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GoHighLevel Features: Is GoHighLevel Right For Your Business?

Gohighlevel is a feature-rich automation platform that allows users to automate most of the business processes they encounter. The platform can automate a website and sales funnel pages, membership site, form building, and survey creation. You can even automate email campaigns. In addition, you can use the automation platform to build a membership site for your customers. In this article, we’ll look at some of the critical features of Gohighlevel.

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High level CRM provides powerful features for managing leads, prospects, and clients. It also syncs with other business applications. It features a dashboard that tracks opportunities and contacts. Users can manage each option or lead with tabs that show various information and even add new contacts or opportunities manually. This is a great tool to increase sales by automating tasks and capturing customer information. The interface is user-friendly, and the CRM works with any device.

HighLevel also features white label icons and a domain with your brand. If you are unsure about its capabilities, you can take advantage of its 14-day free trial. After signing up, you’ll receive a $997 bonus. You can also schedule follow-ups or send automated reviews to customers. HighLevel allows you to manage leads from anywhere and sends real-time notifications. With so many features, it’s easy to see that the price is worth it.

As far as features go, HighLevel is on par with other CRMs. The pricing is comparable, and the live chat support is highly responsive. You can also set up a 1-on-1 call with the support team for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, this can’t be scheduled on the same day. It’s also worth mentioning that the knowledge base offers help videos to help you understand how to use the CRM. You should be able to find the answers you need to manage your business.

A major drawback of many CRMs is that they do not integrate with other software; go Highlevel does that for you. Its sales pipeline feature allows you to see all your leads in one place, so you’ll always know if you’re on track or not. Go HighLevel’s features will enable you to create multiple pipelines, assign team members, and even create white-label reports. You can use the Gohighlevel CRM for your business and its community.

Automation workflow builder

If you’re looking for a tool to manage your leads and emails, GoHighLevel CRM might be the solution. With its automation workflow builder, you can create marketing automations using various conditions to send emails or texts to your leads and customers. Similarly, ActiveCampaign allows you to split test your automations to see which ones work best. But is GoHighLevel the right tool for your needs? Let’s take a look.

The GoHighLevel automation workflow builder combines features of leading marketing software companies and a website to make marketing easier. It can help you generate more leads and keep your current client base. In addition, it enables you to keep your existing clients, grow your customer base, and increase your profits. The platform also lets you create forms, surveys, and websites. GoHighLevel also helps you manage your campaigns with full CRM functionality, voice mail drops, and SMS video replies.

Once your workflow has been published, you can set up your automated processes based on the workflow. Each channel has its triggers, so you can customize how your automation should respond to specific channels. Customs forms can be used for time-sensitive tasks, such as reporting down services, and completed forms are automatically posted to multiple channels. This feature helps your staff triage issues, discuss solutions, and workshop updates with the broader company.

The benefits of workflow automation go beyond cost savings. Eliminating human error improves customer satisfaction. 84% of executives said that automated workflows improve customer satisfaction. Aside from increasing employee productivity, workflow automation can help you monitor and manage your business processes. Aside from saving money, workflow automation can also help you improve employee and interdepartmental communication. And you’ll be able to track the performance of your automated workflows as you go.

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Form importer

GoHighLevel is a customer relationship management (CRM) software platform that helps marketing agencies and enterprises acquire and retain more consumers. The software platform combines marketing automation, website building, email marketing, and lead nurturing. Its features are an excellent fit for businesses that want to improve their sales and marketing campaigns. However, there are a few downsides to using GoHighLevel. To avoid such a mistake, you should know its pros and cons.

One of HighLevel’s most noteworthy features is integrating with third-party applications easily. You can connect your domain to HighLevel to set up a fully-functional website. You can easily track your leads and call statistics with the help of its integrated CRM. High Level offers a mobile-friendly design by default, and users can also customize their pages for desktop and mobile modes separately. The mobile-friendly version lets you hide some sections of your page so your customers can browse the content on their mobile devices.

Another of HighLevel’s many features is its integration with Twilio, a back-end service provider that provides text messaging and calling capabilities. You can add your accounts and those of your agency team members. You can also import the information of local companies using Google My Business. By doing this, you can quickly import contact information from any website. This feature is handy for agencies wanting to track leads and sales.

High Level promises to bring several marketing tools under one roof, replacing many other popular devices. However, some agencies might find this to be an unnecessary extra. As a bonus, the software offers a done-for-you set-up. You may want to consider this feature if you’re not tech-savvy. Then again, if you have no time to devote to figuring out the features yourself, HighLevel also encourages you to join its official Facebook support group.

Call tracking

With Go High Level, you can keep track of conversions from your call centers and track each customer’s call duration. You can create sales funnels, track leads, and measure performance using Go High Level. Here’s how it works. The system tracks call to your website and capture information about each lead’s sources. The Go High Level system also lets you integrate with Google ads. If you’re a small business owner, tracking calls can help determine where to focus your efforts.

