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Regentology Real Estate Referral Network7 min read

regentology real estate referral network

Benefits of Joining the Regentology Real Estate Referral Network


The Regentology real estate referral network is an American international company that delivers geo-targeted, double verified, and pre-qualified leads. The service provides additional data and leads for other products and services as well, such as timeshares and travel. If you want to expand your sales, you can join the network to gain access to new clients.

Listed below are a few benefits of registering for the Regentology real estate referral network.


The REDX real estate referral network is a platform that connects agents with homeowners actively looking to sell their homes. The platform provides accurate contact information, which is essential to converting expired listings into sales.

The REDX platform also features a power dialer that allows agents to make automated calls. Agents can subscribe to leads and use phone scripts to personalize calls. Agents can also utilize an integrated lead manager within the platform.

This tool also allows agents to prospect their local neighborhoods. People are generally more likely to choose a real estate agent who lives close to them. A local agent can build a reputation as an expert in their area, call specific homeowners, and advertise in yards.

This type of local presence helps agents become the top of mind among homeowners looking to sell their homes. In addition to prospecting from a computer, real estate referrals from REDX can save time, effort, and money.

The REDX platform also features a proprietary system called Vortex. This tool gathers data about properties and contact information, allowing realtors to reach out to property owners directly. This tool is effective for generating listings, especially if you’re trying to get into foreclosures. Regentology Real Estate Referral Network is great.

The REDX system also allows agents to contact past-due leads via e-mail. This tool is particularly beneficial for agents working in an area where vacancies are high and sellers aren’t actively looking for a home.

Agents can also leverage the REDX real estate referral network for more leads. The network is built with a robust lead management platform, which is free with lead subscriptions. In addition, agents can use their REDX leads to prospect for listings.

Some brokerages do not offer exclusive listings, so agents can leverage a lead subscription to build a wider list of prospects. If agents are looking to grow their business, REDX is an excellent way to do so.

You can manage real estate leads and close them with the help of Gohighlevel CRM.

Agentology Regentology Real Estate Referral Network

An Agentology account allows you to share your leads with other agents, and those who refer you earn a commission. The company says its service costs between $4 and $6 per lead. The company claims to convert nearly 21 percent of leads into clients.

Its service is aimed at top-producing real estate agents and brokers. Agentology claims to be 21x more effective than traditional lead generation methods and has received a total funding of $12 million.

The company started out as a lead generation service for real estate agents, working with some of the most successful teams and agents in the business. In the past year, it has more than doubled in size and has more than 10,000 agents on its platform.

It has a lead-qualification system to turn cold web leads into hot prospects, and it monetizes leads it can’t handle. In fact, the company recently signed a marketing agreement with Realogy, which owns Coldwell Banker, ERA Real Estate, Better Homes and Gardens, and Century 21. Regentology Real Estate Referral Network is very helpful.

Since Agentology’s inception, it has become one of the biggest real estate referral networks in the country. The company sifts through online leads and refers them to other brokers. The referring agents earn up to 25 percent of the commission from a successful deal.

The company’s software combines human agents and machine learning to help agents manage their leads. As a result, the system has made real estate agents more efficient.

Another benefit of using Agentology is that they screen leads for real estate agents. The company does the qualifying and response work for real estate agents and pays them a 25 percent referral fee for any closed deal. This helps agents get the most out of every lead and keep their referral fees to a minimum.

Agentology syncs with the agent’s website and CRM tools to automatically connect with leads. The company’s response team makes contact with the leads on behalf of the agents and asks basic screening questions to ensure the lead is a good fit.

In addition to its real estate referral network, Agentology has a lead-generation team that is trained to convert leads into customers. These concierges will synchronize leads from various sources and contact them via email and SMS.

When the leads are ready to discuss a deal, the team will forward the information to the agent. For 150 leads and three agents, Agentology costs $795 per month. The pricing for this service is fairly affordable when compared to other real estate referral networks. Regentology Real Estate Referral Network is important for your business.

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Leading Real Estate Agents of the World

Regentology is a real estate referral network that brings customers and realtors together. The site offers geo-targeted leads and tools to help realtors convert those leads into sales.

Members don’t pay upfront for leads and only pay for the successful deals they close. In exchange, they receive a small referral fee. Regentology is currently serving real estate agents in the U.S. and Canada.

A good real estate marketing strategy starts with an analysis of the current situation. Determine the number of leads you have, current sales figures, and last year’s statistics. Next, determine the tools and lead generation sources you use.

Regentology offers email drip campaigns and AI-based CRM that track deals throughout the year. This system automates follow-ups and emails drip campaigns. Moreover, the system helps you control task pipelines for each contract. Regentology Real Estate Referral Network helps you to achieve success.

There are several real estate referral networks available for agents to join. Most big box brokerages have robust intra-brokerage referral networks. But if you want to join a prestigious referral network, it may be worthwhile to look into referral systems offered by companies that specialize in a specific niche.

Realogy, for example, offers referral leads from relocation. Its affiliate companies, such as Cartus, send leads to its own network of brokerages.

A real estate referral network is a group of organizations and individuals that work together to promote real estate. The referral network may be informal or formal and is comprised of businesses with similar demographics. A formal referral network is carefully curated and is typically a group of organizations that agree to share a certain number of referrals.

The organizations participating in a referral network do not compete for business, but instead, add value to the referral network by providing suitable referrals.

The cost of joining the Referral Cloud network varies according to the services you use. Some companies charge upfront fees, while others only charge a small fee once the deal closes. Some real estate referral networks are free to join, while others charge monthly or annual fees. In return, they offer exclusive leads to members.

These leads are paid at the time of closing. This is a good option if you want to generate more business from existing leads.


If you’re a broker or realtor in the U.S., you may have heard of Regentology. This real estate referral network offers verified leads, tools, and support to help you close more deals. Unlike other services, Regentology doesn’t require you to pay anything upfront to use its services. Instead, you only pay when you close a deal. So, you’re essentially getting nothing in return.

Selling a home is a big decision, and the assistance of an agent can make the process go much more smoothly. Regentology agents have the knowledge and experience to help you sell your home faster and for more money than you would on your own.

They can help you decide how to market your home and what price will generate the highest amount of interest. In addition to helping you decide how to price your home, agents can help you create a comprehensive marketing plan.


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