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Texas Roadhouse Near Me14 min read

texas roadhouse near me
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Texas Roadhouse Near Me


To find a Texas Roadhouse near me, you can search online. You can find the address, the location, the menu, and hours, and even see if there is a Happy hour. If you want to try out Texas-style cuisine, read on! There are a few different locations to choose from, and these locations are also the best places to try out the food! Moreover, you can visit their Facebook page to learn more about what they offer.

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Happy hour

If you’re looking for a fun, low-key night out with your friends, consider spending a Thursday at the Texas Roadhouse. The laid-back atmosphere and fun music make it an excellent choice for a pre-weekend party. Unlike other restaurants, there’s no need for pretense or proper behavior. You can party like a rock star in the Texas Roadhouse happy hour! You don’t have to dress up or worry about how much money you’ll spend on food and drinks.

Happy Hour is held Monday through Thursday and typically lasts two hours. The crowds are generally decent, with many people making the most of their discounted drinks and appetizers. The happy hour lasts two hours and has decent crowds. For those who like to enjoy a great steak and plenty of good drinks, consider a happy hour on Mondays through Thursdays. Texas Roadhouse happy hour is the perfect place to get a great meal for a low price.

To save even more money, consider joining the Texas Roadhouse email club. This club will send you regular emails with promotions and discounts. Just fill out the form online to become a member. Once you join, you’ll receive emails with great deals and gift ideas from the restaurant. It’s easy and fun, and you can’t miss it! You’ll get to enjoy your favorite country music at Texas Roadhouse! If you’ve been tempted by the restaurant’s happy hour specials in the meantime, consider trying a Texas Roadhouse recipe.

To take advantage of a Happy Hour menu at a Texas Roadhouse, make sure to go early. Most locations open at 4 PM on weekdays, while extended weekends open even earlier. Regular hours are 10 PM Monday through Friday, and one hour later on Saturdays. And don’t forget to try their famous rolls! And don’t forget to check out the specials that are available Monday through Friday during Happy Hour! You’ll save a ton of money on great meals and cocktails.

Texas Roadhouse Near Me – Locations

Located in every state but Alaska, Texas Roadhouse is a family-owned chain of restaurants. The restaurants feature a unique style and personality, and many have sponsored local murals and aesthetics. The company’s founder, Kent Taylor, personally approves all murals in each of the company’s restaurants. Despite the name, Texas Roadhouse is more than just a chain of burger joints; the chain has garnered national attention for its murals.

Although Texas is home to most Texas Roadhouse restaurants, other states feature a handful of them. Florida is home to forty Texas Roadhouse locations, while Ohio has 35. Hawaii is home to no Texas Roadhouse, but there are several territories that don’t have any. If you’re looking for a Texas Roadhouse in a particular state, take a look at its location page. There’s information on the address, map, and phone number of each location.

Kent Taylor was a native of North Carolina, but his passion for skiing led him to the mountains. He also opened a chain of steakhouses in Colorado. His initial concept was in the Midwest and was initially based in Clarksville, Indiana. In 1994, Taylor sold his stake in the chain. While this may sound like a long history, it was a major step toward the Texas Roadhouse chain we know today. Its location history is full of interesting facts and fascinating facts.

The menus at Texas Roadhouse are extensive. The menus include comfort foods, home-style fare, and beverages, but the main draw is the meat. The company prides itself on serving only fresh, premium cuts. The meats served are carefully selected and cooked at temperatures around 34 degrees Fahrenheit. There is also a children’s menu, complete with applesauce, hot dogs, and dressings. In fact, nearly 44 percent of the menu items at Texas Roadhouse are steak-related.


The Texas Roadhouse menu features classic American steakhouse fare such as hand-cut steaks. You can also enjoy a home-style country meal from the menu. Each dish is carefully crafted to bring you a unique dining experience. The portions are generous, and many dishes come with sides like baked potatoes and homemade soup. Whether you’re looking for a wholesome meal or an indulgent treat, you’ll find it on the Texas Roadhouse menu.

If you’re trying to eat healthier, you may want to start with a lighter meal. A good choice for this meal is grilled salmon, which can be served with a side salad. Guests with small children may enjoy the kid’s meal section, which includes stuffed jalapenos. These fried peppers are topped with Cajun horseradish sauce. Similarly, if you’re watching your weight, you can opt for a side salad instead of a steak.

