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GoHighLevel Webhook – Automate Your Business12 min read

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GoHighLevel Webhook – Save a Phone Number to a GoHighLevel Account

gohighlevel webhook

If you are looking for a webhook that will automatically save a phone number to a GoHighLevel account, then this is the plugin for you. GoHighLevel has many different types of webhooks that you can use. For example, you can save a phone number to a GoHighLevel account by using the phone field “mobile”. This field is a standard one and you can replace “mobile” with whatever you want. The script below uses a phone field called “mobile” from the GoHighLevel account.


Using the GoHighlevel webhook to send and receive text messages has many benefits. It can automatically cancel appointments, dates, and time without you having to leave your website. It can manage inquiries, bookings, and campaigns without requiring you to use additional marketing applications. If you’re using Facebook Messenger to promote your business, HighLevel can automate the message sending process. It also allows you to use two-way messaging in Facebook messenger ads.

One example of a script to capture a phone number using the GoHighLevel webhook feature is to save a phone number into an account. This example uses the phone field “mobile” (and should be replaced with the appropriate field name). You can use this script anytime between the EXIT and the webhook nodes. The formatted phone number is then used in the webhook. The sample json provided is structured in the same way as that provided by GoHighLevel.

Another benefit of using the GoHighlevel webhook is that it lets you build forms with custom fields and CSS. This helps you personalize the user experience for the customer and drive conversion. GoHighLevel also has a CRM that can help you manage your projects and client relationships. You can also track calls and other important data with the CRM. You can even sell online courses, membership programs, and other products with the help of this powerful software. You can also use this tool to create effective email and SMS marketing campaigns.

HighLevel’s webhooks can be set up with WP Fusion to send data to your WordPress site. HighLevel allows you to create new users on your site and update existing users’ meta data. Once you have your new users in your database, you can manage them with Trigger and Workflow. Using a Trigger, you can visually see the automation flow, including every contact along the way. It’s all here in one easy-to-use dashboard.


Highlevel’s scheduling dashboard form is a perfect example of this. It enables you to schedule meetings, appointments, and more from your website and integrates with over 200 apps. You can use the calendar to manage the appointments and schedule appointments automatically. Highlevel also has a scheduling tool for managing your appointments that automatically disregards any dates that have already been booked. With this feature, you will no longer have to worry about manually scheduling appointments.

If you are an agency, GoHighLevel offers a starter account for only $97/month. This account includes the Twilio app for two-way texting and an email marketing tool, Mailgun, to send bulk emails to your clients. Although you only need this plan for a single agency, it’s still a great deal of value. To find out more about pricing, read on. Here are three ways to determine your GoHighlevel webhook pricing.

Highlevel allows you to upload your video lectures as course materials. It also gives you the option to include a snippet picture along with the course outline title. Finally, you can use GoHighlevel’s calendar plug-in to schedule appointments on your website. And if you’re an online course creator, you’ll be able to move your membership site to the platform at no additional charge. And because the service integrates with popular social media platforms, you can also use it to connect custom domains to your site.

GoHighLevel is a powerful marketing solution. But it isn’t right for all businesses. Big eCommerce firms and small businesses should avoid it. The number of users for such an application is too low to generate meaningful revenue. Regardless of size, you need to think carefully before spending your money. So if you’re unsure about a GoHighLevel plan, read the reviews. Then, decide whether it’s right for you.


There are many advantages of integrating your website with the GoHighLevel webhook service. Among the most important is that it automatically saves lead information in GHL. Moreover, you can set up multiple integrations with GHL. Each website is referred to as a location, and each location has its own API key. Then, integrate the gravity form. And voila! Highlevel integrates with your website in no time!

Apart from the features, GoHighLevel is easier to use in the long run because it combines all of its marketing tools into a single platform. This saves you the trouble of learning multiple complex marketing software. It was designed with the needs of businesses and marketing agencies in mind. Its webhooks can be easily integrated with most third-party tools. And with the ability to customize the integrations to your needs, GoHighLevel is one of the most versatile and beneficial platforms in the industry.

Integrations with Gravity Forms

If you want to integrate a Gravity Form with Go High Level, you can do so using a webhook. Gravity Forms webhooks can be used to send information about a lead to GHL. Depending on your needs, you can use multiple webhooks. In GHL, each website has an API key, which you can use to integrate your Gravity Form. For example, if you want to integrate Gravity Forms with MailChimp, you can use an API key that is unique to that website.

For example, a webhook can be used to send a phone number from a form to Salesforce. The phone field name is “mobile” on a GoHighLevel account. For this integration, you should replace “mobile” with the name of your field. To do this, you can use a “gohighlevel” variable to specify that your webhook should fire on EXIT from the node. In either case, you must place the “mobile” variable before the corresponding webhook node.

Integrations with AnyTack

One way to integrate AnyTack with GoHighLevel is by using gravity form webhooks. Gravity forms have a way to save lead information in GHL. GHL supports multiple integrations and each website is given its own API key. Here’s how to get the URL of the webhook you want to use. After creating the gravity form, you can integrate it with GoHighLevel. Here’s a detailed guide.

How to Integrate Gravity Form With GoHighLevel Webhooks

gohighlevel webhook

If you’re using LeadsHook, you’ve probably wondered what custom fields you can use to send information to the webhook. LeadsHook’s custom fields are already included in your GoHighLevel account, and you can add them as an array under customField. To add custom fields to your webhook, make sure you have a set of custom field ids that you’d like to send.


