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What Is GoHighLevel SMTP12 min read

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What Is GoHighLevel SMTP?

gohighlevel smtp

To start using HighLevel, you must first create an account. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email asking you to review your review. These emails will have a login email for your customers. HighLevel will also send your customers a review demand email. To send a review request, you must use the login email in the review demand email. This is a good practice for any email service provider.


Highlevel is an email marketing and SMS service that offers a wide variety of features to its users. Highlevel allows you to create and send SMS messages, record text messages, and create marketing automations. It can also be used to create sign-up forms and surveys, and send automated messages. You can manage all of your contacts in one convenient dashboard, and you can send a new message or update your existing list at any time.

It can easily manage your contacts, send text messages, and manage projects with its built-in CRM. The platform also allows you to manage email campaigns, set up marketing campaigns, and track leads with its advanced features. GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing tool that can help you generate more leads, increase your sales, and boost your conversion rates. You can even sell membership programs and online courses with the help of this service.

If you want to increase your customer base, GoHighLevel SMS will be a valuable asset. It can streamline your marketing efforts and save you a considerable amount of time and money. Plus, if you pay annually, you can save $996 with a discount. GoHighLevel is a great choice for any company that wants to grow. Its monthly plans will keep your customers informed and happy while boosting your bottom line.

The Agency Starter Account comes with everything you need for a single business. It includes a Mailgun account for unlimited SMS sending and a Twilio API for two-way texting. It also includes a Twilio API, so you can send messages to multiple prospects simultaneously. Whether you have a small business or a huge operation, you will be able to customize your SMS campaigns to suit your needs.


Pricing for GoHighLevel SMS is designed for small and medium sized business owners on a budget. It includes everything you need to start your text messaging marketing business with ease. It includes SMS and email marketing, CRM, WordPress support, and more. To get started, sign up for a free trial and see for yourself if GoHighLevel is the right fit for your business. However, if you’re an agency owner, this service may be too expensive for your needs.

You can send bulk SMS messages to multiple recipients at a time. You can create and manage your own bulk SMS messages using the GoHighLevel platform. You can also set up filters based on email and no DND numbers. You can also add contacts without email addresses to your list and the system will update it automatically. You can also set up forms to track SMS. After you’ve created the forms, you can start sending your SMS.

Pricing for GoHighLevel SMS varies. It’s confusing when it comes to pricing. Prices on the homepage are different from pricing on your account. Unless you’re a small business, the most affordable plan is Agency Starter for $297 per month. However, if you’re an agency or have a large number of contacts, you can upgrade to Agency Unlimited for $794/month. But make sure to check out the trial period before you sign up. The free trial is for 14 days, so you can test the service out. If you find something you like, don’t hesitate to pay the rest of your subscription.

HighLevel offers a variety of features that will make your life easier, but it’s worth noting that they are optional and cost additional money. HighLevel also offers done-for-you set-up options. Although this may be useful for agencies that don’t have the time or resources to create such features themselves. If you’re not sure how to set up HighLevel, you can sign up for the company’s official Facebook group.

DNS settings

If you are planning to use GoHighLevel for your email marketing, you must know how to configure Smtp DNS settings for the platform. To use the email marketing solution, you must enter the address of your domain in your SMTPS DNS settings. If you are not sure how to do it, consult their tutorials. After installing the service, you can also check the DNS settings for your domain with your hosting provider.


HighLevel can be used for email marketing and is integrated with Facebook, Google, and many other platforms. It will organize your leads by funnel and track their conversations over time. HighLevel allows you to connect with unlimited platforms and send promotional messages and broadcast messages to your contacts. To get started with email marketing, you can sign up for a free trial or use a free trial of HighLevel. Once you’ve signed up for a free trial, you can try the service for free for a limited time.

Reputation manager

Despite the many benefits of GoHighlevel, the reputation management software is not for everyone. There are some features that are lacking in GoHighlevel, but if you are new to reputation management software, it might be worth trying it out for 14 days before you decide to purchase it. You’ll see that it is quite easy to learn and uses several integrated tools to manage reviews and reputation. In addition to a number of useful features, GoHighlevel is GDPR compliant, meaning that it ensures your privacy. It also offers a free trial period, so you can try out the product for 14 days.

Besides its reputation management features, GoHighlevel is a great tool for building social proof and showing off your awesomeness. It can be used with a custom domain to establish your own website, but it can also be used with any existing email marketing platform. It’s easy to use, and it has a good documentation. It is also very easy to set up, so you won’t need to worry about coding knowledge.

As far as reputation management is concerned, GoHighLevel can help your business make the most of the major review sites. The software’s API allows you to integrate with hundreds of platforms, so you’ll have the power to react quickly and effectively to any complaints your customers have. Moreover, the software is designed to work seamlessly with other business tools, including invoicing tools. Therefore, reputation management is a key component of any online presence for local businesses.

The GoHighlevel platform is perfect for high-touch b2b businesses with a sales process that relies on relationships. With the help of GoHighLevel, you can develop and nurture new sales opportunities by connecting with niche professionals. The platform also helps you keep existing customers happy by monitoring your social media reputation. Apart from reputation management, GoHighlevel also helps you track your business’s social media reputation. The platform is a great choice for both small and large companies.

GoHighLevel SMTP – Pros and Cons

gohighlevel smtp

If you are running a business that sends out emails, you need a good email marketing solution, and GoHighLevel has one for you. Before you begin, though, you will need to ensure that your SMTPS DNS settings are correct. To accomplish this, you can check out tutorials, or talk to your hosting provider. Otherwise, you can use your hosting account’s DNS settings instead. After you’ve done this, you’re ready to start marketing your business!


