SMSBump Pricing Review

smsbump pricing

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SMSBump Pricing Review


When choosing between SMSBump and other similar services, it’s crucial to consider what is most important to you. If you’re interested in getting the most from your marketing budget, read this SMSBump pricing review to discover which plan is right for you. The key features to consider are the Monthly credit you can spend on sending messages, Guaranteed deliverability, and integration with other applications. SMSBump pricing is also highly customizable.

Monthly credit for sending messages

To get started with SMSbump, create an account and follow the steps outlined in the onboarding guide. This will give you free credits for sending messages. The monthly credits can be used to test your marketing campaigns and automations. You will be notified if your credit balance is below $10 or if there are pending messages. You can even receive newsletters that will inform you when you’re running out of credit.

Once you’ve created an account with SMSBump, you’ll need to connect your ReCharge account to the app. Once you’ve done that, you can create automations. Make sure to name the automations – for example, “ReCharge keyword test” or “Recharge Upcoming Charge.”

Next, you’ll want to check your balance and set a maximum price for sending messages. You can set a maximum price for each message and SMSBump won’t send anything over that limit. You can adjust the maximum monthly credit for sending messages with SMSBump and can even make it automatic by using the Auto-Reload feature. This will ensure uninterrupted message delivery. And, you’ll have the peace of mind that your SMS marketing campaigns are running smoothly.

If you want to increase your cart recovery rate, add a discount code or offer free shipping. Remember that you should not over-inflate your character count. Extra characters over 160 will be billed as two messages. If you want to send multiple messages, use emojis, which reduce the character count from 160 to 66. SMSBump is available in nearly every country in the world. Only the U.S. is currently available.

Once you’ve created your SMS campaign, you can start segmenting your audience. SMSBump allows you to create customized lists and automatically send messages to a specific customer group. And since it integrates with a wide range of apps, you can also automate SMS marketing from anywhere. This service will give you full control of your messaging campaign and will save you time and money. It’s worth paying $5 for three hundred and thirty five simple text messages a month.

Guaranteed deliverability

SMSBump is a powerful SMS marketing platform for BigCommerce and Shopify stores. The company claims over 90,000 businesses are using their services, and it boasts robust features such as advanced campaign flows, segmentation, and diverse automations. SMSBump was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria, and acquired by the ecommerce marketing platform Yotpo in 2020. Although it has a free version for businesses, the company plans to expand its operations to WooCommerce and Shopify soon.

The software behind SMS Bump’s automations is foolproof, ensuring the safety of your customers’ data. With a few clicks, you can customize your checkout page to send SMS opt-in messages and abandon cart notifications. If you use SMSBump as your SMS marketing platform, you can even integrate with BigCommerce to manage customers and track conversions. By incorporating customer filters, you can also send personalized marketing messages through SMS Bump.

SMS Bump’s deliverability engine has an integrated network of global carriers. This enables you to send SMSes to your customers in countries with problematic networks and/or slow Internet connections. You can rest assured that your messages will reach their recipients regardless of service disruptions or social media outages. Besides its advanced features, SMSBump’s guarantee of deliverability means you can count on a reliable service at the lowest price.

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Integration with other apps

SMSBump is a mobile marketing tool that is integrated with Shopify and other apps. It helps boost sales, recover abandoned carts and improve post-purchase care. If you want to integrate SMSBump with other apps, follow the steps outlined below. You can find the instructions in each app’s setup guide. The process may take some time, so make sure to start small and add one integration at a time.

To integrate SMSBump with other apps, create an account. You can also import contacts from Klaviyo into the app. This way, you can send text messages to your contacts even if you’re not logged in. SMSBump is free for developers. It has a few integration options that are important for your app. However, you should read the FAQs carefully before making any purchases. The FAQs section of the app also answers frequently asked questions.

SMSBump offers highly targeted SMS campaigns. The platform lets you create marketing campaigns in just seconds. With intelligent automation, you can grow your list with catchy pop-ups and branded SMS keywords. You can also set up custom flows to segment your audience. Campaign scheduling and opt-out lists can be customized using the integrated SMSBump app. These features can help you make the most of the potential of SMSBump integration.

One of the most popular SMSBump integrations is with MailChimp. It syncs contacts with your MailChimp account and helps you grow your SMS marketing list. Another popular integration is with Wheelio, which allows you to craft an interactive exit intent pop-up. You can send notifications to customers on their subscription payments or upcoming charges. You can even build abandoned cart flows with ReCharge. And last but not least, SMSBump can integrate with Zendesk.

