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HITEL Hotel, Xiamen China9 min read

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HITEL, Xiamen China


If you’ve been considering a stay in Xiamen China, you may have considered HITEL. It’s a small design hotel located in Xiamen’s cultural district, and was originally constructed in the 1980s as a cigarette factory. HITEL differs from other design hotels in many ways. The building’s history makes it a unique destination. You can experience the city’s vibrant art scene and history, while also enjoying the contemporary amenities and rooms.

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Room amenities

The right hotel room amenities can make or break your hotel’s stay. Today, the guest expects more than basic comforts such as free toiletries and television. A lack of such amenities can have a negative effect on the guest experience, resulting in less than positive reviews. To help ensure your guests’ comfort and convenience, consider adding the following amenities to your rooms:

Personalized in-room breakfast, 24-hour access to reception and free drinks and water throughout the stay. Custom mini-bar service is another great convenience. Some hotels even have robots that deliver food and other items to guests. Mirror TVs have also been added to rooms to decorate more spots and provide internet access. Personalized in-room amenities are a great way to make a hotel memorable. These can also be branded with your hotel’s name or logo.

Technology-friendly hotel rooms are a must for business travelers. Technology-savvy guests value high-speed Internet and apps. Having this service will allow them to stay connected to their personal accounts. Wireless Internet is a valuable addition to any room, whether you have a high-tech laptop or a small phone. Bluetooth speakers and aux cords can make a room even more attractive for tech-savvy travelers. These are only a few of the amenities that a hotel should offer.

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Special requests

You’re planning a honeymoon, but what do you need to make sure that your stay is just as special as you want it to be? While you can always ask the staff for a romantic dinner or a couple’s massage, making special requests at the hotel is a great way to pinpoint exactly what you want. There are many options available, so be sure to explore all of them. But first, you should know that you should avoid making any special requests while traveling alone.

Some hotels offer honeymoon special requests as part of loyalty programs. You need to contact the hotel ahead of time to ensure that your request is accommodated. However, if you’re already a newlywed, you may not be able to make any special requests. You’ll also have to consider whether your request will affect your child’s gm status. Listed below are some common requests. Here are some ideas. If you have any other special requests, make sure to mention them when making your booking.

HITEL Hotel – 4 Key Elements of a Great Hotel


There are many different facets of a HITEL Hotel. Design, Environment, Economic impact, and Special requests are just a few. Read on to discover the unique qualities of this luxury hotel brand. Listed below are some of the key elements of a great hotel. Here are a few of my favorites. You might find one that suits your needs. Hopefully, these points will give you some inspiration for your next stay.


The design of HITEL hotel is minimal, with pure white walls and ceilings. It makes the guests experience a totally immersive experience, free from the everyday stress of life. The hi-tech LED lights, projectors, and furniture all add to the atmosphere. The hi-tech technology also allows guests to enjoy movies on big screens, use the fitness center, spa, event space, and a host of other services.

HITEL is a small design hotel in Xiamen’s emerging creative district. The hotel was originally constructed in the 1980s as the Huamei Cigarette Factory. Though the design is similar to some other design hotels, HITEL is quite different from them. Its architecture is inspired by the ancient Rome. While the rooms are modern and spacious, the overall look and feel is minimalist and understated.

The design of Hilton hotels is consistent around the world. Typical reception areas are brown monotones with large paintings, installations, mirrors, and other elements that give them a distinct identity. The most important area of the hotel is the lobby, which is usually double-height and multi-storied, and the common function areas often look into the lobby. The use of light flooring and a bright skylight creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Hitel Tallinn’s lobby features a Tom Dixon light installation that makes a dramatic first impression. This installation is made of 150 copper mirror ball pendants inspired by the famous space helmet. They descend 11 meters from the lobby ceilings, creating a beautiful first impression. If you’re a hotel guest, stay here! You’ll be glad you did! There’s no need to stay in a hotel with a terrible design. It’s a great place to stay in the city!

