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Top Features Of Greenhouse CRM8 min read

greenhouse crm

Top Features and Benefits of Greenhouse CRM for Recruiters


If you’re interested in using Greenhouse as your CRM system, here are some key features and benefits to consider. These capabilities are not limited to recruiting, either. These apps also offer candidate experience surveys when candidates leave your job pipeline to gauge their satisfaction with the hiring process.

They integrate with ATS systems, making them seamless for your employees. To learn more about Greenhouse, read on. Then, sign up for a free trial. You’ll be glad you did.

Basic access to Greenhouse

Greenhouse’s CRM system enables teams to manage their candidates and their communications with them. Candidates can view their status in their profile and progress through their pipeline by clicking on a candidate card.

If the candidate is rejected, they can click on the black down arrow next to their name to view the reasons for rejection and send an email. This information is also displayed on the Greenhouse scorecard. Users can save and share reports using the Reports tab.

The “Admin” role in Greenhouse CRM enables administrators to edit, add, and delete departments and divisions. They can even create new teams. After configuring the SSO for your organization, new users will be created on Greenhouse at the appropriate level.

Alternatively, you can use GOhighlevel CRM.

Current team members who wish to upgrade their access can create an issue in the access-requests project in GitLab. This will require them to provide their credentials and login information.

The CRM feature of Greenhouse CRM can help you build a talent network, and stay ahead of hiring opportunities by building a steady pipeline. The CRM is also helpful for managing the recruitment process as it provides tools for organizing and searching for prospective candidates.

All subscription levels offer access to CRM functionality. Job Admins must request CRM Access in order to access the CRM. However, users with the basic version of Greenhouse will not be able to manage their candidate pipeline.

The main dashboard in Greenhouse CRM contains an overview of tasks and open positions. It also displays the status of each task and provides links to further information. The dashboard can be customized to suit individual needs. The main dashboard in Greenhouse CRM contains an overview of all the activities in Greenhouse.

Users with different roles in the hiring process will have a different set of dashboard widgets. The Recruiter tab lists the Recruiter for each requisition. Users with the Hiring Team role can access the Candidates tab and Job Setup.


Pricing for Greenhouse CRM varies depending on the features and functions you need. There are three basic plans – Essential, Advanced, and Expert. To choose the right one, consider which features are a must-have for your company. Alternatively, you can request a free demo to see if Greenhouse is the right fit for your company’s hiring needs.

Greenhouse CRM is highly customizable. Besides customizable fields and workflows, it also has scheduling assistance and a comprehensive pipeline view.

The main page in Greenhouse  CRM is the dashboard. All team members can view this page. Their dashboards include widgets relevant to their roles. The Add a Referral, My Referrals, and Share Jobs with Social Networks sections, and the Helpful Links section contain self-help resources and the Greenhouse Support, Team.

This information helps them find the best match for their company’s needs and ensure that candidates are fully prepared for their interviews.

Using Greenhouse CRM makes the process of hiring better. The robust system helps you automate tedious processes, such as interview scheduling, candidate communication, and onboarding. With the right tools, hiring managers and recruiting teams can build an ideal hiring plan for each job.

Using Greenhouse CRM is a win-win for both your company and your employees. You’ll be able to hire better, stay ahead of competitors, and attract top talent.

Whether you’re looking for a CRM for your team or need a new hire onboarding experience, Greenhouse CRM can help. Its onboarding features include automated tasks and a personalized welcome experience. New hires are introduced to the company’s stakeholders and get familiar with their roles.

Customized emails and web pages help your new hires get up to speed on the ins and outs of the company. It also helps you collect feedback from new hires.

Also, check out Method CRM here.


The main dashboard of Greenhouse CRM shows an overview of upcoming tasks and suggests actions that can be taken to move open positions along. It also offers useful links and reminders. It is particularly useful for new users, who may be unsure about what to expect from the solution.

In addition, Greenhouse CRM allows users to create custom reports, which can be tailored to their needs. However, it is also possible to create custom reports without building them from scratch.

