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Pay Per Lead Real Estate8 min read

Pay Per Lead Real Estate

How to Calculate ROI From Pay Per Lead Real Estate Leads


Are pay per lead real estate leads profitable? You may have heard that they can be, but how can you know if you’re getting value for your money? There are several ways to determine ROI. Using a service like Zillow can help you do just that. Here’s a breakdown of how to calculate ROI from pay per lead real estate leads. The ROI for each real estate lead will be based on your gross commission income divided by the cost of the lead.

Follow Up Boss

Use Follow Up Boss to automate your email communications, track your leads, and make your life easier. The platform allows you to manage all of your leads and communicate with them in a simple, intuitive way. It also features reporting on sales performance and response rates, as well as out-of-the-box email templates that make it easy to send messages to your prospects. Its central database helps you keep track of your leads, as well as manage their information and follow up activities.

Besides being easy to use, Follow Up Boss also integrates with many popular platforms, including IDX websites and Mailchimp. It can even be integrated with Gmail, Google Apps, and more. Follow Up Boss is designed for all types of real estate businesses and offers plenty of integration opportunities for its users. This makes it an excellent choice for both small real estate businesses and large companies.

When using Follow Up Boss, real estate agents can keep track of their leads in one place and automate follow up activities. The system tracks all activity on a website and automatically sends emails and texts to each lead. You can also track your lead’s progress with the help of task lists. Follow Up Boss helps you stay on track of your clients and improves customer service. It is a simple way to automate your follow-up activities and track the return on investment for your marketing dollars.

As with any business, the pay per lead game is constantly changing and requires constant tracking. Follow Up Boss helps real estate agents keep track of their performance, adjust systems, and make adjustments as needed. Its built-in reporting tools make it easy to analyze and optimize your lead strategy and mix. When used properly, Follow Up Boss allows real estate agents to generate more leads than they ever thought possible. Pay Per Lead Real Estate is the best business model.

Those with limited budgets can use Follow Up Boss to create smart lists of hot prospects and prioritize them for follow-ups. The CRM also integrates with real estate websites and tracks activity on leads’ sites. Moreover, the system can be customized to accommodate different real estate types and teams. A pay per lead real estate software should be integrated with other business tools to improve your business. If you can’t afford to Follow Up Boss, try a free trial.

Close all the real estate leads from Gohighlevel CRM.


If you are looking for a pay-per-lead real estate advertising program, you may be wondering if BoldLeads is a good choice. This new platform helps real estate agents increase their online presence and convert web visitors into leads. The platform uses paid advertising on Facebook and Google AdWords and claims a conversion rate of 2%-5%. With the help of automation tools, you can automate the advertising process. BoldLeads claims to have run over $15 million in online advertisements, so it has the experience to handle the whole process. Pay Per Lead Real Estate will enhance your business growth.

The service works by linking social media profiles with the email addresses of prospective customers. It logs all communication, so you don’t have to keep making calls to the same prospect. In addition, the program’s widget is easy to integrate on any website and can be placed on as many pages as you’d like. The BoldLeads platform works well with Facebook pages. And unlike other lead generation software, it uses only proven language. The results are impressive!

There are several different subscription plans. BoldLeads’ pricing varies, but generally costs $269 per month. If you want to get the leads for a single listing, you’ll have to pay an additional $250 per lead for buyer leads. You can also choose to pay by the month or sign up for a year. The terms and prices for BoldLeads’ service are not listed on their website, so check with the company before deciding whether this option is right for you.Pay Per Lead Real Estate is very profitable.

BoldLeads offers exclusive leads, a CRM, and automation tools. Their website is an IDX website, so buyers and sellers can communicate and find properties they want. BoldLeads is the top choice for real estate agents and buyers. A mother-son duo in Arizona started the company in 2014, and it was recently acquired by Propertybase. This move made BoldLeads an attractive choice for both buyers and sellers.

A high number of users rate BoldLeads as a highly affordable, effective and efficient pay-per-lead real estate advertising program. The service is easy to use and has an impressive ROI when compared to other pay-per-lead lead generation platforms. It offers exclusive access to leads that you can’t get with any other source. However, there are some negative reviews of BoldLeads, so it’s important to read their reviews before making a decision.


SmartZip is a pay per lead real estate marketing platform. It works by sending postcards directly to leads. It also engages potential clients through social media marketing and rewards long-term customers. However, this platform can be costly and requires a commitment from agents. If you do not possess the follow-up skills required to turn those leads into buyers, you should skip SmartZip. It is best for agents who can convert purchased leads, or those who have a foundation business.

SmartZip also has a call center and offers fully customizable landing pages. It also offers marketing information, such as the number of leads that you’ve generated. There is a contract and one-year commitment, but the service is well worth it for a serious farmer who’s willing to work hard for success. Using SmartZip to market your listings is an excellent way to get new prospects. Pay Per Lead Real Estate helps your business grow.

The system combines lead generation, customer engagement, and analytics into one, comprehensive platform. The platform gives agents access to homeowner contact information and identifies those leads who are most likely to sell in six months. It also uses advanced analytics and multi-channel marketing strategies to keep leads engaged. SmartZip also offers a referral program called Reach150 that helps agents increase referral rates. SmartZip was founded in Pleasanton, California, and recently acquired by Constellation. Pay Per Lead Real Estate will help you get results in less time.

As mentioned before, pricing depends on the number of leads you get. The plan starts at a high price and doubles when you include digital marketing materials. However, if you plan to use the software for more than one year, you could opt for a payment plan or discount. While SmartZip may be a good option for small businesses, it may not be the best option for agents expecting to make a profit without sacrificing their quality of life.


CINC is a comprehensive real estate platform that brings together lead generation, CRM, and communication tools to nurture leads and close deals. With tools like Facebook marketing and Google marketing, lead routing, and activity tracking, CINC is the perfect platform for growing real estate teams. If you’re looking for a paid lead generation tool that is also integrated with your team management system, CINC is your best option.

CINC is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly pay per lead real estate marketing systems available today. With over 20,000 agents worldwide, they have the right tools to increase their leads and close more deals. Although CINC is a little pricey, it’s worth it for the quality of results you’ll get. Customers love the easy-to-use tools and the helpful customer support team. But before signing up for a trial, here’s what you should know about the system. Pay Per Lead Real Estate will take your business to new heights.

CINC’s pricing structure is split into four paid plans. Each plan comes with its own set of features tailored to real estate businesses. Each one offers CRM, drip campaigns, landing pages, and leads from Facebook and Google. CINC also offers an ever-growing number of integrations to power your business. Its live training events and extensive resource library make it a worthwhile investment for agents, but it’s not perfect.

Although CINC offers powerful tools to generate leads, many agents feel that it is not affordable for their budget. Smaller agencies, especially solo agents, don’t have the budget to support such an expensive software platform. Instead, they might consider a less-featured platform that costs less per month. This way, they can benefit from the system while still maintaining the same quality. This is a common mistake among those who don’t know what they are doing.

CINC uses social media advertising to drive leads to agents’ websites and automated valuation pages. In addition to social media advertising, the company uses word-of-mouth and referrals to generate leads. CINC offers tools to generate leads, nurture them, and track their progress. The system is designed for both small and large teams, and has a referral program. Its website provides a wide variety of features to help agents reach their goals.

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