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SMS Marketing Platforms15 min read

sms marketing platforms
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SMS Marketing Platforms


If you’re looking for an affordable SMS marketing platform, you’ve come to the right place. There are many options out there, but we’ve highlighted the top four in this article. Check them out to find the right fit for your business! You’ll be glad you did. After all, your customers are already using mobile devices to communicate with businesses. Choosing the right SMS marketing platform can make all the difference in the world.


VOXOX SMS marketing platform combines superior voice automation and an intuitive SMS marketing platform. With this tool, you can send text messages to subscribers and callers for a variety of purposes. These messages can include reminders, incentive offers, motivational tips, and more. The platform also supports bulk texting. You don’t need technical skills to use it. VOXOX SMS marketing platform will make your business sound big!

VOXOX is a 5G-AI cloud-based communication solution that has proven its success in empowering small businesses to build meaningful connections with their customers. VOXOX’s platform includes a powerful voice automation tool with over 2,000 integration possibilities. You can set up unlimited campaigns and manage them all from one dashboard. It’s easy to use and allows you to customize your marketing messages for each individual prospect.

VOXOX has launched a new plan that grants small business owners free access to its cloud-based phone system and SMS marketing platform, VoxDirect. This new plan is aimed at enabling small businesses to connect better with customers, without breaking the bank. Previously, VoxDirect was available only to large businesses. With VoxDirect, even small businesses can access mobile-first communication tools and a phone solution without spending an arm and a leg.

VOXOX SMS marketing platform has several features to help you build a more efficient and effective marketing strategy. This platform provides a toll-free number and offers free SMS messages for a limited time. If you want to be more flexible, you can also choose a paid plan starting at $29 per month. Some of its features include SMS marketing automation, two-way text messaging, and SMS consent at checkout.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting provides an SMS marketing platform that lets you send unlimited texts to your target audience. The company was founded in 2004 and has received more than four billion messages to date. Among its customers are Crunch Fitness, Ikea, and The Container Store. The company also has five core values that they want their users to adhere to. Rob Thrasher, an account manager at EZ Texting, explains these in depth.

Robert’s problem needed an easy, automated and inexpensive way to re-engage cold sales leads. While cold sales leads are notoriously difficult to convert, EZ Texting’s SMS marketing platform enabled Robert to create bulk messaging campaigns that turned would-be buyers into paying customers. In less than a month, he increased his sales conversion rate by 6%! How is that for a return on investment? It’s hard to beat that.

Steven Beck, a renowned mentor and environmentalist, decided to use EZ Texting’s SMS marketing platform as his primary means of communicating with potential donors. He chose EZ Texting because of its low overhead and self-service platform. Despite the fact that he’s using mass texting to reach his target audience, Steven Beck’s SMS marketing platform allows him to focus on his mission – helping more than 30,000 youth across Oregon in their journey to adulthood.

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If you’re looking for an SMS marketing platform that can help you generate leads and boost sales, SimpleTexting is a good choice. Its low price per message of $9.99 per 1,000 allows you to get started without spending much money. You can also enjoy discounts for nonprofit organizations and yearly plans. SimpleTexting has drag-and-drop tools to create text broadcasts and is extremely easy to use. SimpleTexting was founded by an ex-Wall Street trader and focuses on effective customer contact.

Despite the cost, SMS marketing can bring you huge results. It can be as low as $0.01 per text message, which is significantly less expensive than e-mails. Moreover, consumers are more likely to respond positively to text messages because they are less cluttered. And SMS marketing software enables you to personalize your messages with your company’s logo and colors, GIFs, and other graphics. SMS marketing is a great way to get customers’ attention, but you need to make sure that you choose a platform that can help you measure your ROI.

EasyTexting has a wide variety of features, which make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Subscriptions can be opted into using the company’s website or an opt-in button on a website. With this platform, you can send texts online or even send them to specific groups or customers. The platform also helps you manage your lists and import your contacts. The company was founded in 2001 by Dan Houghton, who noticed a change in communication before the introduction of other technologies.


If you’re interested in expanding your SMS marketing campaign, Twilio is the right choice. Their messaging platform features powerful marketing analytics that help you better understand the performance of your campaigns. With Messaging Insights, you can look at important metrics that will help you decide how to improve your messaging efforts. In addition to reporting on campaign performance, these reports also offer deeper insights into engagement. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at these three benefits of Twilio’s SMS marketing platform.

SMS marketing is legal as long as you’re following local laws. This platform provides you with free credits that allow you to experiment with different messages. If you’re unsure about how to start a campaign, try creating a template. Once you have the template, you can add pictures and logos. Once you’ve made your campaign, you can track engagement levels and measure how well your campaigns are working. Ultimately, you’ll be able to improve your marketing efforts and drive sales.

The most important features of Twilio’s platform are the flexibility and ease of use. You can create and test text messages, create customized templates, and track links clicked. You can even segment and target your customers by location or demographic. Once you’re ready, you can integrate your campaign with CRM systems to get more out of your marketing campaigns. The platform is free to use, and there are no monthly fees or contracts.