If you’re new to marketing automation, GoHighLevel is the right choice. It combines marketing dashboards with CRM to streamline the process. It helps you manage customer relationships and projects with ease. And, with GoHighLevel, you can track calls to your website and set up effective email and SMS marketing campaigns. If you’re a digital marketer, you can even track call-to-text messages. This feature helps you identify hot leads and convert them into sales.

Apart from call tracking, other features of this software include whisper messages to let people know about your marketing campaigns. These automated messages notify the caller about a particular marketing campaign. This way, they are more likely to take action. Besides, the marketing funnel also shows the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. This will help you determine which marketing methods are working best. In addition to this, you’ll be able to know which sources generate the most qualified leads and which aren’t.

For larger agencies, GoHighlevel also has a paid agency account, Agency Unlimited. This account comes with unlimited sub-accounts and a branded desktop app. You can access your domain to access your dashboard, ensuring your clients a professional look and feel. You can also send custom Whitelabel reports to your clients. All in all, GoHighlevel makes it easier to manage and integrate into your website.

Facebook messenger ads

The new gohighlevel feature offers several benefits. For one, it connects with your Facebook account and messenger ads, but it’s limited compared to standalone chatbot platforms. A handy feature for Facebook Messenger is intelligent lists, which dynamically update and trigger actions only on contacts in your smart list. You can filter contacts based on multiple parameters, copy them to a separate list for each ad, or even combine them into one.

GoHighLevel Features

GoHighLevel Features

The features of GoHighLevel include the Agency Unlimited Account, Email builder, Smart Lists, and Social media integration. Let’s take a look at what each one offers. What makes it so great for businesses? Listed below are some of the top features that make this service so great. You should also check out their price and features list, so you can make an informed decision on which one is right for your business. Besides, you’ll be able to save money, too.

Agency Unlimited Account

The Agency Unlimited Account includes two important features: a custom domain, a customizable desktop app, and Whitelabel reports. For $297/month, this plan includes everything you need to start and grow your agency. In addition, it allows you to create unlimited sub-accounts for your clients. You can also use your own domain and branding to build a more customized look. If you’re looking to save money on your marketing software, the Agency Starter Plan might be for you.

This plan includes unlimited sub-accounts, free Google maps integration, and unlimited email and text messages. The Agency Unlimited Account also has a Messenger account, and automatically pulls data from Google’s My Service listing. It also includes unlimited contacts, white label mobile apps, and unlimited client accounts. You can also use the Highlevel system to integrate your website with a Google Maps listing. HighLevel’s premium features include unlimited contact and product listings, white label options, and a variety of marketing tools for your business.

The GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited Account includes everything you need to launch a successful agency. You can use the platform’s high-converting sales funnels to generate leads. You can even build unlimited websites. And, as an added bonus, the agency unlimited account comes with a free 14-day trial period. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re serious about your online marketing business. You can build unlimited websites and customize your own domain name.

Integration with social media

HighLevel integrates with social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business. It will soon integrate with LinkedIn and Twitter. The company is working to add the ability to reply to comments within the platform. It is designed for agencies and businesses to manage their social media presence at scale. Besides being simple and convenient to use, HighLevel replicates tools that agencies and businesses have come to expect from other platforms. The click & drag calendar and scheduling tools are both familiar to agency owners.

Its integrated platform also integrates with Pipedrive and Salesforce. Moreover, it’s mobile-friendly and is available on any device. Moreover, its responsive design makes it look good on any device. Apart from being mobile-friendly, GoHighLevel offers data insights for better decision-making. If you’re looking for a marketing solution, GoHighLevel might be the right choice for your business. It helps you automate social media campaigns and generate more leads with ease.

Aside from being mobile-friendly, GoHighlevel offers a large eco-friendly switch and lets business owners check in their clients with a click. In addition, it allows users to sign up for an automated review request messaging series. The messages can be sent one hour, a day, or even a week after a client visits. The user can also opt out of the series. This feature makes it easy to get reviews from your clients and customers. Moreover, GoHighlevel also integrates with various social media platforms and can be used to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Email builder

A simple and straightforward interface makes it easy for beginners to create email campaigns with GoHighLevel. Users are provided with 5 email templates and can modify and customize each one. The platform also allows users to customize the footer and header with HTML codes and advanced settings. It also allows users to manage leads and accounts. Moreover, GoHighLevel is responsive so it looks good on any device. To learn more about the GoHighLevel email builder, read on.

