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How to urgently make $2000 when you need it7 min read

How to urgently make $2000 when you need it

Now that you want to learn how to make $2000 quickly because you’re desperate you need to know that there is an element of risk involved. You’ll be thrown out of your comfort zone and you’ll really have to test yourself mentally and physically. If you do pull through then this will be a great personal victory and it will teach you to dig really deep and make things happen so you can rise out of poverty.

I Need 2000 Dollars Right NOW List

1. Rent Your Home for $2000 

 This is something I tried and it worked, I rented my home out for a year for $2000 provided I was still allowed to live there. There were some rules like being paid upfront. Lots of people will be interested because they will save money if they pay in advance. To make everything above board you could draft contracts where you agree to rent your house for a year for 2000 dollars.

Another way I made $2000 dollars per month was by living in a caravan I bought on eBay and then subletting my home out to tenants after rigorous vetting, Living in a caravan is extremely difficult however I was determined to do it to pay off my debt and it worked. After a year I was debt free and able to move back into my property if I choose to.

2. Sell Shares in Assets You Have 

If you’ve got any assets that are of value or are generating income you could sell shares in this asset. If you’ve got property rented out or have an online business then quickly work out how much money it’s generating in a month and then put a value on it, you could then sell some shares in the asset and generate income for the buyer. If you’ve got an online business or property that is generating $1000 per month, you could sell 20% of this for $2000, the investor would recoup the money in 10 months and enjoy payments for the rest of their lives as long as the income keeps coming in.

You could have a clause to repurchase the shares in your asset once you’ve used the money to do whatever you need to. I sold shares to my family members in my property I rented out. They enjoyed 20% of the payments for $20,000 upfront and after a few years I was able to repurchase the shares back from them. Its important that you understand and forecast your cash flow properly otherwise there is a possibility you might miss payments. Have contingency plans in place.

3. Learn How to Do High Paying Jobs 

 Quickly learning high paying trades and then doing jobs at knock down prices is a great way to earn fast money. If you need $2000 very quickly you could learn how to install a boiler, how to laminate floors, how to decorate houses. What you are looking for is a job that pays you a lot of money very quickly. Decorators can decorate a house within a week and get paid a lot of money, plumbers usually charge $2000 to install a system which takes about a week. If you can align yourself with an expert and offer your help you could make a lot of money.

I learnt how to replace boiler systems from a qualified plumber. I charged $500 dollars to replace these systems and the work took me 4 hours. I was able to replace two systems per day and I was able to make $800 per day just by keeping busy. Create an effective marketing systems and offer the service at a knock down price and you will make money I kid you not!

4. Penny Shares and Option Trading 

 Penny shares can offer explosive growth, sometimes that can double or quadruple in value, if you can leverage the money and use strict stop losses you could make a lot of money if you choose the right stock. You could also buy cheap options on companies just before they report. A lot of investors make money by investing in cheap items like penny stocks and options and then control their risk and let the upside run up.

Learn how to analyse stocks fundamentally and technically and learn money management strategies so if you make a wrong decision you wont be wiped out completely. Its recommended that you paper trade at first to get invaluable practice just until you get the hang of trading penny stocks. Avoid all tips and rumours because you will eventually lose money if base your decision on these things.

5. Deep Cleaning Homes 

¬†My friend tried this and it worked. If you live in an area where rental turnaround is high you could visit all the estate agents in your area and offer a deep cleaning service. Normally agents pay anything between $500 to $1000 for a deep clean which you can do in a couple of days. If you can secure a few contracts like these then you’ll be well on your way to making $2000

6. Recycling Other People’s Cell Phones¬†

Recycling cell phones is big business. You¬†won‚Äôt¬†make a fortune recycling your own phone but just imagine how much money you could make recycling other¬†people’s¬†phones. To get started create a marketing campaign asking for old phones. To get people to give their own phone you could give a proportion of the profits to charity. Most people just throw away their own phones however if they think they can help someone then its more than likely they’ll give it away for recycling. If you can go door to door for old phones you will be able to generate 2000 dollars very quickly. I know someone who used this strategy and now he has his own mobile phone recycling business! it works‚Ķ

7. Take Part in Clinical Trials for more than 2000 Dollars  

¬†I love clinical trials because you’re compensated for your time and you get an overwhelming feeling of goodness because your helping humanity by helping to create new medicines. You can make anything between 2000 and 5000 dollars when you take part in clinical trials depending on your level of health. Healthy people as well as ill people can take part. You can find a whole list of clinical trials by going to the official government site. If you can take part in 4 clinical trials a year you could make up to 20,000 dollars.

8. Sell Items from Alibaba  

China is the economic powerhouse of the world and you can get extremely cheap goods from wholesale sites such as Alibaba. To make 2000 dollars quickly do some research to find items on eBay which have excess demand. You then need to find a supplier in China who can sell you these items. You can then list the items on eBay and watch the revenue come in. The key to success here giving a great service, maintaining good relationship with suppliers as well as researching thoroughly on items which are likely to sell well.

9. Create a YouTube Channel to Earn 2000 Dollars 

This idea is for incredibly creative people who love to present themselves. To get started now think of a subject you want to talk about. You can also pick a product or service area that you want to review. Make sure there is commercial value in these niches so you can be sure to make a profit. Create high quality HD videos and promote these videos using social media and monetize using an advertising agency. If your video goes viral you could potentially make 2000 dollars with just one well placed highly creative video. There are YouTube channels which make over 100,000 dollars per month, so it is possible to make 2000 dollars quickly.

10. Become a Designer to Generate 2000 Dollars Quickly 

¬†Designing is big business as more and more people get creative in the world. If you’re creative then learn a popular software design platform and offer services on Fiverr, oDesk and¬†eLance. You can charge anything between 50 and 500 dollars for a design. If you can do a few of these designs per week you can easily generate 2000 dollars quickly. It really is possible.


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