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Many companies today use SMS marketing software to send text messages to their customers. These programs can offer short codes, text-to-landline services, and personalization. Textlocal is one such service. To get started, sign up for one of the platform’s plans. Some of the plans offer up to 10,000 messages, while others cost zero cents per message. These programs also offer dedicated numbers and keywords. If you want more customization options, you can use Textlocal’s API.

There are many competitors to Textlocal. In addition to Bitrix24 and EZ Texting, the company offers a number of SMS marketing tools. Marketing 360 is rated the best in our comparison, while Intercom takes the second spot. Textlocal ranks 86th. Marketing 360 has the most reviews, with 927 total. Users rate it the easiest to use and best for value. To learn more, read our in-depth review of Textlocal.

With the rise of mobile technology, businesses can no longer rely solely on email and other methods of communication. Textlocal’s real-time SMS messaging platform has evolved into an all-in-one, intelligent messaging platform that can help businesses streamline existing customer relationships and generate more sales. With features such as API integration, email-to-SMS integration, and online bulk SMS, the service is a one-stop-shop for businesses that want to stay connected to their customers.


SUMOTEXT is the resident heavyweight of SMS marketing platforms, offering comprehensive reporting tools and two-way communication capabilities. This platform helps marketers measure the effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns by providing insight into individual contacts, including their short codes and keywords. Additionally, it enables marketers to see who sent the most messages and when. The detailed reporting tools help marketers formulate the best approach for each campaign. While other SMS marketing platforms are primarily focused on email, SUMOTEXT’s comprehensive text marketing capabilities provide a great foundation for effective business communication.

SUMOTEXT offers basic SMS services as well as a Mobile Relationship Management Platform to manage all aspects of the mobile marketing process. If you’re just getting started with SMS marketing, Ez Texting’s free account is an ideal starting point. There are upgrade plans available based on your campaign’s needs. Additionally, Ez Texting has developers who can help you integrate it with your existing systems.

SUMOTEXT offers worldwide coverage. The platform supports over 800 carriers and 200 countries. As a result, you can easily send SMS messages to any mobile phone. For example, if your target audience lives in China, you can send them a text message to inform them about new product launches and promotions. But this can be very expensive, so it’s best to opt for an SMS marketing platform with an affordable plan.

SMS Marketing Platforms

SMS Marketing Platforms

There are numerous SMS marketing platforms available today. We’ll discuss TextMagic, EZTexting, Attentive, and Textedly in this article. These platforms can help you create personalized targeted text messages. But which one is right for you? And how much money should you spend? Read on to learn about the benefits of each. If you’re looking for an SMS marketing platform that can make your marketing campaign a success, then look no further.


The TextMagic SMS marketing platform combines features for SMS marketing that other platforms simply don’t provide. Its user-friendly dashboard makes creating messages simple, and it offers options for importing existing contacts. You can hold two-way conversations with customers while keeping your SMS messages secure and private with two-factor authentication. Additionally, TextMagic offers a robust API for integration with other programs and services. Its price structure is flexible and straightforward, and it doesn’t require a monthly plan.

With TextMagic, users can compose messages instantly. They can add files and tags, as well as pre-formatted content. They can also create lists and customize them, which helps them personalize their messages. TextMagic also lets you import contact lists from other programs and create customized subscriber lists. Besides letting you send personalized messages to customers, the platform also allows you to create campaigns with an unlimited number of contacts.

In addition to sending SMS, TextMagic also lets you integrate images. The platform has a Shutterstock integration, which adds a unique touch. Moosend also offers a free trial account. Moosend and TextMagic integrate well with email marketing tools, and both of these types of software can be used in tandem to send text messages. With TextMagic, you can also create forms to gather customer information and manage customers’ preferences.

Pricing for TextMagic is fair. While the platform doesn’t charge sign-up or account fees, you will have to pay for the virtual number. Using a dedicated virtual number for SMS marketing is legally required, and costs about $4 per month. TextMagic also offers credit blocks of varying denominations. Despite the low price, the text marketing platform offers high engagement rates and flexibility. So, if you want to send more text messages and increase customer engagement, this platform can help you achieve that.

While SMS marketing is a great way to increase your conversion rates, it doesn’t have the best features or user experience. It’s not the most sophisticated marketing platform, but it’s the most convenient option for small and medium businesses. TextMagic has a few features you may need, but it hits a sweet spot between usability and power. It has two-way text, MMS capabilities, and API integration.


It’s easy to see why Textedly is such a popular choice among marketers. It is extremely affordable, with monthly prices ranging from six to fifty percent less than the industry average. The service supports SMS messaging in Canada and the U.S. and messages can be sent to landlines, textable virtual numbers, and shortcodes. Like many SMS marketing tools, Textedly allows marketers to create their own campaigns and integrate external media.