SMSBump integration with Intercart is an easy process. There is no installation and no need to launch the app. You can simply select an automation and sit back and watch the results. Just make sure to set up your account correctly with SMSBump and add a field to collect phone numbers. This integration will make it easy to integrate SMSBump with other apps, such as Shopify. The possibilities are endless. Just choose the right integration for your business needs!

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You can analyze the results of your SMSBump campaigns by selecting a time period, such as days, months, or years. You can also view data on the number of orders or total ROI. ROI measures how much money you made with SMSBump campaigns compared to how much it cost to send them. For example, the Total Spending report shows how much each SMSBump message cost. Each column represents a percentage change from the previous period.

SMSBump pricing is flexible and offers many advantages. With its customizable pricing plans, customers can choose the one that suits their needs the best. In addition to the various options, it has personalized assistance, and allows brands to specialize in specific niches. The price per SMS varies depending on the country where you want to target your messages. For example, if you want to send messages to customers in your home country, SMSBump will offer you lower costs per message. This will help your store to grow in that particular country.

In addition to pricing, SMSBump offers a number of templated segments designed specifically for ecommerce businesses. You can create your own campaign using the platform’s automations and flow features. With the help of templates and A/B testing, you can test various SMS messages in real time. SMSBump offers a variety of analytics for various metrics, forms, and flows. You can also build automations to send SMS messages to subscribers at different intervals, or send them all at once.

If you already have a Shopify store, you may be wondering about how SMSBump pricing works. SMSBump offers more than 12,000 satisfied users, and the premium version includes chat, A/B testing, and integrations. However, you can purchase SMSBump for a low monthly fee. Its pricing is competitive and includes many features. SMSBump is an excellent way to increase your eCommerce sales. If you are planning to upgrade your SMS marketing, be sure to compare the features of the premium and free versions.

If you’re an inactive subscriber, don’t forget to segment your list by email address and other characteristics. Sending massive SMS campaigns during holidays is a great idea. And you can also create segments based on product interests, purchase habits, and location. SMSBump’s free plan includes some additional features, such as a knowledge base and analytics. This way, you’ll know exactly how much money you’re spending each month to get your customers to buy from your store.

SMSBump Pricing Review

SMSBump Pricing Review

When it comes to SMSBump pricing, you have several options. You can choose between a Free plan and a Monthly plan, and you can customize the amount you spend on sending messages each month. Additionally, there are two ways to make sure that you have unlimited SMS messages at all times, with Auto-Reload or custom pricing. In addition to the features you get with the Free plan, you can also set a maximum monthly credit amount and make sure that messages continue to arrive without interruption.

Free plan

Getting started with SMSBump is free. However, before you start, make sure that your opt-ins are compliant with the TCPA and other applicable laws. After you have completed the installation process, you can set up your SMS marketing campaigns. To get started, you can download free eBooks that will help you get the most out of SMS marketing. You can also contact the SMSBump support team if you are unsure how to implement SMS marketing into your business.

Once you have an account, you can create campaigns and set up automated processes. Automation is another great feature that will help you automate your business. This type of messaging sends a sequence of messages to your subscribers based on certain triggers. You can choose from several types of automations, including a list of preset automations. It will help you save money on text messages by ensuring a low cost per SMS. In addition to the free plan, SMSBump also offers a wealth of other features, including audience segmentation, primary subscription tools, ROI and performance analytics.

A pop-up is another popular method of marketing. You can customize the message to show up at the right time, based on your customer’s local time zone. This method is effective in recovering sales from abandoned carts and increasing customer value. With the help of this app, you can notify customers of order updates, shipping status, and more. You can also customize SMSBump for various devices, including tablets and laptops. Once you’ve published the website, a code snippet will appear.

If you’d like to learn more about SMS marketing for your eCommerce store, SMSBump is the best tool for you. You can start your free trial by completing the sign-up form. Once you’re signed up, you can customize SMS templates, send messages, and track results. You can even create your own subscription form to collect phone numbers of clients. Once you’ve set up SMSBump, you can customize your messages and configure the number of recipients.

Monthly plan

While most people are tempted to sign up for the free plan, there are several benefits to paying a monthly fee for SMSBump. There are numerous benefits to using this service, and you should definitely check them out if you are considering signing up for one. In this SMSBump Monthly plan pricing review, you will discover more about its features and the pricing. If you’re a small business owner, SMSBump’s free plan is probably the best choice. However, if you’re considering upgrading to a premium plan, you should know that the monthly plan comes with a few additional features that you won’t need unless you have a large marketing budget.

While the free plan is limited to sending unlimited SMS and MMS, it does include a variety of analytics. The statistics you can access include revenue sources, total spent, top paying customers, and most purchased products. You can even see which campaigns are working best for you based on the data you’re receiving. You can reach SMSBump’s customer support team via live chat, email, or phone, and the company website has free ebooks on SMS marketing.