Prices at Texas Roadhouse are likely to vary, depending on location. Menu prices are subject to change, and they may not be current or reflect the cost of certain ingredients. Prices posted by a restaurant on PriceListo are generally not accurate and may not be applicable to all locations of a given business brand. You’re encouraged to confirm prices with the Texas Roadhouse’s management before dining at a location. They also update their menus frequently.

The Texas Roadhouse menu focuses on classic American food, such as barbecue, chicken, ribs, and seafood. While Texas Roadhouse is usually a dinner-only spot, they do sometimes offer lunch. You’ll likely have to wait a few days for the food to arrive, as well as to order additional sides. While ribs are a staple on the menu, you’ll probably want to order something from the side menu if you’re not hungry yet.


If you want to know the hours of operation of Texas Roadhouse, then you have come to the right place. The restaurant operates on a daily schedule, with the exception of Sunday. Most locations are open from 11 AM to 10 PM, with the exception of extended weekends when they may be open until 11 PM. Listed below are the hours of operation for Texas Roadhouse restaurants. You can find the exact times and locations of Texas Roadhouse restaurants by using the interactive calendar below.

As a general rule, Texas Roadhouse operates from 4 PM to 10 PM. They may have slightly different hours on holidays, however, and they do not usually stay open all night long. If you’re looking to dine at Texas Roadhouse during the week, you might want to consider eating at lunchtime or during your lunch break. These hours can save you time and fuel. In addition to their great food, you can also get their famous rolls while you’re on break.

The restaurant is known for its fried chicken, steak, and seafood. It is popular for its large portions and wide menu, but it can get very busy on certain days and at certain hours. Be sure to check their website before visiting a location to see if you can snag a table. You can also call ahead to make sure the place is open during your desired time. You can call ahead to confirm their hours to avoid waiting long in line.

Texas Roadhouse has multiple locations and many franchises throughout the United States. In addition to steak, they also serve chicken, burgers, and ribs. While their steaks are the star attraction, other menu items include burgers, ribs, chicken, and seafood. You can even find a special menu for teenagers, and you can order buckets of peanuts for free at each table. Moreover, they also serve complimentary supper bread rolls with honey cinnamon butter.

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Fundraising options

For a fundraiser that delivers a great experience, consider a Texas Roadhouse fundraiser. This popular restaurant offers a variety of different fundraising options for all kinds of groups. Whether you are looking to hold a dine-in fundraiser or a take-out fundraiser, Texas Roadhouse fundraisers bring in extra business to your organization. Plus, the food is delicious, so your event will be one your attendees won’t soon forget.

The company is also donating a portion of its profits to the American Tinnitus Association. On Feb. 7, 100% of profits from Texas Roadhouse restaurants will be donated to the ATA. ATA’s mission is to help those with tinnitus live better lives, and donating to the ATA is a way to honor a founder who loved helping others. You can buy co-branded gift cards for Texas Roadhouse restaurants online to raise money for the American Tinnitus Association.

You can also participate in the Dine Out for Easterseals fundraiser. Texas Roadhouse will donate ten percent of all food purchases to the rehabilitation center. All you have to do is bring a flyer to the restaurant or make a reservation through the website. In addition, you can also use Facebook to RSVP to the event. This fundraiser will benefit The Arc of Howard County and will be held at the Columbia, MD Texas Roadhouse.

Texas Roadhouse Near Me

Texas Roadhouse Near Me

Are you looking for a Texas Roadhouse near you? Then you are in luck! Texas Roadhouse has many locations all across the United States! Use the map to find a Texas Roadhouse near you. If you are hungry, you can order from the full menu, which includes Starters, Salads, Steaks, Ribs, Combos, Kids, Sides, Hand-Cut Steaks, and Dockside Favorites.


If you are looking for the best steaks in town, check out the Texas Roadhouse near me menu. This chain of steakhouses began in 1993, when Kent Taylor opened the first location in a Clarksville, Indiana mall. Since that time, Texas Roadhouse has grown quickly, opening more than 600 locations in the United States and the Middle East. Originally, the concept was to provide family style, high-quality steaks at an affordable price. Today, Texas Roadhouse restaurants boast an international reach, with locations in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

For dinner, you can try the grilled meat, seafood, and poultry dishes, as well as lighter fare. You can also get the bone-in ribeye or sirloin steak and a slab of ribs. The menu is packed with options, from salad to steaks, and is sure to have something to satisfy any craving. It is recommended that you order one of each, so you can choose from many different types of food.