With Textedly, users can build and manage lists of subscribers. They can upload their contact lists manually, using keywords or through web forms. However, they lack a variety of list-building options. Users with free email accounts will need to seek approval from their providers to upload their contacts. There are also a few downsides. For a small price, Textedly may not be a good option for businesses who want to get a large list of subscribers without the hassle of setting up a separate list.

Its powerful SMS marketing platform offers a 14-day free trial and one-time payments of $35 or $300. The basic plan includes 500 texts and two keywords. After the trial is over, users can upgrade to a more advanced plan. However, Textedly does not allow users to forward text messages. Nevertheless, the company offers a free trial for those who are unsure about whether the platform is right for their needs.

Pricing is another major drawback. Depending on the number of subscribers, Textedly can be expensive. However, it offers a number of features that other SMS marketing platforms don’t. For example, mass group texting and customizable auto replies are two of the most useful features. Additionally, the service offers analytics and collects subscriber information. It is also available on a monthly subscription basis. The only downfall is that there are very limited customer list building options.

SMS is an effective channel for reaching customers. It doesn’t require a complicated path to make a connection. And the open rate is high. And the chances of your message being classified as spam are very slim. With Textedly, marketers can improve their social performance and boost their brand image. They can reach their audience with just a few SMS texts, while getting in touch with them through social channels.


If you are in the market for a new SMS marketing platform, you should check out EZ Texting. This platform helps you generate leads and sell products through SMS marketing. The software helps you sign up subscribers easily, collect feedback and convert leads into customers. It also has a built-in reporting dashboard that provides you with valuable insights into messaging trends and strategies. You can also send one-on-one chats with your customers through EZ Texting.

SMS marketing is a permission-based activity. You must get your client’s permission to send them texts, and be transparent about how often you plan to text them. To protect your customers and avoid receiving unwanted spam texts, keep your contact list up-to-date. Only send messages to people who are likely to respond to your SMS marketing campaigns. You can also use EZ Texting’s safeSTOP feature, which appends the required “STOP to end” copy to each message.

Whether you’re sending promotional texts or a general notice to your customers, the EZ Texting platform provides powerful features to increase engagement. The platform allows you to create and personalize sign-up forms, send out a series of texts to your list, and generate QR codes. You can also embed images, GIFs, and videos to your messages. Moreover, if you’re sending promotional messages or promotions, you can also use images from Shutterstock to improve your text messaging campaigns. This SMS marketing platform integrates with Gorgias and many other top CRM providers to help you communicate across platforms.

While EZ Texting has similar features to other SMS marketing tools, it excels at list building and campaigns. With its easy-to-use UI, robust customer education database, and complementary toolkit, the platform makes SMS marketing a breeze. You can use it for mobile coupons, contact management, and other business needs. With a minimal budget, EZ Texting is an excellent choice for small businesses. You can customize your messages and send them for free, or opt-in for a subscription plan.

Although EZTexting is a good choice for small businesses, a few features should be considered before you choose to sign up for this SMS marketing platform. Besides, ProTexting’s dashboard is clutter-free, but the interface is simple enough for a newcomer to understand. The dashboard also shows metrics in the same color as the top row. The red coding of opt-out rates visually connects them with the messages.


Attentive is an SMS marketing platform for marketers. With its multi-channel journey builder and powerful segmentation capabilities, you can create highly targeted SMS messages for your audience. You can personalize your incoming messages and increase conversion rates with Attentive SMS marketing tools. More than 4,000 brands use Attentive SMS marketing tools, and they include growth and audience management in their platform. Below are the top benefits of Attentive SMS marketing platforms.

Emotive: Emotive offers similar functionality and features to Attentive. It also offers popular integrations and is easy to use. Both Attentive and Emotive offer SMS compliance and deliverability. Additionally, Attentive offers key revenue growth tools including conversational ads and text-to-buy. Attentive can also help you get more subscribers and improve message strategy and copywriting. However, this service is a bit pricey compared to its competitors.

Attentive offers a two-tap sign-up unit, which removes the friction of manually entering phone numbers. Subscribers tap the sign-up button and a pre-populated text message will automatically appear. When they are ready, they simply hit “send” to opt-in. Attentive also offers customizable templates, but you must request a demo before you can access them. Furthermore, you can only send one message per day with Attentive.

The Attentive SMS marketing platform allows marketers to program sign-up units based on behavior. It creates a single customer view, personalizes messages, and optimizes messaging. With the ability to use these insights to tailor your messages to customers based on their behavior, marketers can become more relevant and top-of-mind. Moreover, Attentive SMS marketing platforms make the process of targeting customers seamless, integrating advanced CDP capabilities and workflows for easy setup and automated SMS messages.

Attentive SMS marketing platforms integrate with Klaviyo and SmartBug Media e-commerce writing and design services. They are both easy to use, but Attentive has a more sophisticated onboarding process. Klaviyo has a specialized team that performs SMS marketing tasks on your behalf. The Onboarding process with Attentive is simpler, but you will need to be familiar with the platform to fully utilize its features.


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