Realtor Lead Generation Companies

Realtor Lead Generation Companies

Realtor Lead Generation Companies


When choosing a realtor lead generation company, it is important to consider how targeted and niche the leads are. For example, if you specialize in working with investors, you might want to focus your leads on that niche. But if you specialize in first-time buyers, you might want to focus on luxury properties or city homes.

Whichever niche your lead generation company specializes in, it will greatly reduce your frustration level. However, you can still be general and work with leads from a variety of sources.

Real Geeks

Despite the fact that both BoomTown and Real Geeks are realtor lead generation companies, they don’t have the same features. The two companies have different pricing structures and require the users to pay for both services.

Real Geeks is cheaper, but you won’t get a better ROI. The company is a great fit for small teams looking to save money but also wants you to have complete control over the service.

A Real Geeks CRM allows you to manage leads, assign them to agents, and track their engagement with your business. You can set reminders, schedule appointments, and take detailed notes about your potential clients.

Geeks CRM also works with Realtor Lead Generation Companies.

A powerful website and CRM lead manager are integrated into the system, and they are designed to convert leads to closings. In addition, Real Geeks also has in-house marketing specialists, which makes it easier for you to keep up with the leads.

Real Geeks also offer a website platform that allows real estate agents to create and publish a lead generation website. Real Geeks sites include an IDX, which is updated every 15 minutes, customizable agent pages, powerful search tools, and a Custom Design Editor.

Real Geeks’ websites are easy to edit and have an easy-to-use content management system. The website allows you to add new pages and update content yourself.

Despite the complexity of their service, Real Geeks are a solid choice for any real estate agent. They offer great value for the money, and their CRM and lead generation tools will help agents generate more business leads.

These tools can be used independently or integrated together, depending on your needs and budget. The products from Real Geeks are flexible enough to suit any type of real estate agent. They can be automated or completely hands-on, depending on the needs of your team.

You can manage and close those leads with the help of GOhighlevel CRM.


The pricing structure for BoomTown is not particularly economical. As a result, it is tailored toward larger real estate agents and brokers. Nonetheless, it does include some useful features and offers full support seven days a week.

The company offers a mobile app, NOW, which allows agents to prioritize and organize communication with leads. It uses data and automation to forecast lead behavior. There are four tiers: BoomTown Launch, Premier, Premium, and Business.

Unlike some competitors, BoomTown is a full-service real estate lead generation solution. It is easy to use and includes an IDX website that buyers and sellers can access. But the real question is: Does BoomTown’s CRM have these features?

Real Geeks and BoomTown both have a client support team that provides phone and email support. And while Real Geeks and BoomTown are easy to use, the latter’s CRM features are more robust. If you need technical support, BoomTown is the right choice for you. Boomtown is also a Realtor Lead Generation Companies.

Moreover, BoomTown’s platform gives real estate agents everything they need to grow their businesses. They offer marketing tools, automation tools, consumer websites, lead qualification services, and CRM. They have been focusing on real estate for 10 years and have more than 300 employees.

The platform is very easy to use, and you can set up alerts to receive new leads. Additionally, the platform makes follow-up easy and helps diversify leads across multiple channels.

Unlike traditional CRMs, BoomTown CRM offers a self-serve ad portal and integrates with social media networks. You can create campaigns within the software, and you can even use third-party lead providers. You can also track the website’s analytics and tailor content to your prospects’ browsing habits. You can even monitor your marketing efforts through the mobile app. So what are you waiting for?

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A popular choice among real estate agents is BoldLeads. The service combines Facebook ads with lead generation, sending prospective clients to a custom landing page. The company’s advertising platform makes it easy to manage leads, as it is integrated with Propertybase CRM.

The service also has an interactive map that shows the areas available for sale. This makes generating leads a breeze. Here’s what you need to know.