To customize your dashboard, click on the “Personalize Dashboard” button in the righthand panel. You can rearrange the various sections of your dashboard as per your preferences. For example, you can display a list of the job requisitions you are currently interviewing for.

Note the Recruiter assigned to the job requisition, if you have more than one Recruiter. You can further customize your dashboard by enabling access for Interviewers, Hiring Managers, and Hiring Team members.

You can grant other admins email permissions. This way, recruiters can send availability request emails and coordinators can schedule interviews. The system also has an activity feed that shows who has sent each email. You can also set time delays for rejections.

Then, you can delete these permissions whenever you like. It’s important to understand which permissions Greenhouse provides so that you don’t lose track of which permissions are most important for your business.

While Greenhouse CRM has a great knowledge base and extensive documentation, it can be slow to respond if you have a question. You may have to learn how to create a new role and assign it to a candidate. Once you have that down, the Greenhouse can be easy to use.

There is a learning curve for new users, but repetitions will help you get the hang of it. So, if you want to use Greenhouse CRM as your recruiting tool, read on.


Integrating your HR management system with a content management system is vital for a successful hiring process. IntegrateHQ can synchronize your talent pool with Greenhouse. Its job form embeds a HubSpot form, enabling you to create engaging content and attract top talent.

Greenhouse CRM can also sync with HubSpot, allowing you to import new hires and add them to your onboarding workflow. Integrations with other HR management systems can be a great way to streamline your process and keep track of potential employees.

The process for integrating a Greenhouse CRM recruiting tool begins with a list of candidates. Depending on your requirements, you can use various methods, including job boards, in-person events, and external agencies. Additionally, you can use social media to reach a larger audience of qualified candidates.

Upon receiving an applicant’s application, the application review tool automatically accepts it. Then, the recruiter can review the candidate’s details and send follow-up emails.

Integrating your greenhouse CRM system with other tools is possible with a little bit of configuration. To do so, you must choose a specific integration, such as a data feed. After setting up your integration, select the appropriate tab on your application.

Then, configure your workflow to ensure that all parties involved will approve each other. Once the process is complete, your team will be able to share your data seamlessly with your partners.

You can configure the permissions of your team members to send emails to their contacts. Generally, this is done through an access request in Greenhouse’s GitLab access-requests project. Admin users can also update and add departments and divisions.

However, if you are a Site Admin, you can configure your integration by granting yourself administrative rights for the company. You can also remove this functionality anytime.

Integrations with other apps

For organizations that need to scale up their recruiting and CRM processes quickly, integrations with other apps are key. Greenhouse CRM  integrates with Salesforce to create flexible workflows and automate processes. The integrations between Greenhouse and Salesforce allow businesses to close the loop on the candidate application process.

Users can customize workflows to suit their needs and organizations can also use Greenhouse in tandem with other applications, such as HubSpot.

Zapier, a web service for connecting popular software applications, lets you connect Greenhouse with other apps. Once connected, you can trigger actions in those apps. Bookafy is a great example. Bookafy can connect with Greenhouse to automate a wide range of tasks, including sending automated text messages to new prospects.

Greenhouse can also integrate with other apps, including hiring software. The integrations with other apps enable businesses to save time and automate work.

Greenhouse CRM  can integrate with other apps, such as Outgrow. Its easy-to-use interface makes it easy to find available jobs and track applicants. It can automatically import applicant information from ActiveCampaign and move them through the hiring process, sending follow-up emails.

The integrations with other apps help companies improve the performance of their recruitment advertising campaigns. Greenhouse can even leverage pay-per-apply job ads, which allow businesses to advertise their open positions on thousands of career sites.

Outgrow users can map their segments and specify lead handling options. Integrations with other apps can also be configured to send leads to HubSpot. A user’s settings for integrations with other apps are stored in Outgrow and Greenhouse.

This allows companies to keep their contact records updated in both applications. The integrations between Greenhouse and Outgrow are seamless and effective. You’ll be amazed at how much time and effort it saves!

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