Toast Email Marketing For Restaurants

toast email marketing

Toast Email Marketing For Restaurants


If you’re in the market for a restaurant management system, you might be wondering which software is best for the job. We’ve given a top choice for the restaurant industry based on user-friendliness, cost, and integration with loyalty programs. You can find out that this email marketing platform is best for your restaurant business by reading on. Also, see how Toast performs for select restaurant owners.


The user-friendly design of Toast’s menus and help pages makes navigation a breeze. Customer support is available seven days a week, all year round. Toast University has comprehensive training resources and a Toast representative is on-hand the day the system goes live. To make the most of your Toast email marketing program, contact Toast University today to get started! You’ll be glad you did! Here are a few of the best features of Toast.

A fully integrated email marketing solution is included with Toast Now. You can build your email list, create automated campaigns, and send weekly newsletters. Another new feature of Toast, introduced in response to the pandemic, is Order and Pay. Guests can browse the menu and order right from their table. Once they’ve chosen what they want, they can pay for their meal. A mobile app is also available to make the entire ordering process easier for customers.

Toast is easy to use and has built-in features to help you improve customer satisfaction. Its KDS system makes it easy for cooks to order food, and it’s color-coded so that they can easily recognize orders and check the time on their ticket. It also lets you track your customers by their average check, how many days have passed since their last visit, and which items they tend to order the most.


The Toast Starter Kit is free, but you may need to pay extra for the additional features. For a small business, this is a good option. You can also purchase additional hardware to get started. The Toast Essentials plan costs $165 per month and comes with a router, POS terminal, and credit card reader. It is also available for smaller businesses that want to branch out into e-commerce. This package also includes curb pickup, contactless delivery, and three free months of digital ordering.

The main advantage of the Toast Content Marketing program is that it is SEO-friendly. While other SaaS companies struggle to generate traffic, Toast’s content is keyword-rich and has a high page rank. The content published by Toast is optimized for search engines, ensuring that their content is found by users who are looking for the same products. The Toast marketing team strategically places links to internal blog posts, free resources, and email sign-up forms throughout the content.

With the Restaurant Marketing Solution, restaurant owners can manage multiple locations with a single platform. This lays the foundation for scaling operations. Restaurants can create customized menus, manage contacts, and monitor performance. They can also create and manage “flash deals” by adding a “buy now” link to their messages. Users can manage all of this via the Toast website. Ultimately, a successful restaurant marketing campaign requires a small monthly investment, and Toast offers a wide range of options for small businesses to start reaping the benefits.

The Toast email marketing platform also includes the ability to track time and money. For example, a customer can enter his or her email address in the checkout process to receive a virtual receipt. Other features include loyalty programs and points-based reward systems. Moreover, Toast email marketing  also supports both physical and digital gift cards. Another great feature of Toast is its payroll tracking. It automatically tracks employee hours, tracks regular and overtime pay, and compiles reports.

The cost of Toast Email Marketing is affordable. It can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Toast also integrates with other popular delivery services. You can offer a to-go ordering app and e-gift card links to encourage your customers to come in and dine at your restaurant. Additionally, this system supports restaurants that use Square, Chowly, and Orderly. If you’re thinking of using a restaurant POS to promote your business, Toast may be the best option.

Alternatively you can use Gohighlevel for your email marketing needs.

Integration with POS system

The integrated online ordering feature of Toast’s email marketing system is a great way to send a regular, customized newsletter to your customers. For $50 a month, the service provides online ordering and payroll integration for your restaurant. You can integrate Toast email marketing with other third-party software providers, including OpenTable and Grubhub. Once integrated, Toast processes credit card payments and sends funds to your restaurant within one or two business days. There is a small charge for this integration, based on your restaurant’s business model.

If you own a restaurant, this feature is extremely beneficial. It enables your servers to take orders from customers, relay them to the kitchen, and sends notifications when their meals are ready. Toast email marketing also supports Samsung Pay and EMV card processing. Integration with POS systems helps you create an inventory of your loyal customers, and you can set up automated promotions with your customers to boost profits. In addition, the system has excellent Android capabilities. Android is more suitable for restaurants than the iPad, and updates are faster.

Integrating Toast email marketing with your POS system allows you to create automated email marketing campaigns. Customers can enter their email address to receive a virtual receipt when they check out. It also supports loyalty programs and a points-based system for rewarding customers. It also supports digital and physical gift cards, and helps you track employee hours and regular and overtime pay. Additionally, Toast integrates with Toast’s public-facing website, which displays the restaurant’s menu in real-time.

TrufflePOS, the industry’s leading POS software for restaurants, offers robust functionality for the enterprise. It includes enterprise-level functionality and can scale from a single location to thousands of locations. It is also more affordable than Toast & Aloha. And, unlike Toast, TrufflePOS scales much faster than the former. Your restaurant will have an edge with this advanced system. It is an essential part of your business strategy.

Despite Toast’s many advantages, it’s not without its cons. Users report having issues with connectivity, overcharging, and unhelpful customer service representatives. However, there are some pros to the software, as well. Many users find it easy to use and report that it’s relatively simple to train other employees to use it. In addition, Toast’s email marketing features are not the only positives of Toast.

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Integration with loyalty program

TL Connects’ integration with Toast email marketing streamlines operations and gives you access to powerful marketing tools. Incentivio makes running a loyalty program a breeze. Incentivio helps restaurants create a streamlined loyalty program that rewards customers for purchases online, in-store, or on mobile devices. Once customers register, they can easily access their rewards balances anytime. TL Connects’ digital loyalty program lets restaurants customize their loyalty program to suit their specific needs.

In addition to email marketing, Toast offers a POS system with built-in customer data and loyalty integration. TL Connects provides a complete legal platform for SMS marketing and helps restaurants schedule texts in advance. Texts can promote specials and events, and even drive customers on rainy days. TL Connects integrates with popular loyalty programs and other software. Customers can sign up for SMS text message alerts, which help restaurants target their customer lists.

When you integrate Toast POS with Toast email marketing, customers can collect points and reward themselves for their frequent visits. Customers can also earn points by completing surveys. They can also redeem those points by sharing their purchases on social media platforms. Once they have completed a survey, their loyalty program will automatically sync with Toast’s inventory. As a bonus, Toast POS users will also get coupons, exclusive offers, and more!

Toast POS is a comprehensive restaurant management solution with cloud-based software and restaurant-friendly features. With 40,000-plus clients, Toast email marketing helps restaurants run smoothly so they can focus on providing great service and attention to their guests. The combination of restaurant-grade hardware and transparent payment processing makes Toast a perfect fit for restaurants of all sizes. And it’s easy to see why Toast is the preferred choice among restaurant owners.


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