The company collects leads via Facebook ads, which are delivered to a landing page where prospects can request a home valuation or market analysis. In addition, BoldLeads gives agents the freedom to create their own landing pages and ads, which they can then customize to suit their unique branding.

A downside of BoldLeads is that their ads tend to look generic compared to those of other realtors, but they do have a low minimum budget and no ad fees. Boldleads is also a Realtor Lead Generation Companies.

The service has several benefits, including lead nurturing, automated advertising, and marketing automation. Its goal is to position clients as local experts and to build trust and credibility with their leads.

BoldLeads also provides tools for marketing automation, including landing pages, SMS messaging, drip emails, text messages, and voice broadcast connections. The CRM also offers full support for ad posting, and ad tracking to measure engagement levels.

In terms of lead quality, BoldLeads is a great choice for realtors. Its advertising automation features make the marketing process easier for real estate agents. They guarantee exclusive access to leads, limit the number of agents in a particular area, and offer a number of customizable landing page templates for a personalized, tailored approach. They also offer A/B testing and automated text messaging.


The platform offers a variety of features, including website building and marketing automation. Propertybase also integrates with Office 365 and Google to offer real-time reporting on your subjects. Some users have mentioned slow customer support, but most of them were satisfied with the quality of their service and their ad creation tools.

Placester, on the other hand, is much more user-friendly. There are a number of reasons why Propertybase is an excellent choice for realtors. And it is also a Realtor Lead Generation Companies.

The platform centralizes leads and contact information, and allows you to set custom rules to route leads to the appropriate agent. Propertybase also provides good real estate integrations, including with Docusign and Zillow.

The company also works with Chime, an all-in-one platform for real estate teams. The platform includes a flexible website, a customizable CRM, a listing manager, and paid lead generation tools.

The platform offers two main packages. The Lite version has a simple dashboard for agents, while the Professional plan offers an extensive CRM. Lite and Professional versions feature ad management, text concierge, and CRM, respectively. BoldLeads and Propertybase are both realtor lead generation companies.

Each option is available to real estate agents. Using these two different platforms, real estate agents can make the most of their marketing campaigns.

In addition to the lead generation options, Propertybase has other features. Users can customize the interface to their preferences and choose the best lead source to meet their specific needs. These lead generation tools will help realtors gain access to potential clients, buyers, and sellers.

This will help them build rapport with these leads and will lay the foundation for their selection as an agent. The top-rated lead generation companies will guarantee their real estate leads are exclusive, which means that the lead won’t be sold to any other real estate agent.


When you choose Opcity as a realtor lead generation company, you are essentially paying a referral fee. This is usually a percentage of the commission, but it may be as high as 30%, depending on the number of leads.

This fee is deducted from your commission only when the leads close a transaction. Realtors tend to view referrals as a more time-consuming task, and leads don’t necessarily mean a sale.

Opcity is a realtor lead generation company that matches ready-to-buyers and sellers with top-rated real estate agents. Opcity’s technology has been used by thousands of companies to significantly boost their lead generation ROI. Opcity is the best Realtor Lead Generation Companies.

Its unique approach ensures that the right lead is presented to the right agent at the right time. Opcity agents receive pre-qualified leads via live phone transfers, which have a high likelihood of closing. The company also boasts a proven referral program.

Opcity enables real estate agents to better serve online consumers by matching them with qualified agents. Its technology takes into account several factors, including demographics, performance, and customer reviews, and matches a qualified agent with the best potential leads.

In addition to matching qualified leads to realtors, the system also considers five success metrics that help match leads with the right agent. Opcity matches real estate professionals based on these factors, ensuring a great match for consumers.

Another unique feature of REDX is its ability to prospect expired lead prospects. Its proprietary software, Vortex, collects phone numbers and other contact details from expired listings. This allows realtors to re-engage with expired leads.

And the best part is that these leads are also a great source of quality leads, and they are very easy to use. They have many features that will benefit your business and help you build a better referral program.

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