With GoHighLevel SMS marketing software, you can capture leads and send them via SMS messages. You can embed your forms on any page, including your own WordPress website, and GoHighLevel will send your leads messages through Twilio’s text messaging system. You can even use the Text 2 Pay feature to make payments via SMS. Other GoHighLevel features include webhooks, which let you send collected data to another reporting tool.

Apart from text messaging, High Level also offers calling features through Twilio. With this back-end service, you can connect your existing Google and Facebook accounts to your SMS marketing software. GoHighlevel lets you add up to eight accounts for your business, including those of your team members. The software also searches for your local business name by pulling data from Google My Service listing. You can also choose the number of messages you want to send to each person.

Another great thing about GoHighLevel is its cost. The software is affordable until your list grows large enough to require an upgrade. Even better, you can customise it to suit your business’s needs. If you want a more customizable service, you can go for a paid plan. GoHighLevel is also easy to set up, so it may be an excellent choice for small businesses and agencies. While the software comes with some limitations, they are relatively minor and easy to ignore.

Another feature of GoHighLevel that you’ll appreciate is its ability to create multiple calendars for different teams. These calendars can be set up with various types of conditions. For example, you can have separate calendars for different members of your sales team or services. Once you have created a calendar, you can import it from other marketing automation tools, including Google. You can even synchronize it with your personal Google calendar.

GoHighLevel also allows you to install a live chat widget. To install the widget, simply copy the code provided by the support team. Once installed, you can track calls and leads using the built-in tools. If you aren’t a pro, check out the video review. It starts at 32:05. If you’re wondering whether to switch over to GoHighLevel SMS, check it out today! It’s worth it!


If you’re a small business owner, you might be interested in learning more about pricing for GoHighLevel SMS. The platform offers email and SMS marketing services, as well as CRM and WordPress support. If you’re a business owner on a tight budget, you can get started for free with a free trial. However, if you’re an agency owner, this product might be too expensive. To avoid this, we’ve listed the top pros and cons of GoHighLevel SMS.

Pricing for GoHighLevel SMS is based on the number of contacts you want to send out. This is the number of messages you can send to each customer. The platform also allows you to integrate it with your Facebook or Google ad accounts. The service also includes call and appointment reports, making it a powerful tool for digital marketing. GoHighLevel SMS is comparable to other marketing software platforms, including ClickFunnels and Kartra, but has many more features.

If you don’t have a marketing budget, GoHighLevel offers an affordable option that allows you to use all of its marketing tools under one umbrella. GoHighLevel’s API access lets you integrate it with your website and allows you to collect payments through your account. The platform also offers two-way texting and unlimited emailing. With pricing to match your needs, GoHighLevel is definitely worth a look. You will be glad you did!

While GoHighLevel offers flexible pricing plans, some users may find the cost a bit overwhelming. The cheapest plan is Agency Starter, while the most expensive option is Agency Unlimited, which costs $794 per month. The best way to see what GoHighLevel offers before you commit is to sign up for the free trial. You can then decide whether you want to purchase the plan for the number of contacts you’d like to send messages to. If you decide that GoHighLevel is a good fit for your business, you can always upgrade your account to the next level.

You can send bulk SMS messages to multiple recipients at once. GoHighLevel’s platform allows you to filter the recipients by email, or no DND numbers. You can also add recipients to a list without email addresses. If you use this feature, SMS will be sent automatically after the list is updated. GoHighLevel offers various other services, including reporting and tracking. And, you can also set up forms and track the SMS you send to your contacts.


HighLevel is an agency-focused Full Suite Platform. Its smtp integrations help you send promotional emails to your prospects. The platform uses Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), an Internet standard for email transmission. SMTP supports multiple email clients, including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. With HighLevel, you can send broadcast messages, promotional messages, and more. HighLevel also provides white-label apps that you can download from app stores. Each HighLevel account also comes with a Zapier account, which is used to hide the platform name. Moreover, every agency account has its own API, which allows users to connect to hundreds of platforms and code custom integrations.

White-label options

The GoHighLevel agency unlimited plan offers everything that the starter agency plan offers plus unlimited sub accounts and white label desktop app. However, this plan comes at a price. The starter agency plan costs $97 per month. So, if you’re on a budget, you’ll want to upgrade to the Agency Unlimited Plan. That plan includes unlimited accounts and the white label option. However, if you’re looking for an agency-level solution that gives you access to unlimited sub accounts and white-labeling, the Agency Unlimited plan is the way to go.

You can set up multiple accounts and customize each one with your own logo and website. The agency package comes with several white-label features, including email, 2-way SMS, outbound calling, and CRM with SmartLists. It also includes outbound calling, call tracking, recording, power dialer, and form and survey builder. Agency accounts also come with unlimited sub accounts and cloned accounts.

If you’re looking for a white-label option for your agency’s marketing needs, the Agency Unlimited/Freelancer plan is ideal. This option includes a white-label Zapier account, which hides the name of the platform you’re using. Every agency account has an API to connect to hundreds of other platforms. If you’re looking for an easier way to integrate your own marketing tools, the GoHighLevel API allows you to create custom integrations to do that, too.

The price for GoHighLevel is quite competitive. It starts at $297 per month and comes with full access to the platform. There are 14-day free trials available, and you’ll get access to a white-label mobile app. The price for the monthly plans is comparable to the Clickfunnels monthly pricing. There are no lifetime plans, but you can opt for a one-time price of $297, which is more than reasonable.

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