To automate the process of sending data from your HighLevel account to other applications, you can create a webhook. This type of integration works by sending data to a webhook endpoint, which can be configured globally or per website. The webhook URL will be sent to the other application. You will have to specify a username and password, and you can even save these automatically generated passwords. After that, you just need to specify the webhook URL for that particular application.

Webhooks work much better than JS tracking. Because they fire directly from the GoHighLevel backend server, they cannot be blocked by ad blockers or misfired by browsers. And they can send data directly to ad networks. You will have to add a few lines of code to your webhook, as mentioned before. Then, you are ready to begin creating your webhook! The configuration for your GoHighLevel webhook is as easy as that.

Getting started with GoHighLevel requires a basic understanding of how webhooks work. You can find out more about how this system works on the GoHighLevel support portal. The trigger system works in a similar manner to the email notification service, but it requires some basic knowledge of how they work. However, you can also learn about them from their documentation, which includes videos, screenshots, and FAQs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the GoHighLevel support team.

Once you have all the basics in place, you can use GoHighLevel to automate marketing. The system offers everything you need to build a successful funnel, automate email marketing, and SMS marketing campaigns. You can even manage your pipelines and automate follow-ups by creating forms and sending automated messages. You can even create an online appointment booking tool to schedule meetings with your leads. All of these features are available on GoHighLevel and make the process much easier for your team.


Managing GoHighLevel is easy. Its white-label app for agencies is available in app stores and includes a white-label Zapier account. This account hides the name of the platform, while allowing you to connect with hundreds of other platforms. Every account also comes with an API for custom integrations. Once you’ve set up your webhook, you’ll be able to connect with hundreds of other apps and services.

HighLevel also lets you categorize your campaigns in terms of their timeframe. A campaign can begin with an email, SMS, or call, and it includes a date and time when the actions take place. For example, if a customer abandons their cart and then clicks an email, the Highlevel marketing sequence can be set to start a call, a marketing automation, or a sales trigger.

Go Highlevel also supports an agency view where you can set up a client’s account and set up reports for them. You can also automatically send Whitelabel reports to your clients. Its funnel builder is very popular with agencies, especially when compared to other sales funnel builders. A sales funnel builder like this usually costs a fortune. Managing gohighlevel webhook properly will make your life easier. The high level of customer support is just one more reason to try this tool.

Highlevel is designed to allow data communication between apps. By using webhooks, it can connect with hundreds of marketing apps. Zapier has hundreds of apps for marketers. For example, GoHighlevel and Zapier can automatically send leads from Facebook groups. In this way, you can automatically get leads from Facebook groups without having to do a thing. If you need to use the webhook in conjunction with GoHighlevel, you can use Zapier to generate and manage them.


If you want to integrate a webhook to your email marketing service, GoHighLevel is an excellent choice. The platform has a responsive design, making it easy for users to manage their accounts from any device. GoHighLevel is also mobile-friendly, making it ideal for tracking and managing leads. This platform is also very easy to use and offers data insights. If you’d like to learn more about GoHighLevel, read on!

GoHighLevel CRM is a cloud marketing and sales platform. You can build websites, manage SMS and email marketing campaigns, automate search engine optimization (SEO), create pipelines, and even manage your appointments and client relationships using the platform. With the addition of GoHighLevel’s appointment booking tool, you can create and manage your customer base easily and efficiently. GoHighLevel is ideal for marketing agencies and small businesses looking for a complete end-to-end marketing solution.


You can use Gravity Form and Go High Level webhooks to integrate with each other. Webhooks are the mechanism by which you can save lead information from your website. You can even do multiple integrations with GHL. Each location has its own API key, which you can use to integrate the Gravity Form with your website. The following steps describe how to set up each integration. Once the integration is completed, you can view the data in the HighLevel account dashboard and make any necessary changes.

You can connect your GoDaddy site to HighLevel with a custom domain, and you can manage your emails from the same dashboard. GoHighLevel also offers pre-built account snapshots, which allow you to easily create a complete client account for your website. You can also use the service with email marketing platforms like Clickfunnels. GoHighLevel is also compatible with email marketing automation. To learn more, check out the GoHighLevel webhook integrations.

You can now specify a URL for each webhook and then call it using the webhook payload, which is a JSON file containing the content of the participant’s participation. The payload of a webhook is an object, and Qualifio can inspect the contents. It also supports custom push rules and notifications. You can use webhooks to send your marketing messages to multiple platforms and collect data about your campaign’s performance and success.

GoHighLevel has drag-and-drop editor that makes building sales letters, landing pages, and email campaigns easy. Its white-label feature allows you to use GoHighLevel as your marketing tool for your business. You can also integrate your GoHighLevel account with Twilio for marketing to stay connected with your customers. This integration is ideal for businesses that sell products or services that need to interact with many different platforms at once.

Reputation management

If you are running a local business, reputation management is essential. Using High Level makes this process easy. You can create and send review demands to consumers, and integrate it with your invoicing tools. It even sends notifications when a review is written about your business. This way, you’ll know exactly when a customer has left a review or if they haven’t reviewed your business yet.

The GoHighLevel integration works with Yext Listings to update contact information for local businesses. It connects with many directories and channels to help boost search engine rankings. Each citation serves as a backlink to your company’s website and helps search engine optimization. Payment is available only through Stripe. GoHighLevel’s website and API also work with various payment gateways, but it’s only Stripe that integrates with yours.

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