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GoHighLevel Snapshots for Marketing Agencies6 min read

gohighlevel snapshots

GoHighLevel Snapshots for Marketing Agencies


GoHighLevel is the ultimate tool for salespeople and marketing managers. It consolidates prospects and leads into one single dashboard, which lets users monitor business performance and make data-driven decisions.

You can find the industry specific snapshots in your agency dashboard.

To get snapshots login into your guhighlevel dashboard then go to shapshots and then create a account from that snapshots.

Some of the industry specific snapshots available are

  1. Gyms
  2. Dentistists
  3. Chiropractors
  4. Home services
  5. Credit repair
  6. Agency business
  7. Car dealership and so on.

When you use the snapshots then the following will be copied into the new account-

List of client account items copied using Snapshots:

  1. Custom Fields
  2. Custom Values *0
  3. Triggers *1
  4. Trigger Links
  5. Surveys
  6. Forms
  7. SMS Templates
  8. Email Templates *2
  9. SMS *3
  10. Email *4
  11. Custom Communications *5
  12. Campaigns *6*7
  13. Pipelines
  14. Calendars *8
  15. Tags
  16. Folders
  17. Funnels *10
  18. Membership products and offers
  19. Workflows *9
  20. Teams *11

*Important Things to consider

*0 – The Values of the Custom Values do not get copied, only the Key does. To learn why we do this, and how to use Custom Values to maximize the Snapshot experience please see this article:

*1 – Triggers copied over from a Snapshot will start in Draft mode

*2 – There are three types of emails that get saved in Snapshots: Emails built in Marketing > Emails, emails built in Marketing > Text & Email Templates, and emails built in Marketing > HTML builder

*3 – This is the SMS template for Reputation Management (Settings -> SMS)

*4 – This is the Email template for Reputation Management (Settings -> Email)

*5 – These are the Custom Communications settings for Reputation Management (Settings -> Custom Communications)

*6 – Campaigns copied over from a Snapshot will start as Published

*7 – Users (a feature in Campaign Configurations) is not copied over as we do not copy Users within Snapshots as we assume the users for each account will be different

*8 – Includes calendar settings for each calendar

*9 – Workflows saved in Snapshots do not include: Facebook add to custom Aud., Facebook remove from customer Aud., Add to Google Analytics, Add to google Adwords, FB Conversion API

*10 – Products created in Funnels do not get saved to Snapshots. Tracking codes also do not get included in Snapshots.

*11 – Teams in Snapshots are not active by default and must be manually activated by a team member

List of client account items that do NOT copy over when using a Snapshot.

  • Contacts do not transfer over.
  • Conversations do not transfer over.
  • Tracking codes that you have set up on the backend on websites and or funnels will not transfer.
  • Integrations do not transfer over.
  • Users do not transfer over.
  • Reporting data does not transfer.
  • Reputation does not transfer over.
  • The data within a custom value.
  • Any customization done to the chat widget.
  • Any integrated domains do not transfer
  • company settings inside the companies settings tab do not transfer over.
  • Existing tasks or manual actions do not transfer over.

Other details about gohighlevel

The platform also offers lead automation and call-backfunctionality right from the dashboard. You can set up different logins for different clients in the Agency Plan Unlimited, which allows you to manage the accounts of different clients. This allows you to create unique plans tailored to specific industries or strategies.

The GoHighLevel platform is a CRM designed for marketing agencies and offers a white-labeled desktop app. With an easy-to-navigate dashboard, you can customize your landing pages with the content you need to attract customers. You can also toggle between mobile and desktop versions of the same page, so you can create content for each. This feature is a powerful asset for marketing agencies that want to reach a wider audience.

You can get more gohighlevel training from this article.

You can create custom landing pages with GoHighLevel’s drag-and-drop page builder, allowing you to insert sections, rows, and columns to suit your requirements. This powerful feature also allows you to switch between desktop and mobile versions of your landing page, so you can tailor your content to the device your customer is using. For a more customized experience, use GoHighLevel’s white-labeled desktop app.

GoHighLevel Pricing For Agencies on a Budget

GoHighLevel is a powerful marketing automation platform for marketing agencies. You can set up the software to manage all of the client’s data in one place. Once you’ve set up the platform, you can create your own landing pages using drag-and-drop functionality. You can even toggle between mobile and desktop views, creating content specifically for each. The GoHighLevel desktop app allows you to integrate it with your website and other tools, so it’s easy to manage and customize your own landing page.

GoHighLevel also provides white-label desktop apps for marketing agencies. They can customize the software to fit the needs of their clients. The White-label desktop application also provides a custom-built landing page for marketing agencies. Aside from that, it is also possible to add a variety of sections to a webpage. The GoHighLevel platform allows you to build custom landing pages with different themes and colors.

Aside from creating custom landing pages, GoHighLevel has a powerful page builder that allows you to design a mobile-friendly website. Besides creating mobile-optimized landing pages, you can also toggle between a desktop- and mobile-optimized view. You can also create content that’s optimized for both devices. And if you’re a marketing agency, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to scale up and get started using GoHighLevel.

Using GoHighLevel’s white-label software for marketing agencies is a great way to generate recurring cash flow. It makes it easy to set up customer accounts for your clients and automatically adds all their preferences after they purchase a product. This is a huge bonus for marketing agencies. The software is known to increase the lifetime value of a customer and improve customer loyalty. Its powerful features are easy to use and will increase your revenue dramatically.

Apart from being a great tool for marketing agencies, GoHighLevel allows you to create custom landing pages for your clients. You can add sections, rows, and columns, and create different content for different audiences. The white-label version of the software also enables you to easily customize the interface. You can even upload logos and customize the look of your landing pages. It’s that simple! It’s an easy way to boost your business.

The GoHighLevel page builder gives you the freedom to create customized landing pages. With the help of the GoHighLevel page builder, you can add sections, rows, and columns. You can switch between desktop and mobile views and create content for each. With this, you’ll have a seamless experience. With its white-label feature, you can customize everything and sell it to your clients. There’s no need to hire a web designer to learn how to use the software – all the necessary steps are available to you.

GoHighLevel also allows you to incorporate chat widgets and review forms on your website. It is easy to integrate with Google ads, but if you don’t have enough time to learn CSS, you can hire a professional to help you create a beautiful funnel. Then, you can monitor analytics, conversion rates, and appointment reports. The GoHighLevel white-label feature gives you the flexibility to customize your website the way you want it.

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