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GoHighLevel Integration With Yext Listings

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Listed below are some of the pros and cons of GoHighLevel yext. We’ll also compare the service’s features to Keap CRM and look at its cost. We also outline which payment gateways the software offers. This review of GoHighLevel yext will give you a good idea of whether or not it’s a good fit for your needs. The bottom line is that this service is definitely worth the money.

Review of GoHighLevel yext

Is GoHighLevel the right choice for your business? If so, keep reading this GoHighLevel yext review to learn more about this software. This digital marketing platform offers several unique features, including the ability to brand it with your company name. With these features, you will be able to track your leads and clients without leaving your computer. It also has a 14-day free trial that will let you test out the product and decide if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Another great feature of this platform is the ability to create and edit your own marketing automation. This tool allows you to build robust marketing automations that connect different actions into a sequence. This means you can automate different tasks to send text messages, emails, or SMS to your leads. You can also view the status of conversations with your clients or teammates. With this tool, you can stay on top of conversations and boost your conversion rate.

This marketing automation tool has many integrated features, including SMS and Email marketing, powerful CRM, WordPress support, and more. If you’re not yet ready to hire a team, GoHighLevel is a great solution. It’s easy to use and has a 14-day free trial. You can also set up funnels, websites, and marketing automation. GoHighLevel is an excellent option for B2B businesses, but it also works well for freelancers.

GoHighLevel offers numerous features and a simple dashboard that makes it easy to set up and use. You’ll need to use a service provider tool called Twilio to send messages to your leads. You can also send email messages, SMS, Whatsapp, voice, and video messages to your customers. All you need are an email address and an Account SID. Lastly, you can manage your sales funnel with ease.

HighLevel’s customer support is excellent. The company encourages users to submit ideas for new features, and their founder actively participates in the Facebook group. HighLevel responds to the most popular suggestions and implements them. Documentation is also very good. Users should be aware of the cost of adding new features. GoHighLevel offers both paid and free versions. You can try it out for free for a limited period of time before you commit to the purchase.

Comparison with Keap CRM

In this gohighlevel yext comparison with Keam CRM, we will examine the features and costs of each software. GoHighLevel is fully integrated with Google Business Profile, and its workflows will even send SMS requests to clients to submit Google Reviews. In contrast, Yext allows you to update your company details in just one place and will keep your contact information updated on 50 listing sites. GoHighLevel will help you stay current on your contact details and avoid wasting free leads by creating backlinks from other sources.

Gohighlevel is an excellent marketing automation software that combines all of your marketing activities in one dashboard. You can even create a marketing plan for small or mid-sized agencies and run your business as if you had a full staff. The Gohighlevel plan is affordable for any business size, from small to large. It is also useful for freelancers and consultants without a large staff. It will allow you to manage your business like you would if you had an entire department dedicated to marketing.


If you are interested in using GoHighLevel for your agency, there are three different pricing plans available. For the most basic plan, you’ll pay $97 per month for a Starter Account. You can also choose to have unlimited sub-accounts and white-label the desktop app. To try the service out for free, simply sign up for a 14-day trial of the Agency Starter Plan.

Using GoHighLevel is an excellent option for marketing agencies and freelancers who want to earn recurring income by marketing apps. You can also sell your marketing app as a SaaS product and take recurring payments through their platform. There’s no need to use GoHighLevel in order to take advantage of the Pro/SaaS plan. However, it is not necessary for all agencies to use it.

The GoHighLevel app can be purchased as a white-labeled mobile application or as a custom zap for Zapier. The software costs $497 per month for a Pro/SaaS mode account. You can sell the GoHighLevel mobile app, Twilio or WordPress to your clients. But, you can also choose to use GoHighLevel as a white-labeled email marketing platform. This tool is ideal for businesses that want to use email marketing to communicate with customers. It also allows you to send text messages, emails, and voice messages to clients.

GoHighLevel was created by a marketing agency and is designed to simplify marketing activities. It’s a one-stop marketing platform that replaces tools like Pipedrive and Hubspot for online business. It combines all the features of these tools into a single platform, making them more effective for marketing agencies of all sizes. The GoHighlevel trial allows you to try it out for 14 days. You can decide whether GoHighLevel is right for your agency.

Highlevel allows data to flow between apps. Highlevel uses webhooks to connect to Zapier. The app store of Zapier includes hundreds of different marketing applications. With one of these integrations, you can automatically generate leads from Facebook groups. You can then send these leads directly to GoHighlevel without having to create separate automated lists. You can also use this software to track your competitors and analyze your marketing efforts. Once you’ve set up your website with GoHighlevel, you’ll be able to monitor and optimize your funnels.


When deciding between Yext and GoHighLevel, consider what the features of each one means to you. If you’re unsure, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial of both products, which will include a $997 bonus! HighLevel is powerful and customizable, and includes features you need to generate massive results from your email marketing. And if you’re unsure if it’s right for you, there’s always a money-back guarantee.

HighLevel offers a variety of native integrations and a well-evaluated Zapier integration that will let you connect almost any software with its API. It can also integrate with Yext Listings, which helps local businesses improve their search rankings by building citations. Citations are essentially backlinks to your website, and HighLevel improves your local search rankings through the creation and maintenance of local business listings.

gohighlevel yext

If you’re a local business owner, then you know how important citations are. In the past, you might have used a different service or gotten a citation manually. But today, GoHighLevel works in conjunction with Yext. While the process of adding citations can be a hassle, it is completely worth it if you’re looking to grow your business. A free 14-day trial will make sure you’re satisfied with the service.