The steaks at Texas Roadhouse are the star attraction here, and you can’t go wrong with a cut of steak. All steaks are perfectly cooked, and all of the steaks at Texas Roadhouse are made by in-house butchers. Customers can select the cut they would like from the display case and the cook will prepare it to order. They never use frozen beef or pork and train their employees to prepare each cut to perfection.

Prime rib is another great option. This ribeye is a classic steak with a nice amount of marbling on its surface. It is delicious alone or with steak sauce. The boneless ribeye option is also an excellent option. The steak is paired well with the sweet potato fries and steak fries. If you are unsure about what to order, check out the Texas Roadhouse near me. You can find out more about their prices by visiting their website.

Healthiest options

Although you can get alcoholic beverages at Texas Roadhouse, it’s best to stick to water or Dasani bottled water, which contain no calories, sugar, protein, or carbohydrates. Plain water is always the healthiest beverage choice, and you can opt for lemon or lime to make it more palatable. Regardless of what type of beverage you order, make sure to read the label. You can also ask the waiter to shave a slice of lemon or lime into your drink.

While Texas Roadhouse has many unhealthy choices, you can find a healthy meal option for every budget. You can order fish and chips or a steak fry, and still get a tasty meal. A five-ounce portion of salmon is 320 calories and has a low-calorie count of 3.5 grams of fat and 360 milligrams of sodium. You can also order a side of salad and two vegetable sides. You can also try the steak fries with vegetables and salad.

The healthiest options at Texas Roadhouse are limited, but you can always ask a waiter for a gluten-free option or ask about its special diet menu. Some menu items may contain soy, so you’ll want to avoid them if you suffer from soy allergies. If you have severe allergies to nuts, you may want to avoid Texas Roadhouse. In addition, the restaurant serves in-the-shell peanuts at the table, but discards the shells around the restaurant, so you’ll likely encounter a lot of peanut dust.

The menu at Texas Roadhouse may be a challenge for diabetics, as many of their dishes are high in sugar and carbohydrates. Although you’ll still be able to get a satisfying meal if you choose the right options, it’s important to keep in mind that liquid calories are often the most expensive part of the meal. So, you’ll want to learn about their menu beforehand and choose a healthy option.

To keep your meal calorie and fat-free, make sure you choose the lowest-calorie option available. Texas Roadhouse has several low-calorie options, but you can find a whole menu of items under 500 calories by clicking on the green filter button. It’s important to keep in mind that the nutritional information may vary depending on the remaining macros. However, a 6-ounce USDA Choice Sirloin is the most healthful option.

Worst options

Having a meal at a Texas Roadhouse is a great way to get your fix of greasy chicken, ribs and other American classics. However, if you’re looking for a fast-paced, friendly work environment, look elsewhere. Texas Roadhouse employees are known for their friendly disposition, but the new Lansing west location is not a great place to work. Pay is low and management is even worse. You’re better off going to the south side version, where the management is chill and the pay is higher.


Texas Roadhouse has a presence in almost every state in the United States. In addition to this, the chain has 29 locations in other countries. The brand’s popularity has even led to the creation of three separate brands – Texas Roadhouse, Bubba’s 33, and Jaggers. Although Texas Roadhouse originated as a single restaurant, today it is found in more than 600 locations. In addition to this, the chain has locations in nine other countries, including the Middle East. In addition to its original restaurant, the chain also operates four locations in India.

The chain was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. The chain is known for serving Texan and Southwestern steaks, and has locations in over 666 U.S. cities. It also has locations in more than 30 countries around the world, including Canada. For those looking to find a Texas Roadhouse restaurant near you, check out their official store locator. If you’re not sure where to find the nearest Texas Roadhouse, use the store locator below to get an idea of where you can find one near you.

To hire the right people, Texas Roadhouse offers a Legendary Learning training program. This five-day program teaches new managers the company’s culture and operational goals. Throughout the training, Texas Roadhouse confirms that new managers meet the MIT criteria for hiring employees. For managers, it’s important to know what to look for in a new employee. The training program can be challenging, but it’s well worth the effort.

To make this process easier, the company has a policy in place to prevent age discrimination at its locations. In addition to this, the company uses the American Community Survey Public Use Microdata Sample data to calculate availability rates for different locations. This data is used to compare these results with PAG individuals in the FOH positions. If age discrimination is a concern at your location, Texas Roadhouse should review its age discrimination policy.


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