Environmental responsibility

Among the various ways of ensuring a greener hotel is through the creation of an environmental responsibility policy. In 2006, the Hilton we care! programme evaluated seventy Hilton Worldwide hotels in Continental Europe. It explored the practical aspects of “greening” hotel operations, and sought to convey best practices to hoteliers. Its strengths and weaknesses were also discussed, as were the obstacles to behavioural change in hotel operations. This paper provides an overview of the Hilton we care! programme and outlines the challenges and opportunities that the hotel industry faces.

One of the most common methods of implementing an environmental policy in a hotel is by ensuring that the entire building is green. This is especially important in the case of hotels that are located in a region with high population density. Green hotels help the environment by reducing the amount of waste they produce. By using solar power, they help to prevent global warming by up to 80%. Moreover, these hotels have a significant impact on local communities.

Some of the key practices incorporated in an environmental policy include reducing energy consumption and using LED light bulbs. Some hotels also utilize solar panels to provide water heat. Other practices include encouraging guests to use sustainable transportation by providing electric car chargers. The use of solar panels in hotels is a great example of this. The HITEL Hotel is committed to environmental responsibility. It will continue to strive to make every effort to maintain its environmental record.

The Hilton Hotel brand is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and creating opportunities for positive social impact. This program guides each individual hotel on the creation of their own strategy and requires it to meet certain standards and goals. In addition to these standards, each hotel must meet its environmental management brand standards and continually reduce energy, water, and waste. The Hilton Hotel environmental responsibility program is also tied to the 2030 Goals for Sustainable Development, which encourages hotel teams to volunteer in local communities.

Another important step to take is to educate employees on environmental issues. For example, it is crucial to educate guests about the hotel’s efforts to reduce energy use and waste. In addition, a hotel should invest in energy-efficient appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and freezers. Additionally, hotels should replace older-model washing machines with energy-efficient ones. Additionally, social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook are increasingly popular among eco-conscious consumers. The hotel should make its sustainability efforts public by utilizing hashtags related to the hotel’s environmental performance.

Economic impact

The combined hotel industry and the other accommodation industry have a strong induced effect on output, labor income, and employment, with lower multipliers. The industries are strongly interdependent on finance, insurance, and real estate, as evidenced by their relatively low multiplier values. As such, they generate significant amounts of output and labor income, while having relatively small effects on the rest of the economy. In this article, we will consider the implications for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a persistent negative effect on hotel firms. The fear and uncertainty about its possible effects on the global economy have reduced their stock prices. But the adverse economic impact on hotel firms has never been seen before, and this requires an analysis of the strategies of management companies to minimize the negative impacts. The study uses the THOMSON EIKON database to compile hotel stock returns. The three factors were obtained from the Kenneth R. French Data Library.

The study also examined the effect of corporate consolidation on the industry. Hotel operators will likely seek to broaden their portfolios through targeted acquisitions of smaller regional chains. While hotel consolidation creates value by cross-organizational synergies, it also can lead to increased rigidity and complexity. For instance, Hilton remains the world’s most valuable hospitality brand. The value of Hilton doubled in two years despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

The economic impact of the HITEL Hotel industry is significant because it not only impacts the local economy, but also benefits local residents. The rise in hotel revenues benefits local governments, which collect revenue from property taxes and lodging taxes. Furthermore, it improves quality of life for local residents. The more hotels that are built, the better the local economy will be. That’s why local government officials can use economic impact studies to create incentives for developers.

Special requests

There are several ways to request special accommodations when staying at a HITEL Hotel. Make sure to let the hotel reservation agent know in advance, and be as specific as possible. Depending on the size of the group, this may be as simple as emailing ahead, or it may be as complex as requesting eight pillows. Special requests can be anything you want your hotel to have, including special amenities or services. However, it is important to remember that your request isn’t a “wish list” of things that you’d like the hotel to provide.

First, you can ask for the room you’d like. Many people ask for a view or an extra pillow. While this is perfectly normal, you may want to ask about special amenities such as extra toiletries or shampoo. Other people ask for flowers, and you can request these as well. The hotel desk supervisor can record these requests and inform the floor supervisor. This way, he or she can get it as soon as possible.

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