new customers and foster sales opportunities. You can also retain your existing customers while leveraging intelligent marketing tools. GoHighLevel will help you manage your reputation and attract new clients. The platform helps you track your reputation on social media and grow your business.

Outbound Call with Go High Level-



GoHighlevel is an easy-to-use platform that helps you manage your reputation on the web. This CRM allows you to create and track reviews. It also offers tools to track calls and manage client relationships. It is also capable of selling online courses and membership programs. It also helps you create effective SMS and email marketing campaigns. It also has a 14-day free trial. You can test it and see if it is worth your time to purchase it.

GoHighLevel is a powerful marketing platform compatible with WordPress and many other platforms. Its powerful CRM is an excellent tool for small and mid-sized businesses, and you can integrate it with all your other tools to reach your customers. However, there are a few cons. First, it doesn’t have a predictive dialer. While this is a drawback, it’s still one of the best all-around CRMs. The Gohighlevel CRM easily replaces software such as Calendly for appointment booking.

Gohighlevel Calendars-

In this GoHighlevel review, I want to tell you that Gohighlevel offers a wide range of features and is easy to start using. To use the platform, you’ll need to create a dashboard. You can use Gohighlevel snapshots to fill up your account quickly will lots of campaigns and triggers. This will allow you to set up your content and links. You’ll also need to connect to Twilio, a service provider which supports SMS and email, as well as video, voice, and email. Then, enter your Account SID and Auth Token, and you’ll be ready to go.


What is a high level funnel?

High level funnel is the home page of the high level. Because the home page of high level is structured like a funnel. When somebody lands on the high level home page, they are nurtured in a way that a funnel does. And if the visitors like the high level, they sign up for it.

Also, a high level provides unlimited funnels for your business. If you want to create funnels, you can easily do it with high level software.

GoHighlevel offers a streamlined and effective way to manage a company’s reputation. Its CRM helps you manage client relationships, including your contacts’ email addresses. The CRM also lets you create SMS messages and automate Facebook Messenger ads. Integrating your domain and customizing your texts and emails is possible. In addition, GoHighlevel lets you track inbound and outbound calls and organize leads into pipelines. This is an excellent feature for any business looking to increase traffic to their website.

Another key benefit of the product is the quality of customer support. Its official Facebook community is active and encourages user feedback, and the company’s founder is active in the group. The high level also allows users to submit new features and functionality ideas. As a result, GoHighLevel can streamline the marketing process from beginning to end. It allows you to build a website, manage your social media ads, and track your web stats. If you want any kind of Gohighlevel training, then you can quickly get it.

Also, if you are looking for a Gohighlevel alternative, there is currently no alternative. Because Gohighlevel CRM is so robust and full of features that no other software can provide these features. Gohighlevel is an all-in-one sale and marketing platform and is the only software you will ever need for your business.

You can learn more about Gohighlevel pricing from THIS article.

After reading this gohighlevel review, if you are still confused, you can hire a go high level consultant.


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