Customers can book appointments with the help of email or mobile. This feature allows customers to form an excellent impression of the business. The system also allows users to connect with customers through force calling, which increases conversion rates dramatically. As an entrepreneur, keeping your customers happy is the topmost priority. HighLevel is designed to help you achieve this. Here are some of its most important features:

The platform has several other useful features. Apart from email marketing, it also includes SMS marketing. The platform is easy to use, and users do not need to be web developer or have extensive technical knowledge to create an attractive email newsletter. GoHighLevel’s email builder includes a drag and drop interface. Highlevel also offers a calendar and an appointment calendar. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface that looks like that of Whatsapp.

Smart Lists

HighLevel offers many automation features for email marketing. Its smart list feature organizes and segments contacts based on their behavior. Moreover, the software lets you create unlimited text themes and automate SMS responses. You can even connect unlimited platforms with it, such as Facebook ads, website landing pages, and online surveys. Additionally, you can send broadcast or promotional messages. All these features make it easier for you to build a highly targeted list.

Another useful feature of GoHighLevel is lead nurturing. You can use intelligent lists to build a list of contacts who haven’t been contacted for 90 days. To use this feature, simply type “last activity” into the text box and click the radio button. Next, select the corresponding column in the dropdown. Now you can email this list to those contacts. It’s that easy! Once you’ve created a smart list, you can start nurturing it!

One downside to GoHighLevel is its user interface. Though the software is relatively new, its developer’s team is always available to answer your questions and concerns. A dedicated Ideas board, a YouTube channel, and a private Facebook group are all excellent places to ask questions and receive feedback. You can also take advantage of the 14-day free trial to test drive the platform. It’s worth trying to see how powerful it is for your marketing needs.


Invoicing is a basic feature of GoHighLevel, which offers multiple features in one platform. Invoicing, lead nurturing and invoicing are all included. Additionally, HighLevel provides advanced analytics, which gives you a complete picture of your customers’ behavior. If you don’t need invoicing, GoHighLevel has a free plan that offers a variety of useful features. However, you will need to pay extra for advanced features, such as email marketing.

Apart from invoicing, GoHighLevel also includes marketing platform and payment processing. It integrates with Stripe for easy payment processing. GoHighLevel allows you to collect payments directly on your website. It also provides two-way texting and unlimited emailing. GoHighLevel is suitable for small businesses looking to expand their client base and increase their revenue. Here is a detailed GoHighLevel review:

HighLevel allows you to manage your invoices easily, and clients can check the status of their payments. You can also assign team members to different pipelines, and manage them separately. Most pipeline software doesn’t integrate with email service provider software, calendar software, and fulfillment software. However, if you’re looking for an invoicing solution for your small business, GoHighLevel offers all of these features and more. The downside to GoHighLevel is that it requires extensive training and is not a low-end solution.


You can use this tool to automatically create accounts for customers and automatically add payment information after a purchase. You can also use it to automate recurring billing, which is particularly helpful for marketing agencies. GoHighLevel’s dashboard also allows you to view the data related to conversions and pipelines. You can even check if any messages are unread, as well as dial a phone number. The features are grouped into categories.

To use this feature, you must first set up a PayPal account. You can do this by visiting the GoHighLevel website and signing in. Next, choose your payment method. PayPal is a popular choice among businesses because you can pay through your PayPal account. However, you should always be aware of the terms and conditions before signing up. For instance, you should check whether the company has a 14-day free trial before committing to a monthly or yearly plan. You can also check out how to cancel your account.

You can embed forms from GoHighLevel on your website or other platforms. It also lets you send SMS messages to capture leads. The service uses Twilio for sending text messages, and has a Text 2 Pay feature. SMS messages can be used to request payments. You can also use webhooks to send collected data to a reporting tool. There are many other benefits to this software. If you’re interested in learning more, take advantage of the free trial and sign up today.

Customer Service

If you’re an enterprise that wants to grow its customer base and reach new customers, GoHighLevel might be the solution for you. Its robust features include customer service, marketing automation, and email marketing. The platform even integrates with CRM to automate the marketing process – particularly for agencies. Other features include a live chat, account management, and customized settings for all team members. And, if you’re looking to keep your current clients and prospects happy, you can use built-in features like appointment scheduling and payment collection.

High Level’s customer support is responsive and helpful. The platform also boasts a vibrant Facebook community, where its founder participates. Post ideas for new features and ask for assistance from fellow High Level users. High Level’s founders will respond quickly to your suggestions. Its comprehensive website is packed with documentation. You can also use High Level’s live chat widget to engage with customers and track your leads. You can also post a question or share a great idea in the forum.

High Level features automatic dial and social media integration. You can set the platform to automatically call contacts, add team members, and manage social media ads. You can also track calls within projects, leads, and metrics. You can automate Facebook messenger promotions through this platform, and you can integrate your Facebook accounts with it for increased efficiency. However, it’s important to note that GoHighLevel is not for every business. It’s best for those who have an online presence and want to grow it.



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