Which Hair Stylist Booking App is Right For Your Salon?

Hair Stylist Booking App

Which Hair Stylist Booking App is Right For Your Salon?


If you’re looking for a hair stylist booking app, there are many options out there. In this article, we’ll go over several popular choices, including Schedulista, Vagaro, Fresha, and Salon Iris. Which one is right for your business? Let’s take a closer look at each one. And, of course, if you don’t have any experience with one of these apps, you can always try the free trial.

Salon Iris

If you want to automate your hair styling business, Salon Iris can help you achieve that goal. With this software, you can set up multiple users in your salon and manage your customers from your mobile phone. You can also edit and add appointments directly from your computer, making it a breeze to manage all of your appointments at once. With the mobile app, you can simply input the client’s details; on the desktop version, you can drag and drop appointments from one room to another. In addition to the features listed above, Salon Iris also lets you code your rooms for multiple service types, which is convenient if your salon offers multiple services.

One of the greatest features of Salon Iris is the support it offers for managing client data. The system stores all your client’s personal information, records their appointment history, and saves images during their appointments. Salon Iris also manages your client’s marketing program. You can pull individual client reports that include booking history, products purchased, and more – giving you a deeper understanding of your client. It’s the perfect app for small salons or solo artists.


The Fresha hair stylist booking app has a number of useful features for salons. One of these features is its ability to help you manage bookings and cancel appointments. The app also lets you store client information for future use and integrate it with other social media platforms. Fresha also integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and Google, so that your clients can leave reviews on those platforms. This app is a good choice for those who want to build a reputation on more social media platforms.

As a salon owner, you may be wondering if Fresha is right for you. Fresha is designed for smaller salons. Using the app is free, and you can even book as many stylists as you want. Other features of Fresha include built-in stock ordering and stock control. Fresha also updates its platform regularly, so you can make the most of it. A free trial of Fresha is worth trying.

Fresha’s salon software is free and is used by over 52,000 salons around the world. It has processed over $15 billion in bookings, making it an ideal solution for any hair salon. The Fresha app makes booking appointments easy for salon owners and consumers alike. And it’s free to use, so there’s no need to worry about costs. Fresha also includes free marketing tools and a comprehensive salon management platform.

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The Schedulista hair stylist booking app allows you to create a website booking form that you can embed into any social media platform, or a website. In addition, the app provides several types of reports, including monthly, weekly, and daily sorting. It also supports integration with Google Calendar. The interface is extremely customizable and allows you to make adjustments according to your business needs. Moreover, the app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Schedulista is an appointment scheduling app that allows businesses to accept appointments online. You can use it to manage clients’ appointments and accept payments from your website, Facebook page, and even from your email. In addition, the app features a custom online booking page that matches your website and personal brand. It also offers unlimited SMS, calendar sync, Mailchimp integration, and friendly customer support. If you want to create an appointment booking app that makes your life easier, the Schedulista hair stylist booking app is the answer.


The Vagaro hair stylist booking application provides salon owners with powerful tools to grow their customer base. Its powerful business management tools help salon owners automatically manage their bookings and manage their client lists. Among its many features are a website builder and an email marketing service. With the help of these tools, salon owners can track their business performance and use the leads it generates to better target their marketing campaigns. In addition, Vagaro allows business owners to set up and distribute customized forms, which can be used for various business-related purposes, including tracking client behavior and providing promotional offers.

With Vagaro, salon owners can send notifications to clients about appointment changes, store notes about clients, and upload PDF files to their profiles. Additionally, clients can use their mobile devices to manage and update their appointments. For those salon owners who have multiple team members, the application offers a variety of features to keep track of their schedules and clients. You can even track inventory and set up notifications with this mobile app. However, salon owners should keep in mind that this app is most useful if they have multiple locations and a large team.


SalonAppy is an online appointment scheduling and client management system for beauty professionals. It allows clients to book appointments with a simple click of a button, as well as receive reminders, complete satisfaction surveys, and manage bookings on other channels. SalonAppy works with barbershops, hair salons, and beauty centers of all sizes and types. Users can manage bookings, maintain customer databases, process payments, and generate configurable reports.

My Book of Clients – This app allows you to create and edit client profiles, schedule appointments, and view payments. Clients can view all appointments made for them in a single window, allowing you to schedule multiple services at once. If you forget to book a client, the app will let you copy and paste their information from their most recent appointment into the future. SalonAppy is a hair stylist booking app for iOS and Android.

SalonAppy also has a customer loyalty program. Customers can accrue reward points after each visit and earn cash back. This app also offers detailed cashier management. SalonAppy allows salon owners to set and manage their business hours using their mobile devices. In addition, it helps salon owners manage appointments and client data. The app also supports online booking. SalonAppy has an easy to install mobile application for iPhone.

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SalonAppy integrates with social media platforms

The beauty industry is a huge source of revenue and it’s no surprise that mobile apps have become so popular. In fact, more than $3 billion in sales was recorded in 2015, and women spent $3,756 on beauty products. SalonAppy integrates with social media platforms for booking appointments, allowing you to take bookings from customers using their preferred social media platform. With a mobile app, you can also manage your daily operations. It can handle billing and payments, as well as assist your customers with scheduling, waitlist, and upcoming discount offers.

To get started, you can start by using social media platforms to reach your target audience. Instagram highlights, for example, can also include booking information. Using social media platforms to promote your salon online helps establish a personal brand that is open and friendly. Clients love stylists who communicate with them and respond to their questions or comments. By integrating these apps into your marketing strategy, you can be sure that your salon’s social media presence will grow over time.

In addition to booking online, the software also integrates with point-of-sale and appointment management. It also has a revenue potential view and real-time calendar. SalonAppy also gives stylists access to their online appointment management system, which eliminates double booking and re-entering information. By offering online booking, salon owners can keep track of customer appointments and manage them effectively. With the use of social media, customers can even manage their own appointments, as well as communicate with salon staff.

SalonAppy offers accounting support

Many salons are using salon apps to improve their customer experience, and the right hair stylist booking app can help them achieve this. SalonAppy is one of the leading hair stylist booking apps available and has many features for salon owners to consider. From simple appointment scheduling to customer feedback, this app can help your business run smoothly and efficiently. With salon apps, you can also easily manage your business finances, generate reports, and manage staff more effectively.

One of the features that makes this app so convenient is the accounting support. SalonAppy offers comprehensive accounting support, as well as an overview of financial data. SalonAppy can be integrated with Barcode scanners to import products and keep sales records. It also helps you keep track of inventory with up-to-date information. SalonAppy is also a great choice for salon owners who want to automate the billing process and streamline their business.

Another useful feature of SalonAppy is its ability to integrate with various social media sites and Google. The software offers a free trial period and fifty bookings per month. After that, you’ll be required to purchase one of the three paid plans, which range from Rs 747 for two users to Rs 2270 for seven users. All in all, salon owners should consider investing in salon apps if they want to improve their customer satisfaction and business growth.

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