In short, SMSBump’s features make it easy to automate SMS marketing campaigns, recover abandoned carts, and track ROI. It also includes GDPR and TCPA compliance tools. It offers comprehensive analytics, A/B testing, and customer segmentation. You can send alerts to specific countries or times. You can even send images in text to make it more engaging for your customers. The service has 24/7 customer support, and it is also affordable.

Customizable pricing

Whether you want to integrate SMSBump into your Shopify store, or create a signup form from scratch, SMSBump’s customizable pricing will fit your needs. This tool enables you to conduct highly targeted campaigns. With its scheduling capabilities and segmentation features, you can easily target a large audience and boost your ROI. Learn how SMSBump can help you succeed in your SMS marketing efforts. Read on for more information.

If you want to send SMS messages to a list of customers, you should consider using the premium features. While SMSBump is free to use, there is a small monthly fee for premium features. These include SMSBump Chat, A/B testing, and integrations. Its premium features are available for a low monthly fee. It is recommended that you choose the features that will make your SMS campaigns more effective.

If you’re new to SMS marketing, SMSBump can make the process easier. With its easy-to-use interface, it’s easy to build subscriber lists, create campaigns, and segment subscribers. The platform’s intuitiveness makes using the service feel easy even for experienced SMS marketers. The pricing for SMSBump varies from $19 to $199 a month for platform access, and 1 cent per message. For small businesses, SMSBump offers a free plan.

When choosing a SMS marketing platform, consider the features that will help you grow your business. SMSBump offers comprehensive analytics that will help you track your ROI and identify your best campaigns. In addition, SMSBump integrates with customer support platforms such as Gorgias and Klaviyo, which gives your customers a feeling that you understand their needs and care about their satisfaction. The free plan offers an unlimited number of messages, so you can experiment with it to see which features are most effective for you.


SMSBump is a marketing automation software that allows brands to build highly-personalized campaigns that text shoppers at key conversion points. With this software, retailers can recover abandoned carts and boost customer value by sending messages to customers during the right moments. In addition, brands can build custom flows, which can include features like recovering abandoned carts, upselling additional products, and reactivating customers who have not bought from their store in months. Moreover, brands can boost ROI by 25x, click-through rates over 35%, and more.

SMSBump is integrated with Yotpo Reviews, a popular social media platform, to deliver relevant messages to customers. Its integration with Yotpo Reviews enables businesses to target customers based on their engagement with various elements on their websites. In addition, merchants can take advantage of SMSBump’s lead capture capabilities to build their loyalty membership database. And with SMSBump, merchants can automate their SMS message collection by sending review requests to customers after they purchase a product.

The SMSBump platform is user-friendly and easy to set up. Users can customize messages for different device types, including tablets and smartphones. After publishing a campaign, SMSBump’s editor will display a code snippet. Users can edit and customize the text and other elements of their form. This allows them to improve their ROI with SMSBump Integrations. In addition, SMSBump provides an extensive A/B testing tool, which allows businesses to test up to five different SMS messages at once.

As far as functionality, SMSBump is comparable to most other SMS marketing tools. It allows marketers to automate messaging, recover abandoned carts, and optimize budgets and ROI. The price is quite reasonable, too. If you have any questions, the customer support is available via live chat, email, and chat. Customer support is also available round-the-clock. There are also free ebooks on SMS marketing, which you can download for further reading.

Customer support

If you are a new user to SMSBump, there is no need to worry, as the company provides live chat and email support. The company offers extensive documentation and guides to get you started with SMS marketing. You can also access free ebooks to learn more about SMS marketing. Customer support for SMSBump is available around the clock. To start using SMSBump, sign up for a free account and take advantage of its free trial.

The Customer Support feature is a great addition to the service. It allows you to keep a tab on all SMS inquiries. You can also stay logged into the customer support portal and view the latest messages thread. You can also reply to customer support requests with images, GIFs, GHY Stickers, and PEXELS. You can even send images from your computer. To start a Chat conversation, just type “@mssbump” and follow the prompts to enter your information.

If you are using Gorgias, SMSBump is compatible with the service. This means that you will be able to view all conversations in one place, without having to create separate support tickets for every customer. If you are using SMSBump for SMS marketing, the integrations with key partners will unlock even more opportunities. For example, if your site is integrated with Zendesk, you will automatically receive a test ticket for that integration.

In addition to setting up a group, SMSBump can integrate with your site. If your business is on the mobile web, SMSBump can be a valuable addition. It enables you to segment your customers based on their purchase habits, order history, location, and interests. Besides, SMSBump integrates with BigCommerce customer filters, so you’ll be able to text a branded keyword to your subscribers and create more effective campaigns.


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