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How to Fix Problems With the Google Appointments App8 min read

How to Fix Problems With the Google Appointments App


If you’ve been using Google Calendar and have run into problems, there are a few things you can try. First, go to Options and Settings. Then click on the “Shared Appointments” link. Now, you’ll see the events you’ve saved as additional appointments on the calendar. Then you can invite other people to join the meeting on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re using a Mac, you can also check out the help section to learn how to fix problems with the calendar.

Problems with Google Calendar

If you’re having trouble syncing your calendar with Google, you may have installed a buggy version of the calendar app. If this happens, you can wait for an update that contains bug fixes, or download third-party calendar apps that provide similar functionality. If none of these work, try these tips to resolve the issue. Read on to learn how to fix problems with Google Calendar. Once you’ve updated the calendar app, it should continue to function properly.

First, ensure that the calendar application on your computer or mobile device is up and running. If the calendar doesn’t show up, try logging out of the service and reinstalling it. If you’ve had the same problem for a while, it could be a hardware or software issue. In any case, you should consult Google support for further assistance. If you’ve tried these solutions without success, you should know that Google is constantly working to fix bugs and improve their calendar applications.

Another way to resolve this problem is to manually change your calendar’s display name. Then, you can update its settings using the Google API. Alternatively, you can rename the calendar to whatever you wish. Fortunately, this doesn’t impact the app’s functionality and can be ignored until a fix is available. So, what can you do? Here are some common problems that you may experience. If you don’t find any of these, you can try some other methods that will make your Google calendar work again.


One of the greatest things about Google’s new appointments app is the options you have when it comes to setting your office hours and reserving time slots. You can also set restrictions for these appointments to keep you more organized. These restrictions can include certain days and times of the day for certain appointments, and you can even add multiple calendars. Whether you need a new calendar for a job or just want to have a few friends see your schedule, you’ll find it here.

You can even set up private appointments by sharing a private calendar link with a select few people. You can schedule meetings with colleagues or students by sending them a link with a private calendar slot. They can then select the time slot they want and book it with Google. And if you’re running late, you can always share your calendar with others via this private link. Another great feature of this app is its personalized link.


In order to make the most of your Google calendar, you need to customize its Settings for Google appointments app. For example, you can set the time zone for your office, but this won’t affect the overall time zone. You can also add other people to your appointments, but this is not the same as inviting them to book your appointments. Adding someone to an appointment doesn’t mean that you’re inviting them to book an appointment with you, so be aware of this distinction. You can add the TA to your office hours, but not the student to your own.

Google Calendar also offers an option for creating multiple schedules. If you have a family and you want to schedule regular meetings, you can create separate calendars for each family member. Faculty can even create a schedule for their students. Visitors can then click on these time slots to book an appointment. However, if someone has already booked that time slot, the time slot is no longer available and it will show a grid symbol in the upper left corner.

Alternatively you can use GOhighlevel software to book and schedule appointments for your business.


If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of tasks, you’ve likely come across Reminders in Google Calendar. These notifications pop up on your mobile phone and sync to your Google Calendar account on the web. To set a reminder, you’ll first need to check the “Reminders” box. Next, you’ll need to enter the name and the date of the task, as well as choose a repeat schedule. You can even delete a reminder by clicking the “pencil” icon.

If you’d rather not rely on the phone to set up reminders, you can turn to Remind1 instead. This service has over 70 million users worldwide. It uses your phone number to send you a text message if your reminder is a bit late. There are also many features that help you remember events, like auto-fill options. Lastly, you can also choose to set the reminder for a specific date or time. Google will carry forward reminders until you cancel or mark them as done.

The good thing about Google Calendar is that it works on many devices. It can sync with laptops, computers, tablets, and smartphones in real-time. You can even set reminders with negative keywords. This way, when you’re about to forget an appointment, you won’t have to reschedule your entire day to remember to attend it. Moreover, you can add reminders for new appointments or even set reminders for upcoming events.

Event duration

The new Google Calendar has two new features. One is the ability to change the default event duration, which is currently 30 minutes. Instead of having to click into the event’s details page to change its duration, you can change it by entering a new default duration of 15 minutes. This way, you’ll only have to create appointments that are at least 15 minutes long and don’t waste time clicking into the event’s details page.

If you want the same block of slots to repeat, you must do so before inviting others to book the slots. Otherwise, they will be duplicated, resulting in double bookings. If you’re trying to invite a guest to a specific appointment, you can add them as a guest. In this case, they will be sent an email every time someone else reserves the slot. You can also add other people to an appointment, such as an assistant or professor. You can add guests by opening the appointment event and clicking on the Add guest button.

Adding events from Gmail

Adding events from Gmail to the Google appointments app is easy, but there are some things you need to keep in mind before you do so. Adding a video call is a good example of how you can mess up your calendar. This option will add video calls automatically to your calendar, but if you don’t use Google Hangouts, you should leave it unchecked. Adding video calls will clutter your calendar with too many videos.

In the settings, look for the Event from Gmail option. Click the box to “Add events automatically.” Alternatively, you can uncheck this box to manually add the events. Then, any event you receive in Gmail will automatically be added to your Google calendar. In addition to noting the date, Google will also note relevant details. If you do not want to see these notes, you can delete them later.

By default, the events added from Gmail will be private. Only people with access to your calendar will be able to see them. However, if you want to share your calendar, you can choose the visibility option so others can view the event. Otherwise, they will only see the event status. If you do not want them to see it, set visibility to “private.”

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Adding events from mobile device

If you want to add events to your Google calendar from your mobile device, you can use the web client. Simply tap on the “+” icon in the bottom right corner of the calendar. You will then need to enter the details of the event, including its name, location, and description. Finally, tap “Done.”

After entering the details for the event, you can add attachments to the calendar. When adding documents or images, be sure to upload them to Google Drive. You can also add friends’ calendars and create multiple schedules. Just follow the steps above to create and manage multiple schedules on Google Calendar. If you have more than one calendar, you should share a list of them to prevent duplicates. If you want to invite other people, select the option “Share this calendar” or “Set up a new calendar.”

You can also choose the default time for an event on Google calendar. By default, events start with a default duration of 15 minutes. You can change the duration of the event to 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. Once you’ve added a new event, you can change its duration. Toggling vibration settings will also help you remind others about the event. After all, a mobile device is your personal calendar.


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