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Marketing Text Messages Examples8 min read

marketing text messages examples

Marketing Text Messages Examples


If you’re struggling to come up with marketing text messages examples, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover the Call to Action, Content, and Timing of your messages. With these in mind, you can create a message that will attract attention, increase sales, and keep customers and staff informed. Follow these tips and get started today! You’ll see instant results in just a few short weeks! And don’t worry if you’re new to texting!

Example of a marketing text message

There are many examples of marketing text messages. A consignment shop, for example, uses an SMS service to warn customers about staffing shortages and shipping delays. The brand uses this method to build brand awareness, while the consumer gets more personalized information. Some of these examples of marketing text messages are outlined below. These messages can also jump on current events, like a rogue storm. Brands can take advantage of this type of message to jump on a trend or react to an event.

Text messaging has the potential to increase conversions. Depending on the type of message you send, you can boost open rates up to 26% with a short, concise message. SMS can also inform your audience of upcoming events, holiday greetings, or special promotions. Many text message campaigns can also include more information, such as a competition or a photo of a consumer using your product. These messages may even include a subscriber list, enabling you to keep in touch with customers in an instant.

Text messages can also increase sales. Many brands stick to short phrases in their messages. For example, the silicone ring brand, QALO, uses a text message subject of “NEW PRODUCT ALERT” in all caps. These SMS messages are often effective for launching a new product. Many brands stick with super-short phrases in their marketing texts. A better strategy is to offer more information in the welcome message. Often, companies will include links to their privacy policies or a privacy statement to encourage more information.

Remember that SMS messaging has a limit of 160 characters. If you want to make the most of this medium, make sure your message contains a compelling call-to-action. Whether it’s a mobile coupon or a discount offer, a link should be included to make it easy for recipients to take action. Make sure to test your campaign and avoid overuse of SMS marketing. It’s not possible to ignore these messages, and consumers might opt out of your marketing emails in the future.

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Call to action

A call to action is an important element of marketing text messages. When people are reading your message, they should know how to get what you’re selling. If the call to action is easy for the audience to understand, you can include an example or screenshot to make it stand out. Your call to action should also have a compelling reason for the reader to click through and act on your call to action. For example, “text me for more information” is fine, but if you want people to take action, you can text them “more information plus.”

You can use CTAs to remind your readers of where to find information, such as a website, or a specific product or service. Many readers abandon websites without taking any action, so it’s important to incorporate a CTA that inspires them to stay and engage. Fear of missing out is a powerful motivator. You can use this psychology to boost your sales. Alternatively, you can include a discount code that will enable users to take immediate action.

A call to action can be as simple as a hyperlink or a button in a text message. It’s important to use a contrasting colour, and make the CTA statement as actionable as possible. Your CTA button should be bigger than the logo, or at least 20% bigger. A rectangle or square button is a good choice. You can also add beveled edges or shadow effects. Either way, you’ll make your call to action stand out and be easily identifiable to the consumer.

Your CTA can make or break your campaign. Make sure to make it easy for your viewers to opt out of your list or subscribe to your text message. Make sure your CTA is memorable and easy to remember, and don’t use too many words. Try to find one that relates to your brand. It shouldn’t be more than one word, as phones will often auto-correct and add spaces between multiple words. You can also make your keyword bold or underlined, but avoid placing quotation marks around it.

Content of the message

Marketing text messages can be highly effective if they include a call to action. Customers like to be treated personally, so you should make your text messages as personal as possible. Use names and other personal details as links to further information. People are more likely to take action on personalized messages than on generic ones. You can personalize your text messages by adding merge fields and dynamic content. Test your text message campaigns with A/B testing to see what works best.

Timing of the message

When is the best time to send marketing text messages? There are many factors to consider. The first is the content of the text message. Some people will read texts during the early morning hours while others will only read them in the evenings when they have time to browse the internet. The timing of your text message also depends on the time of day. It is best to send them between the hours of 8 AM and 12 PM, as these are when people are most likely to read them.

If you’re targeting customers during specific hours, consider sending promotional texts during lunch time or right before dinner. This is especially important when the holiday season is approaching. If you send a promotional text message too late, customers will probably forget about it. If you’re sending promotional text messages to a large group of potential customers, time them for maximum impact. Timing is everything when it comes to marketing text messages, and if you can do it right, they will help you achieve your goal.

Another consideration is when to send a text message. Most people check their mobile phones between noon and 6pm. However, this is not necessarily the best time to send a text message campaign. Try to send it a few hours before the scheduled appointment time. That way, it will get maximum exposure and minimal negative reaction. And remember that there’s a limit to how often you can send text messages, so it’s always best to test a few campaigns.

The best time to send a marketing text message depends on many factors, including the goods you’re offering, the call to action, the target audience, and how many other factors. Tracking results will help you know when to send your SMS marketing messages. You’ll know if your campaign works and which messages don’t. If you’re worried about your customers waking up at the wrong time, send your marketing text messages at the best times.

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Creativeness of the message

As the popularity of text messaging continues to grow, so too does the need for creativeness in marketing text messages. With such a high open rate, these messages have the potential to reach customers while they’re on the go. In addition, text messaging can be used for other business purposes, including customer service, feedback collection, and more. So let’s take a closer look at what it takes to create effective marketing text messages.

First of all, SMS marketing is highly customizable. You can offer rewards to loyal customers by personalizing messages and using data about your customers. A pizza restaurant, for example, uses a personalized SMS to offer its loyal customers a discount code for their next purchase. A simple message using a gif, emojis, and fun copy can help increase customer engagement. And, the best way to reach a diverse audience is to use multiple channels.

In addition to boosting customer engagement, SMS can also enhance your email and social media efforts. By sending reminders via SMS, you can increase your open rates by 20 to 30 percent. Additionally, SMS is a great channel for collecting feedback from customers. Studies show that 31% of consumers respond to surveys sent to them via text message and that they respond within five minutes. However, you should also be wary of the invasive nature of SMS. Nonetheless, it is a growing trend in the world of digital marketing and consumers are increasingly accustomed to texting.

Keeping your message short and sweet is essential. Remember to stay within standard character limits. However, you can use short links to expand your message. And, of course, your text message should have a solid hook and offer. Keep in mind that customers are more likely to respond positively to a message they feel is personal. If it works, it’s worth trying out. Once you’ve mastered the art of marketing with SMS, your customer will thank you for it.

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