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How Can You Earn Money By Typing6 min read

How Can You Earn Money By Typing

You can earn money online by doing typing work on the various websites that provide typing jobs.

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To find the websites which provide typing jobs. Just google and search “typing jobs,” then you will find lots of search results. Go to any websites and sign up there. You can sign up by filling the simple details such as your name, email, and typing speed.

Most of the websites do not require you to have a good typing speed. But most of the websites require you to have a typing speed of at least 30–40 words per minute.

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You will get paid according to the length of words you typed. Every website has its payment structure. So before applying to these sites, check out their payment structure. And see how much they pay.

Most of the websites pay via direct bank transfer, and others pay via Paypal. You can choose your preferred method of payment.

The good thing about typing jobs is that you are free to work from anywhere in the world. You can do typing jobs by staying at your home. You don’t have the time limit to complete your project; you can complete the work at your own timing.

Typing is the simplest kind of work that you can do to earn money online. It doesn’t require any previous experience. Anyone can do it.

But if you have some experience, then you can earn good money online by doing typing jobs.

Most of the websites prefer experienced persons because they get their work done easily and effectively.

There are three kinds of typing jobs you can find online to make money.

1.Data entry –

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This is the easiest and simplest kind of typing job. You will be provided with some written data which you have to type into the data processing software such as MS Excel or MS Word.

This type of job does not require any experience, and anyone can do it. But this job is the least paying. You will be paid very little for doing this type of job. But this is the easiest way to make money online.

You can practice your typing skills on free websites like type racer dot com or nitro racer dot com. These are the best websites I have come across to test and improve your typing skills.

The best part of these websites is that it forces you to type fast by competing with the other global users. There is a car competition race, and you have to compete with lots of users all over the world, the person who types the fastest wins the race.

And in order to win the race, you have to do fewer mistakes because it will not help you in winning the race. And the best tip I can give you to improve your typing speed is to practice as much as you can.

2. Transcription –

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Doing the transcription jobs will also help you to earn money online. In this job, you have to listen to the audio and type that into your word processing software.

You will be asked to listen to audio during the lectures, interviews, dictations, conference calls, phone calls, speeches, podcasts, video training, webinars, etc., and type then type the words that you have listened to.

In order to do transcription well and typing the words while listening to the audio, your typing speed should be very good even if you are listening to the recorded audio. Because if your typing speed is not good enough, then you have to rewind the audio multiple times, which can become frustrating for you.

If you want to earn more money doing transcription work, then you can apply for jobs at legal offices, big companies, or in a large corporation. Here you will earn lots of money but in order to get jobs in these places you should know several legal terms as well the terms of that particular company.

You will earn money in transcription far more than just doing data entry. If you want to make money, then this is the better option. And most of the time you can do this work from home.

3. Captioning-

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If you really want to level up your typing skills them captioning is the best option for you. Captioning is the process of writing the words which are spoken during a live video.

Doing the captioning jobs require more experience and typing speed. Your typing speed should be fast enough to write the words during a live video. And also, you should be able to type the words accurately without any errors.

However, there are several offline captioning jobs that do not require you to type during the live video but rather type cations of the recorded videos. This is far easier than live video captioning as you don’t have the pressure of typing words accurately and with speed.

You can take your own time and finish the work according to your wish. And even you have time to correct the words if you have typed something wrong. So this is a better option if you want to practice typing and gain experience.

You can even do offline captioning work from the comfort of your home.

4. Freelancing-

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If you are looking for other good places to earn money with typing job, then you can offer your services on the freelances websites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

You have to create a profile there, which is very easy to do. Just fill up the basic details such as your name, email id, and phone number, and your id will be created.

After that, create a gig for your typing job. Also, describe that how good you are at typing. Describe your typing speed and the previous work you have done in the past.

Also, add some photos of your previous work so that new visitors will get attracted by your profile and will order from you. In the beginning, offer your services at a very less price so that people will place more orders.

It would help if you focused on providing quality service. And in return, you will get good reviews, which is very important for your success on Fiverr. The more good reviews you will have, the more preference Fiverr will give to your gig. And in return, your gig will rank higher on Fiverr.

If your gig ranks higher, then you will get a large amount and views and sales. And you will earn lots of money.

So above are the places where you will earn money online by doing typing jobs.


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