Free 14-day trial

The GoHighLevel email platform offers all of the standard features of an email client, such as segmentation and broadcasting. You can track individual email opens and clicks and keep track of your customer’s journey. You can even send texts, if you want to reach a larger audience. And with a 14-day free trial, you can try the platform without risking any money. Moreover, it offers a variety of support options for its clients, ensuring that you have all the support you need.

A free 14-day trial is available for GoHighlevel. The product allows you to access all the features of the platform, including the Knowledge Graph, but the trial does not include the ability to create your own account. This product is available in English and many other languages. The Yext logo appears in the search bar, and you can add up to 1,000 entities to your Knowledge Graph. You are responsible for integrating the Search Trial Product onto your own website. If you aren’t familiar with how to integrate it, Yext will not provide you with custom backend support. However, Yext does support limited link backends.

You can also use the GoHighLevel mobile app. This app is available for both Android and iOS. Log in with your login details like you do on the desktop version, and access all sub-accounts and locations as well. The free app is HighLevel-branded. After the 14-day trial is over, billing will begin automatically. This trial also enables you to test the system’s features before you commit to a monthly plan.

With GoHighLevel, you can monitor customer reviews and comments. Its powerful reputation management tools are perfect for local businesses. The GoHighlevel service will allow you to create and send out review demands without much effort. Furthermore, it can integrate with other tools, such as your invoicing software. These powerful tools are just some of the features of GoHighLevel, and you can use them for free if you try it out first.

Integration with Yext listings

If you’re a local business, integration with Yext Listings is essential for your marketing campaign. With Yext, you can maintain and update your company details on over 50 listing websites, including Google. By using this tool, you’ll have the most up-to-date contact information, ensuring that no free leads are lost in translation. Here’s how integration with Yext Listings will make your business more visible to local customers and increase your search rankings.

Yext is available in SaaS Mode, which includes integration with Yext at a low $30 per month. If you are a HighLevel member, you’ll automatically get Yext listings for a $30 per month fee. You can also customize pricing for your clients. In addition to the Yext Listings integration, you can also use Yext to create a reselling option. You can add a margin of profit to your base price using the Yext Re-sell Configurator.

Besides its integration with Yext Listings, GoHighLevel has numerous native integrations with other applications. High Level also has a Zapier combination for assimilation with other applications. Integration with Yext Listings allows you to update contact information of local businesses. Using this tool, you can send email messages, SMS messages, voice messages, and videos to your customers. All you need is an email address and Account SID.

Another benefit of integration with Yext Listings is that it helps you manage your listing with ease. Once you’re logged in, you can edit your listings and add new ones to the agency package. You can even add new listing types. For additional Yext Listings integration, check out our Agency Package. You’ll be glad you did! While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our other features as well.


The GoHighLevel service is sticky and affordable. At $30 a month, it helps businesses improve their local SEO. The service can also be a useful tool for your clients and customers. In addition, you can also try a 14-day free trial before you purchase the service. Here are some of the benefits of Yext. The best thing about Yext is its integration with Yext, which means that your business will be listed on more directories than it’s competitors.

The most common reason why customers don’t stay with a business is because the company fails to meet expectations or doesn’t like their work. Go HighLevel makes it easier to organize leads and contact them. It also allows you to follow up with your buyers and create stable relationships. You can also create custom forms to collect customer information. GoHighLevel is compatible with Google forms, and you can customize them by creating them using a web-based form.

GoHighLevel’s feature set is comprehensive. It tracks inbound phone calls and texts, and organizes them into pipelines for tracking. The system also gives you irrefutable proof of results. Its pricing plan is competitive, so you can try it out without breaking the bank. This powerful software is not for small eCommerce companies and can prove to be a waste of money if you’re planning to sell your products in a crowded marketplace.

The GoHighLevel email platform is mobile-friendly. Its responsive design makes it easy to use on any device. The platform also supports tracking individual email opens and clicks. It also has a customer journey tracking feature. Apart from email marketing, you can use GoHighLevel to send text messages. A 14-day free trial is available to see how it works. And for mobile users, there’s a feature that lets you send messages to a cell phone.

Apart from the advanced form of the system, it also comes with many other features. You can easily connect with clients by sending emails or sending SMSs. And with the help of GHL, customers can book appointments easily. The scheduling software also enables you to force call prospective customers and increase conversion rates. As an entrepreneur, retaining existing customers is always a priority. With HighLevel, you can keep them. This is a crucial part of your business’ success.

Customer support

You’ll love the 24/7 customer support that you get with Gohighlevel. You can use the company’s email system to communicate with a customer service representative, or ask for revisions after you’ve placed your order. You won’t have to worry about being late for a delivery date again! And if you run into any problems along the way, you can contact the company via its Facebook support group. The founder of GoHighLevel even participates there, so you can get help when you need it the most.

GoHighLevel has excellent customer support, and their founder is very active in their Facebook community. You can submit your own ideas for new features, or just tell them you’re having problems with their system. You can also learn more about the software and its features by checking out their extensive online documentation. GoHighLevel also offers training to help you become more familiar with the service. But even if you’re not a tech guru, the company’s support is very friendly and responsive.

GoHighLevel integrates with Yext Listings, which means you can use your listing to update your contact information across several channels and directories. This boosts your local business’s search ranking, and helps it build citations, which serve as backlinks to your website. You can even automate promotions on Facebook Messenger. To get started, follow the instructions in the help documentation. And you’ll be on your way to improving your search rankings!

Another useful feature of GoHighLevel is its CRM. The software integrates with several tools, including email and social media, and can even replace Calendly for appointment booking. Its customer support team can help you create and customize your accounts and customize settings, as well as answer any questions you might have. In addition to customer support, you can also use live chat. You can even customize the interface of the system and manage your account.



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