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Thrive CRM Review – Pricing, Customer Support, and Integrations


If you’re looking for a CRM solution that will streamline your hiring process, Thrive might be an excellent option. Read on to learn more about this software’s Talent Relationship Management platform.

We’ll also look at pricing, customer support, and integrations with third-party software. And we’ll cover the integrations that Thrive offers. In the end, we’ll recommend a solution that meets your needs and saves you time and money.

Thrive’s Talent Relationship Management platform

When the talent management software startup Thrive TRM launched its inbound marketing program, it had two goals: increase awareness of the software and convert more visitors into leads. In addition to growing their website traffic, Thrive partnered with HubSpot partner agency eCity to create content to educate their audience on the benefits of switching to their platform.

With an inbound marketing strategy, the startup achieved its goals by increasing leads and converting them into paying customers.

Thrive TRM was designed in 2014 to bridge the gap between commercially viable software and the talent relationship management process. Before, firms used a variety of inefficient and dated applicant tracking systems and customer relationship management platforms.

The new collaborative client reporting process, designed by Reed Flesher, allowed recruiting teams to connect with candidates and improve their processes. The result was a new, user-friendly platform that not only improved client experience but also reduced search time and improved results for hiring managers.

The platform supports every aspect of talent management, from recruiting to employee onboarding. The platform captures hiring intelligence on both companies and candidates. Thrive also partnered with eCity to create a content strategy that helped recruiters make better hiring decisions.

Using HubSpot CRM, eCity’s team identified the most effective channels to reach the Thrive audience, developing content that addresses their most pressing pain points.

In addition to the core functions of the CRM and ATS, the talent relationship management software offers many additional features. It has robust capabilities including automated nurturing campaigns, real-time analytics, and DEI/EEO reporting. With these features, talent teams can cultivate a strong talent pipeline and attract top candidates.

This software also supports recruitment and training programs and helps them stay focused on the goals of the company. Further, it provides insight into candidates’ experience and career goals.

Alternatively, you can use GOhighlevel CRM.

Integrations with third-party software

Integrating third-party software with your CRM is not always easy. You can either integrate your CRM with third-party software using APIs or by building your own integrations. The important thing is to minimize bottlenecks and gain a comprehensive view of customer data without sacrificing other CRM functions.

Read on to learn more about the different types of integrations for thrive CRM. Here are some of the most popular integrations available on the market.

If you are working with large organizations or need some technical support, Mulesoft is the right choice for you. Mulesoft allows you to integrate numerous applications, including Salesforce. Mulesoft is central to Netflix and Spotify, which use the software in their business models.

Besides thrive CRM, the company also offers Mulesoft integrations. Another popular third-party integration solution is Orbis. This software is very flexible and integrates Salesforce and ERP systems. However, you need to know that this integration tool is geared mainly toward SAP.

Besides email management, thrive CRM also supports other business tools, including internal messaging apps. With these integrations, team members can chat in CRM using their Slack accounts. This lets them access the same information from other apps, including sales data and task lists. Furthermore, internal messaging apps help businesses automate data entry, support tickets, and reminders. These applications are great for businesses that have remote teams. Thrive CRM integrations can be a key feature to improving employee productivity.

CRM integrations come in many different forms. The most important integration for thrive CRM is calendar integration, which makes task management seamless. You can create events in CRM and have them appear on your team’s unified calendar. This helps your team stay on track while using time efficiently.

And because you can access your calendar from CRM, you can share it with your team, ensuring you’re always on top of things. The CRM can also integrate with social media platforms, such as Facebook.

Another important thrive CRM integration is document management. In the digital age, this is a crucial component of any company’s operations. In addition to generating documents in CRM, document management apps can also link them to deals and contacts. They can even automatically populate fields in thrive CRM and track the progress of the documents.

As a result, they help streamline the entire document process. Whether you’re using CRM to automate data collection, or building it to handle your business processes, it’s important to make integrations with third-party applications.

You can learn more about Leasehawk CRM here.

Customer support

What is customer support and why does it matter? Customer support is the process by which companies provide customer service, and it can be done across different channels. The key is to delight customers with your service, so that they stay loyal to your brand and recommend your business to others.

That’s where customer support comes in, so it’s important to get it right. Here are some tips for customer support:

First, define your team. Identify the company’s unique circumstances and what kinds of customers your business serves. Depending on the type of products and services you sell, your support team will be different than another company. You might even need to hire specialists in certain areas.

Once you know which roles will be needed, you can begin building a customer support team. Having a strong support team will improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty, and it will also help your company grow.

While knowledge bases and FAQs can answer most questions, sometimes they can’t. Your best bet is to offer multiple channels of support so that customers can reach a customer support representative as quickly as possible.

A customer support representative should be able to resolve issues quickly and thoroughly. If a customer is having a hard time logging in, a knowledge base or FAQ should help. Oftentimes, a support team can resolve an issue without having to wait on hold.

Zendesk also plays an important role in cross-functional reporting. It helps companies monitor customer service programs and keep the CEO up-to-date with daily reports. The latest version of Zendesk explore, called Zendesk Explore, adds more analytical capabilities.

It can also help businesses track the effectiveness of their customer support programs and determine how they impact customer retention. The Thrive Market website has been a success thanks to its exceptional customer service.

HubSpot Service Hub is a customer support software with ticketing and help desk capabilities. These tools help CSRs stay organized, track requests, and build processes. This software can also be used to manage service managers.

This software is easy to use and can simplify the management of CSRs. It helps businesses improve their overall customer satisfaction while improving their response time. And because it also enables them to focus on the customer experience, customers will be happy with it.


While Thrive CRM pricing is a big issue, it is also a good way to gauge whether this software will work for your business. Its rich set of capabilities and features makes it a good choice for small businesses.

While the app can load a bit slowly, it offers a full-screen mode so you can get a better idea of what to expect. You can also check out a sample dashboard for a fuller view of the application.

Thrive’s inbound marketing strategy is effective at generating leads. With the help of its landing page for demo requests, the company generates a steady stream of new leads. Sales teams can also track these leads with the help of Hubspot CRM.

As a result, Thrive is poised to continue evolving its inbound marketing strategy and contribute to company growth. The pricing structure is also reasonable, allowing small businesses to afford the service while making it a viable option for large organizations.





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